The Ways We Grow

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Growth takes time, and developing firm habits is important in ensuring that we grow. As I am always stuck in traffic whether going to the office or going home, I always think about the instances wherein, Hey, I'm a bit different now, but in a good way that I like myself to become. 

  • I'm no longer afraid of phonecalls. I used to get nervous and anxious whenever the phone rings. My fear stemmed from my thoughts of not knowing what to say, and not having the answers. Now however, whenever someone calls, I listen in closely and I think of how would it be like if I were talking to this person in real life. It reflects, especially the tone of voice I have. As they say, the people on the other line know when you're smiling; they can tell. So a little smile during calls won't hurt at all.

    And when I'm  the one calling, I always ask how the person is. Then I go ahead and state my purpose. Then comes the conversation, and then the ending. The end for me is always to recap everything we talked about, our next action points, and thank them for their time. Thanking others for their time is always a must.

    If I don't have the answers, I tell them I'm unsure, and that I would do my best to find the answer. I learned that it's okay to say that you don't know, instead of taking the risk to give the wrong information. As much as I want to present myself as someone who is professional and knowledgeable, it's also perfectly fine to know when to say that I don't really know. At least you both get to learn something new at the end of the day.

  • As much as I've grown to enjoy saving my money, I realized I also need to learn how to enjoy spending it. Spending my money doesn't always have to be something extravagant. It can simply be buying toothpaste for the household since mom said that we've run out it. It can also be buying an extra slice of strawberry shortcake because I want it, and it's not like I buy it everyday. While I want all my purchases to be reasonable, it definitely shouldn't hurt to spend a bit on what I want at the moment.
Tiny disclaimer, that this is someone else's home! Hehe
  • I've been making my bed every morning, and I find great joy in doing so. Folding and stacking my pillows and blankets on top of each other is an art in itself. It's probably one of the things that would make anyone feel like they've got their life together. I know it may be such a simple thing to do, but I never really did this before. Not that it's because I'm a lazy ass, but I just liked the idea of coming back home to an unmade bed; it felt so natural leaving it just as it is then coming back to it just to bury myself in all the pillows and blankets once again for a good night's sleep. But I realize that in my effort to make myself feel more energized to start my day, and it's admittedly one of the activities in my morning that I find so delightful.

  • I did a makeup cleanse a few weeks ago. I took out all the makeup that were probably over a year old already. I also took out the lipsticks I can do without. While it's great to have an abundance of shades handy, it's much more practical to just finish one stick. What is it about women, that we love hoarding lipsticks? While I can say that I used to be one of them, I have a nude lipstick for everyday use, I've grown to realize that I may just need 1 or 2. Not 3 or 5 or 10.

  • I eat one fruit a day, or sometimes even two. Ever wonder why the ahjummas in Korean dramas all gather around the living room table and peel fruits while talking? Also why protagonists in family dramas join them in this activity? It's because fruits are beneficial to our health, and our skin. ; - ) I imagine myself as such, sitting around with the ahjummas and talking about my day. I used to think it was such a huge hassle to peel fruits. It's time consuming and my hands get sticky, but in the end it feels so refreshing to eat them. I feel much lighter and even more energized to carry on with my work after peeling a fruit.

  • Cooking and baking excites me more than eating out in a restaurant. It feels way different when I make my own meals. At least I know what goes in it, and it's such an accomplishment whenever I make something and it turns out really good. While I have to admit that my family isn't the type to go out and eat in restaurants, I felt like it was such a great treat whenever I would go out with my friends to eat, especially in college. But now I realize how it can get a bit pricey, and I realized while it's great to taste a variety of cuisines, it's even way better to try and make them on your own. I also love the smell of garlic and onion on my fingers after chopping them up hehe.

  • Then there's also my desire to experience more things, to get uncomfortable, to ask all the questions. Lately I found myself wishing about many things I could've done more of, such as wishing that I was more active this blog while still in university; I could've written more about college life. I also wished that I knew better about auditing classes from other courses or taking up different internships, but instead I pressured myself to graduate on time. But now at 23, I realize that it isn't late at all to start doing the things I've been wanting to do. And also, I wouldn't trade the experiences I had before, of being active in a lot of organizations, and spending more time with family and friends. Now more than ever, I realized this blog has grown to become a documentation of my twenties, and it brings me immense joy that I'm able to share with you all. 


We grow in different ways and times, but what's important is that we welcome such changes. I appreciated this time of just seeinf what's changed about myself. It makes me more self-aware, and it motivates me to better myself more. How are you dear reader, and in what ways have you changed lately?

I hope you're having a wonderful week so far!



  1. Lovely post! It was nice to read how you've changed :)
    I know that problem with makeup products, haha. I own quite a lot of stuff but I use very little of it. When there's a sale 50% off for all makeup cosmetics in my favourite chemist's (yeah, we have such an amazing offer twice a year!), I get totally crazy about that and I buy a lot of things and spend a lot of money. Next, after some time, I realise I don't really need most of that... I have to change myself on that note and stop buying needless stuff!
    Have a great day, Anna! <3

    1. Thanks Ann! It's always sooo tempting to buy makeup even though we haven't used up all of what we already have. But then I realized how satisfying it is whenever I've actually finished up a beauty product. So I'm now more committed to make sure I use up what I'm currently using.. but then again it really depends on others, because most of the time putting on makeup is like an art and a great time for recreation. :")
      Likewise, Ann, hope you have a great day as well!

  2. i love this post, Anna! this really inspired me to check on my progress at life. at 23, i'm still afraid of phone calls. gladly, my work doesn't really involve much of it, and whenever i receive one from an unknown number, i never really pick it up unless i was notified prior about it. i hope one day, i'll also be confident enough to not get anxious over a simple phone call. haha.

    and oh, i share the sentiments on documenting stuff in my blog. how i wish i learned to organize my contents online a few years back and stuck to just one blog. everything was all over the place and it kinda annoys me now, but im trying to put them all together into my current blog so I could just have one single place to go to if i want some walk down the memory lane, and yeah, i also wish i documented more of my life before when it was still more eventful and still had my friends around.

    thanks a lot for sharing such inspiring post! <3

    1. Mariz, thanks so much for dropping by~ I used to be really scared of phone calls; my heart would palpitate each time my phone would ring and I would stammer a lot upon answering, hoping that I heard the person right. But then after shifting my mindset a bit and having calls more often, I just eventually embraced it. Much like anything in life, we just need to be more open and do it over and over again until it no longer scares us!

      It's never too late to document special moments in your life :") I used to blog in many different platforms also, and all at the same time, it was crazy! But now I'm dedicated to just one space so it won't be hard for me to look for what I need. I think you're doing great with your writings as they are now, and I'm excited for your next update ;)

      Hope you're having a great weekend Mariz!!!