Recent Loves in July

Sunday, August 8, 2021

July had a lot of rainy days, binge watching shows, online shopping, and overall just living life mostly (still) in the great indoors. 

Sharing with you a bit of the small but certain happiness, the moments I've cherished in the month of July:

Eating a pint of ice cream after so long

This deserves to be the first mention, because dairy in general is prohibited in my household. Haha! Since I still live with my parents, I also follow their healthy diet. This is a plus for me, though of course it means I crave takeout food a lot. So how was I able to get away with eating a pint of ice cream?

I had my wisdom tooth surgery one weekend in July. It was an impacted case, and right after the session, I was able to eat ice cream. I guess I wouldn't include a surgery as an experience I particularly enjoyed because it IS painful, but it was the ice cream and healing part that I deeply appreciated.

I saw the healing period as a time to slow down. It was during this time that I got to admire how the body heals itself. It's a gradual process, but I noted every single change in my body within a week. Even with my work, I'm blessed to have colleagues who understand that I won't be able to speak much in meetings, nor would I be able to turn on my camera because of my swollen cheek. 

But yes, I'm grateful for ice cream. : - )

Shows and films I loved:

Anime- To Your Eternity (2021)

I'm always looking for a good anime to watch. Luckily, I have a handful of friends who message me from time to time to recommend me some anime they think I might like. This month, my friend recommended Fumetsu no Anata e or To Your Eternity. The story is about an orb who takes on the form of the things of this earth and learns about life through them. The orb first turned into a rock, then into a wolf, then finally into a human boy, yet at the cost of these transformations were the lives of each one. 

I didn't know what to expect with this anime, only that I ended up crying in the first episode. Then again on the succeeding episodes. It's the kind of anime that's so sad yet so good. Each character was effortlessly endearing, I'm sure anyone would wish to have them live long and good lives. 

I clearly wasn't prepared, and my friend didn't share a disclaimer at how sad yet deeply profound this was going to be! But I'm grateful to be watching such a gem. It's still an ongoing series and it will end after August. I've paused for a while at episode 11, and will wait until it gets completed at episode 20. 

Monthly Magazine Home (2021)

We all have to love the typical convenience store dates

I haven't been watching Korean dramas lately, but since I heard Jung So-min has an ongoing drama, I decided to watch it. I loved watching her at Because This Is My First Life (I highly, highly recommend) and was delighted that her role here at Monthly Magazine Home was quite similar. The quick gist of her story is that she is aiming to buy a good home to live in.  

I enjoy watching dramas that have the working professional setting; it inspires me as it reflects the joys and pains of adulthood. The notable aspects of this show would be how they give tips on how to save money, what to say when others attempt to overstep boundaries, and also to remain focused on the goal. For our heroine, it's all about owning a house, so I'm excited to see how she'll get there. 

The Office (2005-2013)

My colleague recommended this to me, and I finally started watching! I'm now presently at season 6 (there's a total of 9.. I realize I've come a long way). The first season admittedly had me thinking if I should continue watching, since it showed so many red flags and each episode reflected a toxic corporate environment. But then I gave season 2 a shot, and in each episode I began to understand why the setup is the way it is. Then eventually I found myself laughing hard because of the characters' reactions, quirks, and allow me to say it, stupidity.

I have to admit that I also love the office romance with Jim and Pam. While it's not the center in the story, I feel that it just developed naturally over the episodes, and it was the most wholesome thing. I guess my favorite character is Jim. His mannerisms and the way he puts out a knowing smile at the camera had me smiling too. 

I'm glad I'm able to watch this show now as a full-time working professional. I find that I appreciate it more now as some aspects are relatable. Not necessarily the toxicity part, but just the overall office banter, the moments where they would gather at the pantry, or when they would huddle in the conference room.. all these things I realize I miss from when I was coming in to the office for work. 

It's also great now that I know where the jokes and GIFs come from, like when Michael says "that's what she said" and such : - )

The Mirror Has Two Faces (1996)

Sher and I watched this film together, after she had watched it 3 times on her own. I'm overjoyed whenever I see my friends get excited over something they love, and all the more when they share the experience with me. The story revolves around two university professors who have a hard time finding love. They end up meeting each other and decide to get together, but only for the purpose of a platonic companionship-- no romance allowed.

