Trying Out New Things

Sunday, February 9, 2020

I've been trying out a few new things since the year started. Some not really new; some I would consider an effort to rekindle an old passion. I want to describe my thoughts and experience on each one, just so I can process my learnings.

As much as it looks like I'm totally game and open to do and learn new things, deep inside I'm actually panicking with such an idea. I like to plan, I like to know what to do and what to expect, but I know I also have to be flexible, and I have to be open!!! So here's me trying to break out of my comfort zone even if it's a very small thing. I have to love trying new things. Here's some that I've been doing lately:


I've always been so conscious about myself, so I thought dancing would help me get rid of that self-consciousness I've developed throughout the years. Not that I don't like dancing; I can recall that I've danced a lot when I was still in grade school. I guess I wanted to feel that same kind of carefree fun again now as a young adult since I've gotten so uptight over the years, I think. So I got a pass for dance classes together with my friends and decided to just go for it.

I initially wanted hip hop, however it was scheduled at a later time, and we were going after work. So my friends and I attended the groove and rhythm class, which was surprisingly fun too! I have to admit, I felt like I was really stiff and still quite conscious for the first few minutes. It was a dance studio with the big mirror and lots of people possibly looking at it just like I was. But after observing for a bit, everyone was really just doing their own thing and having fun. If anything, the mirror served as a way to look at the instructor easily.

My moves and actions were pretty stiff too, but I tried my best to imitate the dance instructor anyway, eventually exaggerating the way my body moved, shaking my hips and flailing my arms (as needed!). What was hard to keep up with though however would be the footwork. It was a beginners' class, but everyone else already knew how to dance and they were all able to follow along smoothly. That didn't stop me though, because I realized that more than getting the steps right, I should be able to enjoy what I was doing, and if it took me more time to learn what everyone else was already doing, then that shouldn't be a problem.

I also loved how everyone was just feeling the beat of the music. At first it was quite a challenge to be on time and in step together with the music, but eventually I learned to just go along with it because the steps and music definitely go hand in hand, and it's so nice when the music is a bop!!

As we learned the steps and put them all together, I realized how focused and intent I was at learning that I had no time nor space to think about anything else. It's amazing how the mind can focus so much on one thing and drown out any and all other things unrelated to what it wants to focus on.

"We're gonna look like fools" was what I told my friend when we started with the class. She replied however: "We're going to be fools together anyway so might as well!"


I've been playing the flute for the longest time, however I feel like I've been stuck at the same level too. It's quite a long story to recount, and I honestly can't even remember the name or face of my original flute teacher, but now I'm playing hymnals every Sunday for church service, which for me is something I've grown to really love over the years.

Which is why I decided to get a refresher and asked to be under the intensive music program in my church. Luckily, they knew someone who plays the flute, and so I've been relearning with my teacher since last month. It's great because at least now there's someone who can tell me what I'm doing wrong; I'm pretty much aware I've developed bad habits throughout the years, and I know I really should get to memorizing my scales. Somehow I feel more disciplined now with my flute playing, so it's really great. I'm also trying my best to do harmonization.. although I am not confident enough yet, but it is necessary especially if I want to contribute to the beauty of the church choir or band.

I love playing my flute primarily because of the sound. It's always meant to be playful and beautiful always, and it has a personal tone. So many things work together in order to achieve such a sound; the breathing, the embchure, the fingering, and so on.. more than anything it takes a lot of passion to play this instrument.

Biblical Counselling 

Counselling is something that I've been curious about and interested in for the longest time. When I first attended the class for Biblical Counselling, I felt a bit nostalgic for when I was taking up my Psychology major classes back in college. This kind of counselling however is different, as its foundation is rooted in scripture.

One thing that stuck with me so far would be that: counselling is not giving advice, but rather it is listening. Most of the time we have good intentions whenever someone confides in us, but then it's good to remember that in the end, the decisions will ultimately be up to the person who shared with us their problem. The counsellor's role is to help give shape and form to the counsellee's thoughts. I'd like to think it's kind of like untangling a big ball of tangled yarn.

The learning sessions happen on Tuesdays, so to make sure I'm able to attend them, I've opted to work from home on this day for 5 weeks straight. My classmates are mostly aunts and uncles from church, and I think this will allow me to gain lots of different perspectives from my own.

Making Playlists

I overthink this a lot, making playlists!! But now I just put whatever and cross my fingers it sounds nice. Just kidding. I actually do spend my time getting to know how to make the most out of my Spotify subscription. I just recently discovered the "Go To Song Radio" option and it's been a game changer for me; there's just so many great songs to discover out there, it's like a treasure hunt.

My aunt put me in charge of creating a playlist for my grandma's 90th birthday. I took this opportunity to actually research good upbeat songs from past decades. It was actually enjoyable for me! My eyes would light up as well every time I would see an oldie bobbing his head up and down or someone singing along to the song that was playing. You can give my playlist a listen here:

I'm currently liking Nat King Cole's L-O-V-E! : - )

Taking More Photos

I'm getting more comfortable with taking photos and having my photos taken. I have mini photoshoots with my mom on Sundays, whenever I wear dresses. I used to be awkward with having my photos taken, really. I didn't know how to pose, and I got conscious really quickly, but now I don't care and just smile!! : - )

I've been going through my family's photo albums and came across photos of me and my sister, which were taken mostly by my dad. Now that we're older, we no longer have photo albums and we now just have our smart phones to take photos with. For me, it's still so precious to have photo albums to look back with.. it made me realize how my dad would take photos of special occasions, family trips, and even the most mundane things... I realized we're taking things for granted now that everything is given to us instantly. I now want to take more photos with my parents whenever I can.


These are the few things that I've been doing lately! It's not much, but I enjoyed reflecting on each and every thing, and I'm looking forward to doing even more. Trying out new things doesn't have to be something big or extraordinary. It could be as simple as wearing a different colored dress than you would usually wear or having a lengthy conversation with someone you don't usually speak to but would love to get to know. For as long as it's not something you're used to, or something that's already in your routine, then it is without a doubt, considered as something new. : - )

What new thing have you been trying out lately?

I hope you're doing well, dear reader!


  1. That's great, Anna! Makes me want to go ahead and try out new things this 2020, haha <3

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