From Me To You

Thursday, December 26, 2019

Writing and sending letters and cards digitally in collaboration with Paperless Post.

My fond memories of cards started when collecting stationery was a thing back when I was in grade school. My friends and I loved collecting stationery, and most of the time these would be stickers, cards, or letters. We would trade stickers from time to time, showing each other our sticker albums and pointing out which ones we'd like to take while offering them which ones we'd like to give out.

I would also write letters to my friends. Funny enough, when I do give them, they'd ask me why I had to write them letters when I could just tell them what I wanted in front of their faces instead. I insisted anyway, because I've always loved the idea of having someone to write to. Even now, I guess such a habit has stuck with me, especially since I've kept multiple blogs over the years.

Sometimes, there are stationery sets that I would keep to myself, only because I loved its design. They would remain untouched; not a single pen mark was to land upon its fresh sheets. I'd take them out and stare at the from time to time, admiring its details.

I'm pretty much aware that card giving isn't so big here where I live. I don't know if it is elsewhere, but when I went to England last year, I saw a number of shops dedicated to just cards. I'm glad cards are still being given and received elsewhere around the world. All the more was I glad to find out that there's such a thing as sending cards digitally.

When Paperless Post reached out to me to try out their service, I obliged. I was given credits to purchase cards digitally in exchange for writing about my experience.

The first thought that came to me was: to whom should I send a card to? The first person that came to mind was my sister. She's been living away from us for years now, and I remember when she sent us a Christmas card some years ago, so it was time to do the same! Except digitally this time.

So when I got home from my family Christmas parties yesterday, I propped open my laptop and started exploring the Paperless Post website. Here are a couple of things that I loved:

  • They have cards for almost any occasion. You can also even simply send a card just because. They even have invitations and flyers, too.
  • They have many, many different designs to choose from made by famous designers. These can all be customized however you want to, including the envelope, background, font, logo, stamp, and the like.
  • You can see a preview of the card before it's sent out to your recipient. This helps me know what other things I might want to change before sending, or have the first feel and look of what I have created.
  • You can track whether they've opened the card or not. Sounds stalkerish, but it's good to know when your recipient has opened and read your beautifully designed card!
  • Recipients can send a reply back. If it's an invitation, they can rsvp through it too.
  • It's paperless, what's not to love? It's nice to be able to receive something warm and thoughtful in our emails instead of spam and subscription mails!

I'd like to share what I sent to my sister! As it was night time of the 25th here in Manila, it was around 7AM her time in Texas so I was just right on time. 

I'll send her a New Year's card too, for sure! : - ) 


How are you, dear reader? In the midst of all the hustle and bustle of this merry season, I'm just glad to have some few moments of peace and rest for myself. I have been hopping between Christmas gatherings, Christmas shopping, and gift wrapping activities. December for me is a truly busy yet wonderful time for me, what with the 5-days gap between my birthday, Christmas, and the New Year! There is so much to be grateful for, but like what I wrote on the card that I sent to my sister, 

We have life because of Jesus Christ. 

Thank you for being here with me! 



  1. I used to collect stationery too and also swapped stickers with my classmates back in grade school hahaha! awww those were the days. Glad to know letter writing is still a thing somewhere :) Thanks for sharing this!

    <3 Hazel

    1. Hello Hazel! I knew I wasn't the only one with the stationery craze back then :") so nostalgic right? Thank you for dropping by!

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