Breakfast and Morning Musings

Sunday, September 6, 2020


*I wrote this blog entry in collaboration with Earth Food PH.

What makes a morning good for you, what makes you look forward to getting out of your bed and starting your day? 

One of the first things that comes to my mind would be taking time for breakfast. Not the kind of breakfast where you just eat one banana, or down a cup of coffee then you're good to go, but the kind where you actually take the time to sit down and eat what you like. 

Back (in the good old days) when I would commute to work, having breakfast was usually somewhere in the middle of my priorities in the morning. The first of course would be to leave the house before 7:00AM so I could beat the rush hour. Once I arrive in the office, the first thing to do is to open my laptop, then eat my breakfast while reading through my emails. Sometimes when there are early meetings, I sneak a bite or two as we discuss the agenda.. I simply cannot function without eating something in the morning! 

Now though, with most of us staying and working from home, we now have the liberty to craft our routines according to our preference. As a morning person, I knew I wanted to have a more mindful breakfast time, where I get to eat at a leisurely pace. It doesn't have to be an elaborate or heavy meal; most times I prefer it to be light and simple, just enough to give me the energy I need throughout the morning.

I would usually set it up with fruit and two slices of bread. This week, I've had the privilege to welcome hummus into my breakfast set up, since Earth Food PH so kindly sent me some to try out! Earth Food's hummus contains chickpeas, lemon, tahini, sea salt, garlic, paprika, and cumin, all of which are the healthy and nutritious components that makes it so good to eat.

I would only get to eat hummus whenever there's the chance to eat out at Mediterranean restaurants, so having hummus for breakfast brought a delightful twist to my morning. Due to my limited experience and encounters on this spread, I initially thought it would only taste best when paired with pita bread, but really, it can be paired with anything you like, so I chose to pair it with my favorite bread. 

You may ask why it seems the oil has disappeared in my photos, but it's simply because I've refrigerated it already by the time I had the opportunity to take some snaps. It's best to keep it refrigerated after first opening it, if you'd like to preserve it for at least a week (and alas, it did last me a whole week!). I can happily share with you that the quality has remained the same despite it being kept cold. 

I have to admit I'm not the biggest fan of overly flavorful spreads, but this hummus just hit the spot; it has just the right balance of flavor that I'm looking for, and it's definitely a healthy alternative for any dip or spread. It's good to explore healthier options to keep ourselves physically strong, especially now in the time of a pandemic.

I've also come to realize how great it is to start the day mindfully as this sets the tone for how the rest of our days pan out. It's up to us to make it enjoyable in our own small ways, and for me this week was hummus for breakfast! The morning is there for you, filled with so much calm and awakening, are you there for it?

If you're on the look out for hummus and healthy snacks, be sure to check out Earth Food PH on Instagram and Facebook


Allow me to close with this lovely music video by Tom Rosenthal, on hummus! I hope it makes your day, as listening to this song always gets me in a good mood , and I found it so apt for this blog entry :")

What's your favorite breakfast food? Are you a fan of hummus? I'd love to know, dear reader. 


  1. Looks so yummy!

  2. your old morning routine sounds like mine did! i too would always make sure to leave the house before 7am to beat the morning rush. in fact, i preferred being in the office, eating my breakfast, and reading my emails at 7am. it's so nice to get the day started bright and early. i'm less fussy about early mornings now, though. i just take each day as it comes. i'm also less of a breakfast person when i'm not on-the-go, but i still love breakfast food - even if i don't eat it until 12pm haha!


    1. Emails for breakfast!! haha. I still function best with a good old routine, but I love breakfast food at any time of the day as well :") thank you so much Disa for sharing with me how your mornings have been!

  3. I really need to get back to an actual breakfast routine. It is always nice when you can sit down and really start your morning focusing on eating instead of multi-tasking. I am kind of used to having to do some work first thing without any food. Not the best but somewhat bearable @__@.

    Mmmm I've had hummus for breakfast when I make my morning toasts hehe. I am all about the savory breakfast!! Thanks for giving this nice reminder of an actual breakfast hehe.

    Nancy ✨

    1. Hummus on bread/toast is the best! :) they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day... and I agree!! hehe but I would totally agree with you as well that this quarantine season has made us more relaxed with our routines, though I find that breakfast in the morning is something for me to look forward to each time :")