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Sunday, January 23, 2022

I'm finally writing this only after realizing that I've been on a work from home setup for almost 2 years now. 

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There are pros and cons when it comes to a WFH setup, though I can say that being in this arrangement has definitely made me think about my own space. I never really gave it much thought from the start, but I realized over time that somehow my space actually impacts my performance, thinking, and overall well-being. Perhaps I'm only able to think more deeply about it now, since from the start I never really got excited with the thought of elevating my workspace. 

Until I realized how my eyes would easily burnout with just my laptop screen and how I would slouch more than usual.. I also had a bunch of clutter on my desk, such as pens, paint tubes, post-its, markers, etc. Somehow it came to the point that I felt restless, my eye grade went up (!!), and my mind would always be racing whenever I would see how much random stuff I have on the table. 

And so I knew I had to make some changes. These changes came very slowly; I had to evaluate first exactly what it was I needed to do and purchase. My priority was a second monitor, because working with a tiny laptop with lots of tabs and apps open was clearly hard to manage. Next would be an ergonomic office chair, because I initially started out with sitting on a monobloc chair and my back suffered so much! 

Then I also sorted and stored non-work related items away. I'm guilty with just placing everything in one spot where I can easily see them, but seeing them out in the open just added more things for me to think about. I'd like to think now that having a cleaner space helps me have a clearer mind, a mind that can focus solely on the work that needs to be done. 

Eventually I also bought a laptop riser* and bluetooth keyboard*. I thought long and hard about the keyboard, because my laptop's keyboard still works perfectly fine. But then the height of the laptop was also a reason why I would slouch often, so I knew investing in a riser and keyboard would help me greatly. 

I've had to choose between a simple keyboard vs a mechanical one, which I have to admit looks fun to have! I've read a bunch of reviews on how such a keyboard helped boost their productivity and typing became a whole new magical experience. It's also fascinating how you can easily customize the keycaps and make it work according to your personal aesthetic. Some even have that option to light up in fun patterns, which is great for when it's night time and it would probably help you keep awake while studying or working overtime. 

But I've had to think of what I need at this time, do I go for aesthetic or practicality (in such a way that it is suited for my specific needs)? In the end I went for the latter. I imagined, what if I was in the middle of interviewing a candidate and I would be typing their responses on a chonky mech keyboard, it's likely they will get distracted, or what if I was in a meeting and I needed to present and type some things... 

The keyboard I purchased would be the Logitech K380 in white*. I've been using it for a week now and so far I've been loving it. I like how it's quiet whenever I tap on the keys, how portable it is (I can definitely shove this inside my tote bag), and how it can connect with up to 3 devices via bluetooth. I think this also wins for aesthetic for me, because I love how it's white, clean, and simple. It being flat was no issue for me; it feels very much like a laptop keyboard so not much adjustment was needed for my typing. 

Another thing I wanted to highlight would be my artworks on the wall. These were artworks I made from last year! Can you believe, how fast time flies? I still love them; I think they're my favorite despite how it's my own version of Monet and Van Gogh's paintings. I feel calm and relaxed whenever I look up at them, so you could imagine that they will stay up here for a long long time. It always helps to have something else to look at that would calm our minds especially when we get lost in our studies and work.  

Other items on my desk worth noting would be the Heydays calendar which was gifted to me on my birthday from Happy Heyday PH! It's a minimalist calendar, and I like it that way. It fits my vibe of leaning towards the calm and gentle year I envision to have this time around, while working towards my goals steadily and with ease (I'm doing my best). 

I'm also pointing out my water bottle. Let's all please stay hydrated all the time! It does wonders to the skin ; - ) and sometimes we have no choice but to take a break, get up from our seats, and pee. 


How's January so far for you? When I first went back to work, I had this feeling like I forgot how to do my work. I honestly took days to adjust and I was very much forthright about it with my colleagues. It's okay, because nothing good ever came from forcing things... so let's allow ourselves to slowly ease back into our studies or work. 

Have a great week ahead, dear reader : - ) 

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