Breathe Deeply

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

I've been playing my flute a lot lately, and it's been reminding me about a lot of things I should keep in mind more often.

Lately whenever I have the time, I take out my flute and start playing all the major scales. It's only now at 24 that I'm taking the scales seriously, when I know I should have done so back when I was 14. How did I get past those years to where I am now? One thing I'm sure of though was that I was always in a hurry. I wanted to master a piece right away, and I would almost always start playing without warming up.

Nowadays whenever I warm up, before I touch my flute, I breathe deeply first. And when I do, I start feeling more calm and composed; that sense of being in a hurry slowly disappears. When I start blowing onto the mouthpiece, it sounds better, deeper, and richer. My fingers run through the keys in a lighter manner; a sign to show that I'm no longer tense.

I used to be light headed all the time after playing, wanting to make sure I was always heard loud and clear by giving out more air. But I wasn't able to keep much air for myself. Flute playing after all isn't about blowing all the air out of my body, but rather directing it in such a way that I'm able to produce a pleasant sound. Easy to say, but very hard to apply especially for notes in the higher octaves!

The breathing process is much like how we deal with things in life. There is much thinking to do daily as we make decisions and relate with others, but the more I slow down and breathe, the more I become aware about the littlest things. The more I can think clearly, I can evaluate my options, and I can think ahead about my actions. Many were the times I acted upon impulse, mostly because of the pressure I placed on myself, when there were things that could have waited and it may have turned out differently now.

But this time around, I'm doing my best to find the joy in being deliberate with every thought.

Like with anything in life, perhaps it's best to take deep breaths first.


Dear reader, how are you? Much has been the same with me, really. I want to write more, just like how I've written in the past years, but I won't force anything. I have a lot lined up in my drafts, and I'll complete them one by one eventually. I hope you're safe wherever you are. : - )


Photo by Sarah from Unsplash


  1. Yes too true glad you are feeling more grounded.

    Allie of

  2. It is great that you've been playing your flute! I haven't played my instrument since the end of high school. Sometimes, it takes us a while to realize the good in the most fundamental things. Scales help us nail the basics. Hope you're doing well!

    Nancy ♥

    1. Totally agree with you, scales are super helpful in mastering the basics and prepares us for the next level. Stay safe always!!