National Museum of Natural History in Manila

Saturday, October 5, 2019

It is no secret: museums are the way to my heart. I realized ever since last year, I've come to love and appreciate entering these spaces filled with knowledge.

My visit here with friends reminded me very much of my trip to London's Natural History Museum , the first Natural History Museum I've gone to. I can say I'm glad that we have something like this in the Philippines, because it truly shows how our country has so much to offer. We Filipinos want to venture out to other developed countries, to be amazed by all that they have, only to miss out on what we already do have.

While I can say that London's has a wide array of artifacts from around the globe, I came to love what we have over here in Manila, as it centered on all the rich and diverse lifeforms existing here in the Philippines.

The back door

Front door. Corinthian columns ftw!

I wrote this with the intention of sharing my own personal experience. Also, we didn't come here solely for the Instagram photos. While yes, the impressive white backdrop of this place was amusing and definitely conducive for photoshoots, this place holds a lot of knowledge both for the young and old. It's a place you won't regret spending your time in, because of all the things you can learn just by reading all the labels and marveling at the artifacts.

Entrance is free, but I somehow think that it wouldn't hurt to have one, just so that they can continually maintain the place. Or hopefully some part of our taxes goes to maintaining this wonderful resource. I would be supportive if that is so.

Tree of Life

Philippine Eagle

Water buffalo; you can see them a lot in the province 

Tarsier!! They can be found only in Bohol

These are all merely imitations and replicas of the real thing, but can we just take a moment to appreciate how the eyes of these creatures look so friendly and amiable... : " )

My childhood summers were spent mostly by the sea together with my family. We would pick seashells by the seashore, so I liked this exhibit a lot.

It looks a lot like a fossil from Pokemon

I liked how there were some shining shimmering rocks

We watched a video on how they would find gold; it wasn't an easy feat that's for sure. They came in small quantities and people would often bend their backs in the river just to get tiny pieces.

Corals; what interested me the most was the long black spiny one in the middle

What I like the most about the Philippines would definitely be the beaches. The nearest beach from my house is probably around 3 hours away, depending on traffic. It's also amazing how there are so many diverse species just swimming around, even in the parts of the ocean where there's barely any light.

Rare pink soft coral~ cute.

I asked my friends to take my photo from above, as I imagined it to be a nice angle. Turned out to be a nice one indeed. It was a good thing that I wore a sort of bright top to contrast the bright white space. 


Dear reader, I felt like going to another museum again as I wrote this. What's your favorite museum?

Hope you have a lovely weekend! : - )



  1. It is great that you got to check out the Natural History Museum! It is good to know the roots of where our planet has been through over time. Big plus that it is free admissions! I love that this is a great opportunity to learn. Glad you had fun!

    Nancy ♥

    1. It was definitely a great experience, as I believe museums help us understand even more about the country/place we're at! I would definitely recommend this to both locals and tourists alike. :") thanks for dropping by Nancy!!

  2. I LOVE visiting museums, too! <3 Museums of natural history are so fun. This one seems to be cool, it looks great! Beautiful photos, plus the last one of you is the best - it's awesome! :D <3

    1. I'm glad we share the same love for museums, Ann! Which one's your favorite that you've gone to so far? :") This one was definitely a good one, I hope to see this standing for a long time. Thank you so much for dropping by, I truly hope you're doing great ^_^

    2. They were just a few quite small museums in Poland but they were great though! Looking at stuff animals and other stuff is cool ^^

    3. That's great, Ann!! Thanks for sharing with me. It's true, it's somehow really cool that they can make the stuffed animals look so real.. :")