It's a sweet and wholesome story; I felt like it was a Korean drama condensed into 2 hours worth of film, and maybe I wouldn't be surprised if a K-drama would be based off from it. Their exchanges were intellectual and each moment shared was meaningful. It was hard to think that they wouldn't fall for each other.

More online escape rooms

This deserves a mention again, because Sher and I finished the Enchambered Escape Room series. It was frustrating yet fun for the most part-- we didn't finish the game in one night and we had to continue it on the next day, which was totally fine. We didn't want to pressure ourselves, and wanted to solve it at our own pace. I guess that's the beauty of doing it online; there's no set time for you to finish and you don't have to think about whether there will be a next person who will use the room. 

We also used the guide which was filled with clues for us to finish the games. I think it's fine to know when to ask for help rather than getting stuck and remaining frustrated. But there we go, now that we've completed all the rooms, we're now looking for new online games to play. Any suggestions?

Revamping my cabinet and closet

Staying at home for most of my days has allowed me to do deep cleaning more often. In July, I was finally able to let go of my old journals and flute music sheets which I've been keeping with me for more than 10 years. I'm amazed at myself for holding on to all of these things for such a long time! These were once essential parts of myself, and they were important to me at that specific point in my life, though I can't say I feel the same way now.

I still continue journaling, although I think I've gotten over making them overly colorful like a scrapbook. I still play my flute, although it's no longer with an orchestra. I'm still the same old me, yet hopefully better. I feel at peace now with letting go of my old belongings, so I can make room for new items! More new art works, more new journals to fill-in. 

I've also been revamping my closet. I've been taking out a lot of my old clothes and putting in some of my new purchases. I have a rule for myself, in which whenever I bring in something new, I have to take something out. This is just to keep me from hoarding too many clothes. This is a process I've been enjoying, because as I rebuild my closet, I'm able gain back my sense of style which I believe I've lost last year. I'm not letting that happen again! 

Lately I've been into linen. My color palette has been white, green, beige.. earthy colors. I'm also bringing in more dresses, because they're easy to wear especially even as I work from home. Would you be interested if I wrote a roundup of my recent purchases? : - )

Finally selling my art online

July was also when I started selling my art online! : - ) I planned to do so earlier in this year, though I kept putting it off for later. I finally made the announcement one rainy weekend in July. One of the most rewarding things is knowing that the package has reached its destination. I have this unexplainable anxiety whenever I ship something or I have something shipped to me, because I always think it might not end up where it's supposed to be. Which is why I'm selling locally for now-- I'll do some more experimenting with international shipping first before I open it up to the rest of the world.  

Also! I realize that there are also many loving and supportive online kindreds out here. One of the things that keep me going with blogging and making art would be knowing that it helps me connect with all of you reading this right now. ♡♡♡♡


How was your July, and what have you been loving lately? I hope you've been well and keeping safe, dear reader.


  1. I keep meaning to get my wisdom teeth out, if anything it gives you a good excuse to devour a huge pint of ice cream! haha

    That K-drama sounds like such fun. I haven't had the time to watch a good K-drama in a while. I love watching them but they're so long and require a lot of time which I don't have at the moment. Hopefully, I can start a new drama soon.

    Congrats on opening your shop! I love your artwork, hopefully, you can ship internationally one day. I have the same fear about shipping items! In fact, earlier this month my dad ordered a new printer and even though the tracking number said it was shipped and delivered to the house it never showed up! I'm shocked no one reported a wrong package be delivered to their house. He got a full refund but we still wonder where the printer ended up! ♥

    1. The ice cream is my great reward after the pain :)) well, the pain comes after the surgery as the healing process begins since the anesthesia fades away.. but the ice cream really was such a great comfort! Wishing you all the best with your surgery when the time comes :)

      I agree with you; I'm hesitant to watch K-dramas since they are so long, much like a movie! I would rather binge watch a season of anime which has 20min per episode. Maybe I would finish it in two days. Haha!

