5 Reasons Why I Liked Attack on Titan

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

I finished catching up with the latest episodes of Attack on Titan , and also finished reading the manga. Then a few days after, I re-watched everything again, this time with friends. But with new eyes! I was amazed with how I missed out on some fine details during the first time I watched, but it just goes to show that it is a series you can go back to, however often you'd like. 

It's different when you're watching Attack on Titan for the first time. I could share that my head really hurt when I watched everything by myself because there was so much information and I had to connect the dots with each passing episode. It's the kind of show that makes you want to watch the next episode right away without ever thinking about whether you need to sleep early... well, this was kind of my dilemma as someone who sleeps by 9pm daily. It was all worth it though, being immersed in this world and sharing their pains and triumphs. 

Watching with friends though, it was a lot more fun, because we get to share our insights and reactions right away. This was a series my high school friends and I watched together, so it goes way back. I also got to have so many epiphanies, like "why didn't I see that before?", "now I understand better", "this is funnier the second time around." . 

Back in college I thought Attack on Titan was just like any other shounen anime out there; there's that super hero guy who saves the world in the end, always. But I saw in every new season, that it was more than that. There was a human element added to it, and a realistic sense that you can't always win. You may win, but you will lose something or someone in exchange. That was always a painful reality in the Attack on Titan universe. It may also apply in other anime I may have watched before, but I haven't been watching much at all now, and I'm quite outdated. But I just really enjoyed how the story evolved. 

I've thought hard about how I'm going to present my thoughts on this show, without mentioning any spoilers, and somehow hoping it would resonate with others even if they may not have watched it yet. But I think the best way for me to write this is through a list of things I liked about the show. 

Quick synopsis :

Attack on Titan centers around humanity living within three enormous walls which protect them from man-eating titans. We then have Eren Jaeger, who vows to kill all titans after a titan breached the wall protecting his hometown and caused the death of his mother. 

And now here are my reasons for liking Attack on Titan: 

1. Well-thought and intricate storyline

This element is very essential for me in falling in love with a series. All (or most) of my questions have been answered throughout the series. I think everyone wants their questions answered of course, but it's different when there are so many questions, yet the answers are vague, or the loopholes are too big to ignore. We need stories that make sense, and while my head did hurt most of the time, things fell into place eventually, and that's what makes it so satisfying to watch.

At some point, I got confused with who the real villain was. Some times, I felt like there was no real villain. Everyone was just a victim of war, a victim of ideologies, and just had an overall unfortunate series of events that affected them deeply and formed them into who they are. Yet as the story progressed, my questions were answered both in the grandest and most casual manners, such as what were the identities of the titans and to what lay beyond the walls. 

We see how from season 1, the plot evolved and grew deeper, darker, and more complicated than we initially thought. I at first found the mystery of titans very fascinating, then eventually came in politics, war, and saw how all things were interconnected. It started out so simple, with the goal of eradicating all titans, but the story grew much bigger than that. I can't count the times I was simply shocked with every revelation.

2. Solid friendship

The Eren, Mikasa, and Armin friendship was palpable all throughout. They always saved each other and knew each other best. Whenever Eren would do something reckless, Mikasa and Armin would be there to look out for him. Theirs is a friendship that supports, encourages, respects, and is honest. 

They knew Eren carried with him a great sense of purpose, they knew Mikasa would never stop fighting, and they knew Armin would stand his ground. They all knew each others' strengths, and they reminded each other of that especially in moments of weakness. Whenever there would be conflict, they would speak up and find the solution. It's unthinkable to ever see them apart. 

3. Character development

I loved unit 104. It seemed that my wish for every episode was to see everyone alive, and that was everyone's goal for each other: to keep fighting and protecting one another. Each one had their own quirk, strength, weakness, and each had to make tough decisions. They were humans and had their own struggles and internal monologues at some point. Sometimes as the viewer, you would think, they could've just killed the oppressor already, get it done and over with! But you could see their thought process too. There were many moments of hesitance, regrets, and even joys, triumphs, all those human experiences were evident and delivered masterfully.

And then, there's Levi Ackermann. It's hard not to like his character, and I must confess he is also my favorite! 

4. Strong independent women

Women in Attack on Titan are portrayed as strong and can make their own decisions. They can fight, and they fight well. They were also entrusted with big responsibilities which they didn't shy away from, but rather they grew into it. This is something I don't see often in shounen anime, and it's certainly refreshing. 

The show didn't have nudity either, except for naked titans without genitals. 

5. Visuals and OST

Another reason, and it is a given, would be the anime and manga illustration. I know I may have mentioned this on either my Twitter or Instagram, but the sky was always so beautiful despite all the blood and gore, and even when the situation felt hopeless. Yet the sky was there, watching over all of them, no matter what event lay ahead. The fighting scenes were well made too. I enjoyed every single bit of Levi's fighting scenes; it was a masterpiece. 

I also loved the soundtrack. I LOVE Red Swan. It tugged at my heartstrings the first time I heard it. I remember thinking.. "wow, Japanese bands nowadays got it good, I like this singer's voice and he sounds so familiar.". I later on realized that the singer was Hyde. It threw me back to the time when I fangirled so hard over Japanese rock bands. Good times, good times.. that is all I am willing to reveal about myself from that time. : - ) Hyde is awesome though. 


If you're looking for a good anime to watch, look no further, this is it. It can get pretty deep and dark, however, and a lot of blood will be shed. It will keep you on your toes, but you will find yourself feeling for the characters, hoping for the best for humanity, and dedicating your heart to moving forward and fighting!!

I hope you are getting a lot of rest this weekend, dear reader. Have you been loving any shows lately? Please do share with me : - )


  1. I remember first watching Attack on Titan around 2013. It's been a while, but I still remember the impression it made on me. I finished the first season, but haven't been able to catch up because I wasn't sure if they were ever continuing this anime again. I think I'll binge-watch the episodes soon, after having read your review. Need to put it back on the high-priority list. I heard the same thing from other people too, about not being able to guess the plot line of the story and most of the other people's prediction became wrong. That's gonna be really fun to anticipate. Thank you for sharing this awesome review on Attack on Titan. Hope you are doing well! x

    Mari | www.dazedmari.com

    1. I remember as well the first time I watched it; I was shocked that the author killed the main character in the first few episodes haha! But it got me hooked. I'm really grateful I was able to catch up with the anime and manga during this pandemic. It has inspired me a lot and reminded me of how much I enjoy watching anime. :") I'm excited for you to continue watching it! I hope you've been doing well, Mari. Have a great rest of your week!