5 Ways To Make Thrifting More Fun

Sunday, November 3, 2019

I wrote about thrifting last year, and figured that before this year ends, I should be able to write more about it because it's simply one of the things I love to do! One of the things I want to share with you dear reader is how I think thrifting can be more fun for all of us.

Not that thrifting is not fun at all; it'll always be fun because every visit to the thrift store is unpredictable: you'll never know what you'll find. Sometimes though, it can be quite a chore to go through all the piles of clothing, so when boredom creeps in, you can consider the following:

Thrift With Friends

I usually like to thrift alone, because it can take me hours to find something I really like. Even though everything is cheap, I still do my best to filter out what I know I'll really use, because there's always that temptation to hoard more than what I really need. Thrifting with friends is all the more fun, and equally time-consuming. Nevermind about the time spent though, because it'll be an enjoyable time.

When you thrift together, you get to find pieces that you think may suit them, so you get to add more to their pile. You also get to critique each other, as you ask for opinions on whether a certain clothing piece suits you or not. It's great to have a second opinion on pieces, just make sure that your friends are upfront about their opinions too (or else you might end up buying everything that you show them!). Then there are also the funny statement t-shirts; it's something to laugh about and make fun inside jokes out of them too, especially with witty friends.

Go On A Thrift Challenge

Ever since big personalities have become open about thrifting, lots of others followed suit with admitting that they like to thrift too. And so lots of vlogs and blogs came out with fun challenges to make thrifting more interesting. Here's a few ~

  • Dress your friends up - You can get creative and dress each other up, especially if you know each other's style. Or maybe you can experiment and dress them up in a style you think they won't usually try. It's all about experimenting, mixing and matching. 
  • Thrift only a certain theme or style - Whether alone or with friends, you can agree on finding pieces of a certain style only. For example, you can stick to only finding vintage pieces, or pieces with loud colors.
  • Limit your thrifting budget - You can challenge yourself to buy only $10 worth of clothes, and to see how many pieces you can get!! This is my favorite. I only bring a certain amount of money with me, and I always feel happy whenever I come home with some extra cash because I usually don't go overboard whenever I set a spending limit on myself. Or maybe I'm really just a thrifty/frugal person by default.

Try Out Different Thrift Stores

There are many different thrift stores out there, although I have my favorite ones, it doesn't hurt to try out the ones located in other cities. But just like any thrifting experience, it'll always be a hit or miss; sometimes you'll go home feeling like a champion, and sometimes you'll come out empty handed. How are you going to know though, if you don't try? Trying out different stores will also help you learn about the different kinds of clothes they sell, if they are mostly selling shoes, bags, or even signature brands, you'll know where to go next time.

Listen Intently to the Thrift Store's Radio 

Usually the thrift store radio plays the old songs, or sometimes love stories of different listeners who wanted them to air live (it's called Baranggay Love Stories if ya'll familiar with it hehe). The stories are usually out of this world, well most of the ones I listened to.. there's always so much intrigue, but it adds to the fun while thrifting because it's entertaining. Old love songs are also nostalgic to listen to. Not that I was born in that same era, but these were songs I would hear from when my parents would have it played from way back when I was still small.

Window Shop Before Your Thrift Day

It feels great when you see a similar piece in the thrift store when you just saw something quite like it in the mall. Why settle for an expensive piece when you know you can score it in the thrift store at a better price? You've helped extend the life of a clothing piece, and even helped with the thrift store's cause (if ever there are any in your area.. because here in Manila there's none. I know in the UK there is, though, and that's awesome!).


I hope reading this entry helped give new ideas for you as you thrift, or inspired you to go out there and thrift! What's your favorite thrifted piece lately?

Photo from Unsplash by Bart Jaillet



  1. I love that there are different ways to make thrifting more fun. I know I love to shop as it is so thrifting is the next level where you have to find nice unique stuff. I like the different themes you can incorporate with thrifting. It is surprising to see how many thrift stores are out there! I've seen a lot opening up in my community lately. Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

    1. Thrifting can be fun indeed, especially if you like to be creative with your finds. It does take some time to find a good piece of clothing since there's a lot to go through. Wow, I hope you get to explore those newly opened thrift stores!! Much to be discovered :) I'm excited for you.

      Thank you Nancy for dropping by, I hope you have a great week ahead ♡♡♡

  2. I've often thrift with friends because i found myself overspending on things I usually don't wear.
    I honestly prefer thrifting over buying in shops (because it's cheaper) and most of the time, the styles I like are vintage. Thrifting nowadays are also the better option since styles and designs of clothes now are 'vintage' inspired.


    1. Totally agree with your thoughts, Mia! It's fun to experiment with styles, and it's always a great feeling to find pieces you truly love when going through the racks. :) why shop in malls when you can find it in the thrift store for a more affordable price? Hehe. Thanks for dropping by!!

  3. Alright so I've never really thrifted before (I upcycle a lot, not sure if that contains) because its not really a done thing where I'm from (there aren't stores for it or anything like that), so I've not really had the experience, but the different ways to go about it really sound super enjoyable?

    Like I can't even do these things myself, but I'm happy to ready about it!

    Lise-Ann | kinkycurlymama.com

    1. You can try checking out online thrift stores! There are some online platforms such as poshmark and depop that sells secondhand clothes :) there's also Instagram shops around. But then it is rather different when you're in an actual thrift shop, because you get to handpick youe clothes by yourself instead of buying online wherein sellers have already curated the pieces for the buyers.

      Thanks for dropping by, Lise-Ann! I'm glad too, that you liked reading this entry.

  4. Haha I enjoy thrifting! Actually I don't have a budget for thrifting but I really go through all of the items in my cart before I buy.

    The downside to thrifting is potential hoarding! So make sure you really like what you're buying and that it's good quality.

    1. Haha, handsdown, you're the OG thrifter!!! ;)

      Potential hoarding is a good point. This can be a nice topic for the next blog entry. ♡♡♡♡♡

  5. These are such great ideas, Anna Jo! I love going thrifting with my mom whenever I go out to visit for Christmas. She knows my style so it always goes a lot quicker and we usually find plenty of bargains too. I love the idea of thrifting around a theme.

    Dee ~ Vanilla Papers

    1. Thanks Dee! ♡ thrifting with your mom definitely sounds like a great mother-daughter bonding moment. It feels great also when you go with someone who is familiar with your style, indeed! I find it so sweet and thoughtful whenever they pull out a clothing piece from the rack and say: "I think this suits you!" ahhh, so much love. Thanks for dropping by!!

  6. Haha this is a good idea girl, I'll admit I don't often go thrift shopping but I know you can really find good deals on things there! I don't remember the thrift store radio I went into last time had anything interesting in particular, it was just modern songs I knew haha! Thrifting with friends are always fun too, I usually do that when I go! Thanks for sharing Anna Jo!

    Geraldine | https://geraldinetalks.com

    1. You know what they say, listening to songs makes the shopping experience more enjoyable! Hehe. Hope you get to thrift more soon, Geraldine!! ♡♡

  7. I love this! I've been trying to get into thrifting recently and (aside from with furniture and stuff for crafts) I find it pretty difficult to keep motivated! Will definitely try these tips :) (also that's so strange that thrift stores aren't for charity in Manila, literally all of them are in the UK and Australia) xx

    mia // beautiful-inspiring-creative-life.com

    1. It's interesting to me how thrift stores can be different in other countries, indeed. Hope you'll enjoy thrifting for clothes too eventually. Thanks so much for dropping by, Mia! :)