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Sunday, June 14, 2020

Hello dear reader, I hope you've been well. I'm writing to you now, as it's a 3-day weekend since our country celebrated our Independence Day last Friday.

Gently Yet Firmly, Into A Restless World

Let me open by acknowledging that.. these days have been tough, and it's beyond words. Just when I thought that dealing with the grief brought about the corona virus was a heavy weight to bear, social injustices around the globe have sprung up to a greater degree and are becoming increasingly prevalent as days go by.

These recent events have stirred us up in a way that we can't simply fall silent. From hereon, we must play our role in being firm against racism, violence, political injustices, and correcting all sorts of unconscious biases we've acquired.

It's overwhelming and painful, but it's a wake up call yet again to examine ourselves, and to figure out how we can help build each other up in love and concern. To guide each other, to learn, and to engage in difficult conversations.

It's frustrating, as I feel my own finite capacity as a human being. While the change we hope to see won't happen overnight, the seemingly small acts that we start with consistently and collectively will surely be significant.


A Photo Diary Of Small But Certain Happiness 

Nothing new has been happening under the sun, I feel like every day just comes and goes as it pleases. Yet in a conscious effort to practice appreciating the small but certain happiness I encounter daily, I'm here to share with you a collection of those moments that keep me going . . .

Our duhat (java plum) tree has been bearing fruit these days and it's a lovely sight. I shared a photo previously on my entry, Growing In The Garden, wherein these fruits were still green and yet now they are all in many shades of violet and purple. My parents and I spend time picking these with the help our of our trusty old ladder.

We're now taking care of fish! These are small fish that are pretty low maintenance, as they feed on the water plants which give them oxygen as well. I feed them with pellets twice a day, just for good measure.

It's been a while since I last took care of a pet, so it's a small joy to have these little critters swimming around. I intended to name each one, but I figured it might be hard, since they're a lot and they look the same...

We plan to use the water they live in to water some of our plants, as this would contain nutrients that would surely help for plant growth.

I realized also, I think I'm fond of caring for living creatures that don't make much of a noise, such as plants and fish. It's quite opposite to their caretaker, who can be quite a chatterbox both online and offline :")

Sharing with you as well, this okra flower. It's my first time to see an okra flower bloom, as it happens only momentarily. It eventually paves the way for an okra bud to sprout, then the flower falls off and shrivels on the ground. This was a precious moment. I can't wait for the rest of our okra plants to bloom with flowers, and I hope to catch such a sighting right on time.

Bread from Anicia's Bakery

I bought bread online in the middle of the week one time and had it delivered over the weekend. With a lack of things to look forward to, I needed to find my own way to make myself feel excited over something. One of those things would definitely be freshly baked bread! I'm also glad to be helping out with small businesses around the neighborhood.

Thanks to the ease of lockdown restrictions, I was able to see my dear friend, Sher, from whom I was able to collect baked goods, last Friday! What a joy, what a moment. I ordered cinnamon rolls from her mom, and she also so kindly gave me some of her brownie batches to taste. I've had a rough week at work, and we've been sharing about our personal woes virtually that week.. so this meetup did wonders to my mental health. Seeing a friend in the midst of an uncertain time is just so so great.

It was funny, as we didn't know how to react upon seeing each other. Surely we couldn't be too close physically, so we did our best to contain our excitement through subdued high pitched squeals... :") meet ups with friends before were something we thought we can always have and schedule, but now seeing a friend in the flesh is a great big blessing.

My mom bought flour yesterday, so we proceeded to baking our usual banana bread. This time around though, we made it a bit crunchier than before.. I know banana bread is usually meant to be moist and extra sweet, but ours is of a different kind, as it's not overly sweet and can be on the crunchy side. It's still banana bread nonetheless.

Pizza from Anicia's Bakery

Today, my parents went off to see my grandma together with some other relatives to take care of some family business, which means I was alone for a time. What to do? I decided to order a box of pizza and finished it for myself. It was my first time doing this, and I'm happy to share it's included in my life's bucketlist. As a young woman living in a household with a strict healthy diet, this was a good experience. What do you usually like to do when you have the house all to yourself?

Watching and Listening

Some other few things I want to write to you about (and they're not from my camera roll), as I have no patience to include these in the next Recent Loves post would be ---

I may be late to the party, but I've been watching Hyori's Bed and Breakfast series lately. The show drew me in, what with seeing the owners' endearing pets, hearing and knowing about the different backgrounds of the people staying with them, and admiring the beautiful nature scenery.. which made me miss the ocean so much.

It's a comforting and relaxing watch, and it makes me look at life differently. I like how they learn along the way as they serve more guests, and all the more loved how they frequently took breaks and naps.. that productivity is not measured by the ability to be overly busy..

I watched a Thai film entitled Mary is Happy, Mary is Happy after my work from home shift. It's one of those fun experimental films that lasted for two hours, which then gave me a good night's sleep after. I'd say it perfectly encapsulates what we look for in a coming-of-age film, yet what made it unique was that it was based entirely from a high school girl's tweets.

After watching the film, I then proceeded to following Mary's twitter, in which I was delighted to find lots of food and great song recommendations, albeit in Thai language.

In closing, I'm sharing a song that I've been listening to over and over again. It's entitled Pluto by Phum Viphurit and it's become one of my favorite songs, as it's relaxing and it brings me a bittersweet nostalgic feeling each time I press play:

Time, please be kind
Time, please rewind
Time, I would buy
But it's time for goodbye

Let's keep keeping on, dear reader. What keeps you going lately?



  1. Those cinnamon rolls and brownies look delicious! I love reading about what people have been up to during lockdown - thanks for sharing!

    Tash -

    1. Indeed, the cinnamon rolls and brownies were great, kudos to my friend and her mom :") I enjoy reading what you share as well, so thank you thank you!

  2. oh my goodness, all the carbs. nom, nom, nom!!!


    1. Carbs is love haha!! :) thanks for your time with me on here, Disa!

  3. Its been tough with all the injustice going on, but I love that you are doing good. Croissants are the best!! I'm just taking one day at a time doing what I love.

    1. I truly agree, it has been tough.. but we have to do our part too, and at the same time take care of ourselves. Croissants are without a doubt, the best and are my favorite!! I'm glad you think so as well ;) I hope that you are doing well, and that your weekend is restful. :")

  4. It is so important that we learn and speak up against injustice of any kind. I am glad to see a lot of progressive changes over the past few weeks. I love the different pictures that you have taken. I am excited that it is fruit season! Oooh! So cool that you have fish as well! I've been intrigued by them for the longest but I also have cats at home lol! It is great that you got to see your friend! The pizza looks super delish. Keep it up!!

    Nancy ♥

    1. It's amazing what we can do together whenever we build up and support one another! Thank you, I'm excited as well as there have been a lot of flowers around in the garden lately.. which means fruits will be coming in soon. :) It's a joy to have fish around; it's relaxing to simply observe them as they swim around. The pizza is very memorable for me, and I'm happy to have done such a thing hahaha. Thank you for your time with me on here, Nancy and sorry for the delay in my response. I hope you're having a wonderful weekend!