On A Work Day Earlier In The Year

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

I had this idea of starting a vlog earlier this year, so I started telling my close friends about it and filming here and there, not knowing that the next time I'd be up and about filming everywhere might be a long while from now.

I don't have any concrete plans for this channel at the moment, but we can think of it as an extension of the blog, a visual diary of sorts. Anna Jo, in motion ; - ) Perhaps I will post from time to time, to keep it alive.

I simply compiled all my clips, so don't expect much frills!

This is my usual day in the office: from making my cup of tea in the morning, to getting things done, to meeting up for the occasional dinner date (this one was with Simply Sher!), and then braving the traffic going home. It's nothing much, but watching it for myself makes me smile somehow?

I definitely don't miss the traffic, but in any situation may it be coming in to the office or working from home, we always find ways to make things work out and to keep us going. These could be in the form of watching shows together in the office pantry (when time permits), or scheduling dinner dates so we won't work long hours in the office. On days of working from home, we follow set breaks throughout the day so we prevent working longer hours, as both the days and the boundaries of work and personal spaces fade into a blur.

Changes and inconveniences can make us uncomfortable and restless, but hopefully we'll all come out from this with lots of lessons learned, and with a bigger heart to extend kindness to both ourselves and others.

A recurring thought on my quiet times lately would be that as the Lord refines us (especially during this time), our unpleasant days and moments turn into opportunities for growth and for drawing even closer to Him. We may not be in a place where we want to be at the moment, but we can always think of it as a time of preparation, always looking and going forward. So whether it be in working or in waiting, in times of joy or sadness, we can keep going by God's grace.


Keeping it short for a Wednesday post! Just wanted to check-in with you all, as we're at the middle of the week, and I'm sure we're all doing a great job, no matter what it could be.

Are there moments in the office that you miss? I'd love to hear all about them.

Thank you for spending time with me on here, dear reader. ♡ I hope you're well and cozy wherever you are.

First Photo by Sarah Gualtieri on Unsplash



  1. Your video is so relaxing ☀️ looking forward to more content like this. Oh how I suddenly miss the normalcy!

    Ann | annchoi.me

    1. Thanks Ann! There are some parts I like, some parts not so much, but we always try to make it work and have something to look forward to. :)

  2. I absolutely love your vlog - so simple and authentic and it's not unnecessarily long like most vlogs! And I also love how you said "we can always think of it as a time of preparation, always looking and going forward." I think more people need to read into this, to use this time to get creative or to plan more, etc. in their own way so they won't get lost, scared, or confused especially at this time of uncertainty ❤️


    1. Thanks Nicole! It was fun arranging these clips, definitely.
      Perhaps people will realize the same in how to use this time in their own pace; going through a season such as this is a big adjustment for us after all :") though I get very much inspired by everyone who's been coming out of their shells to be extra creative nowadays!

  3. I don't work but moments I miss in class are just being around people and all out little routines, like where we would sit in lecture and whatnot. I love your blog so much, so glad i found it! :)
    Ellie x // elliekblog.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Those little things which seemed to be second nature to us! It's definitely nice to take a step back and reflect on how we used to carry on with our daily lives.
      Likewise, Ellie. Glad I found yours :) Thanks for being here.

  4. It sounds like your quiet times have been full of blessings lately! I completely agree with what you said about taking those difficult times as opportunities for growth. i've experienced a lot of positive change personally!


    1. However tough and challenging change can be, I always hope it's for the best and for us to be aware of how we're coming out of it differently. In this way, we'll able to perceive it in a lighter and more positive way, even just for a little bit.
      I'm glad you are experiencing positive changes lately, let's continue pressing forward :) thank you for your time on here!

  5. Oh congrats on staring a channel!! I started mine a few years ago and just recently b/c of the current situation I started doing at home vlogs. Something new for me, but there are the times. Going to check out your channel!

    Allie of

    1. Oh wow, I think at home vlogs are really nice, and it's what I've been watching lots too lately. It's nice to see what others do in their homes. I'm going to check yours out as well :)