Tune In For Love (2019)

Friday, November 26, 2021

One night while scrolling through my Instagram feed after work, I came across a clip wherein there was this guy who was telling a girl that she was the most wonderful person he knew on this earth. Luckily, I was in the mood to watch a rom com film, so I looked at the comments section to check on its title. Turns out, it was Tune in for Love (2019), a Korean film starring Jung Hae-In and Kim Go-Eun. I'm familiar with these names since I've watched Korean dramas with them in it, so I was intrigued by this pairing. I've heard good things about the film and it was under my radar from when it was first released, though somehow I never got to watch it until now.. 

I was expecting it to be your usual fun average rom com film, however I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was instead a subtle budding romance which spanned over ten years. It's a two hour film which relied on the use of time as a way to space out their relationship and its complexities as they continually crossed paths. The story starts in the year of 1994, when technology was not yet so advanced and keeping in touch was quite a challenge. 

It all seemed so natural though, how they would meet. It clearly was just the circumstances of each of the main characters that led them to where they were in the different phases in the film, and it was not because of some oddly placed character that sabotaged their meeting by a few seconds or something. I liked seeing how their fondness for each other naturally developed throughout the years. Some may say that it was too slow or there was not much excitement in the plot, but that's exactly the point. 

The thing with slow films with little dialogue is that it encourages its viewers to notice the other aspects, such as body language, scenery, the color tones used (yes, I'm now becoming more aware and observant of this), and the passage of time through the seasons. The characters' yearning for each other was so palpable because of the expressions in their faces and their actions and activities that would make it clear to the viewers that they are thinking about each other without them having to verbalize it each time.

I observed from the start how they just spent time with each other casually, and there probably wasn't any hint of romantic interest in each other. But it was during their time apart, and the growing uncertainty of not knowing when they would get the chance to meet again that they perhaps realized that maybe they should've taken more time to get to know each other or that they could've been more honest. All they could hold onto were the memories of their observations about each other from the last time their paths crossed. 

One of the dialogues that resonated with me. Although there were not a lot, each one was significant.

I also noticed the songs. Although of course I'm not able to understand the lyrics and I relied heavily on the subtitles, I saw how the translated lyrics had so much meaning and it related to the current circumstance in each moment. I'd say the songs were also used to evoke emotion and anticipation, as if accompanying the viewers toward a crucial scene which allows us to pay even more careful attention. The song used at the last scenes though, really tugged at my heartstrings. I felt like I wasn't prepared and I didn't see it coming.. 

There was also the element of the radio show being present throughout the story; it was there to signal the coming of a new day through the morning segment, it was also there for when our characters longed to send stories to each other while remaining anonymous.. it's nostalgic. Since the setting was years back, I was reminded of how we used to listen to the radio and would request songs or anticipate the next one, hoping that the next song would be the one we were waiting for. It's not like today, wherein we have Spotify, Youtube, or any other app that serves us the songs we want right away.

This was simply a fuzzy, warm, and slow film that I fell in love with. I admit to replaying the ending twice and shedding some tears... I felt like the build up towards the end was a natural and satisfying one. :") I'm confident I will be watching this film again soon. 


I have this habit of dedicating a whole entry on something that I am excited about, and I guess this is one of those entries. The film clearly left me with a smile, and I hope it would give you one too if ever you decide to watch. Have a lovely day, dear reader. 


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  2. This was such a nice kilig movie! Their chemistry was sooooo good. I was also satisfied with the ending. Anyhoo, you might want to watch Yumi's cell. A new drama of Go Eun. I higly recommend it! :)

    1. The ending was superb. I had to replay the ending because the timing of the song was just so on point! I've heard good things about Yumi's Cell, and I've placed it on my list. Thanks so much for recommending, April!

  3. ive actually been wanting to watch this ooh and i really enjoy dramas that have a slow feel to it. theyre so calm and may not be memorable to most, but they stay with me the most. kind of like lost in translation..

    1. Please do watch! Lost in Translation was a good film and it's something I can rewatch many times as well :) hope you enjoy this one!