      Thank you so so much for your kind words and support, it is more than enough :) oh man, I'm sorry to hear about your printer :( that household is lucky to have a new printer, really! Can't believe they didn't report it. It's good that the company/store gave a refund, but the experience is quite anxiety-inducing :"(

      Thank you for your time with me on here, Michelle!

  2. now you make me want to finish up a pint of ice cream so bad :(

    I've been steering back to my gaming habit too, but I mostly play what-people-and-non-gamers-say "hardcore" games, although I honestly they're not hardcore by any means. I mostly play RPG stuff and lately, I've been into spooky indie games. one of them is Little Nightmares. I'm not sure if you're someone who'd play these types of games though! I personally never played any, um... "minigame" type of games (if that even makes sense?) so I never tried online escape rooms. I'm not sure how to word this, oops. Oh well, moving on...

    I'm so jealous you can play flute! I remember buying flute because I wanted to learn, but then I couldn't blow it AT ALL. I think I bought flute out of rebellion because I hated piano and was forced to be a pianist by my ambitious, unfair parents lolol (looking back, I didn't hate the act of playing piano itself. I was just pissed because I couldn't play piano according to my free will. I had to play the piano because I was told and forced to do it, so yeah)

    I end up selling the piano AND the flute though.

    anyway, like you, I also love linen! it's definitely my favourite material for photography too. I really love the texture of natural, 100% linen. likewise, muted earthy tones are also my current vibe. beige, creams and khakis. I have to blame age and Uniqlo's influence for this :))

    last but not least, congrats on opening your shop! I always thought you'd one day open an online shop because of how adorable your art is. so happy for you!

    my July had been, well, pretty tiring. I accidentally damaged my macbook's LCD and got infected with covid. I'm covid-free now and I've replaced my laptop's LCD too, but yeah that was wild.


    √Člise |

    1. A good friend installed Little Nightmares on my laptop! I played with them once, but never played by myself. I still have the file with me now and brings back memories.. I also played Life Is Strange, though I never got to finish it.

      I had to convince my parents to buy me a flute and it took such a long time until they said yes. Most of my friends were playing either guitar or piano, so I wanted to try playing an instrument as well. I went for flute because it sounds like a bird and I love birds lol. But you're right, flute is hard. Even the blowing part, it took me months to be able to blow properly!!! I even asked for a private tutor to teach me. But it's all good now; my embochure has developed and surprisingly stayed throughout these years. I hope you get to learn an instrument of your choice now as you're older and can afford to buy one for yourself. :)

      Oh man, Uniqlo definitely.. I have weakness for that brand. I have been buying lots from them lately, and I think I need to ban myself for a while. :))

      Thank you so much for your kind words on my art print initiative!! <3 I truly appreciate it !

      I'm really glad you have recovered from covid. It's a feat! :) I'm sorry about your macbook's LCD too.. it's great that you were able to replace it. I hope August and the remaining months of the year would be much much better! Stay strong and safe always!!

  3. Thanks for sharing such a great idea!

    DIana -

  4. This post made me feel all of the warm fuzzies. Sometimes there's nothing better than eating a pint of ice cream; I've found Ben & Jerry's Birthday Cake to be my favourite for this - it's SO, so moreish, but thankfully, as it's without chocolate, it doesn't make me feel bad afterwards... As much as their Netflix & Chilll'd is my absolute fave!

    I hope you are feeling better now after your surgery and the biggest congratulations to you for selling your art online!! I really adore that floral print on the left. The texture is so gorgeous! (-:

    1. Hello Sian, thank you for your kind words!! Indeed ice cream can be so comforting, especially if we haven't had it in a while (which was my case, so I was definitely happy). I surely would like to try more of Ben & Jerry's flavors : - )

      Thank you so much as well, by now my gums have healed and it's as if the wisdom tooth was never there :)) also! selling my art online is one of my highlights for the year.. I see it as a brave act of putting myself out there, and I hope to do so more often, little by little. Thank you for spending time to read :)