A Slice of Life | Some Places In The South That I Love

Sunday, October 27, 2019

This is a roundup of food I ate and the places I've been to over the past couple of months. Read on for recommendations (if ever you find yourself in the South of Metro Manila) and some life musings.

I treat myself from time to time, whether it be with friends or by myself. Either way, there's always something to learn every time I decide to go out. It can be from the experience of a dear friend, or with my own preferences, such as when I decide on which food or drink to order.

The Bungalow Cafe

What attracted me to this place were the doughnuts. They looked so good and filling, and true enough, they were! I had brunch here with dear friends and it seemed like the whole place was filled with exactly just that: friends catching up over brunch. It was a lovely scene.

My conversations with friends reminded me of the importance of healthy living; it was quite suitable since we were in a brunch place that offered healthy alternatives. I know how it feels that while we're young its as if we won't get sick or we don't tire easily, but it will all manifest and accumulate later on as we age. I don't want to enjoy now then pay later, but rather, I want to take care of my body while enjoying life in purposefully.

Black Scoop

This is a great dessert place, complete with milk tea, coffee, ice cream, egg waffles, cakes, you name it! All the sweets in one place. I got to try their mascarpone swirl; they ran out of the milk tea swirl I wanted to try, but the mascarpone was just right.

I met up with a friend who arrived from a vacation. We've been long time friends since way, way back, and our friendship has just grown naturally. Even though we don't see each other often, we're still pretty much the same, and we've got each other's backs, no matter what phase we're at in life.

It's easy to enclose ourselves and limit ourselves once we get into the rhythm of the daily grind. Sometimes we just need new perspectives, and a friend who can help with giving off the energy we need to just do what we gotta do!

Alch3mist Coffee

This is my favorite cafe so far lately. I actually like their coffee because there's some berries infused in it, which I think for me is a very interesting taste. I've had late night conversations and afternoon coffee chats here with friends, and I must say that I like the vibe. I like their quirky menu, wherein they ask you what kind of flavor do you like to you coffee. There's the Dark Matter Theory and Purple Haze. I think if my understanding is correct and if my memory does not fail me, DMT is more on the strong coffee taste, while Purple Haze has berry elements in it. I'll update this when I have more correct info. I always get their cafe mocha.

The atmosphere here during my stay was just so cozy, whether it be in the afternoon or at night.

Jon Phins

This coffee shop is less than 10 minutes away from my house. I can walk to it actually, and I might as well do that, maybe one Sunday morning.

I had dinner here with a friend, and we tried their Pho and Banh Mi. The food was just so-so. It was a good thing we split it between us and we didn't order two of each. I think though, their coffee must be really good, since it's Vietnamese. I didn't try it yet, because it was night time and I'm not a big fan of heart palpitations.

I don't think anyone would think that this is a Vietnamese cafe right off the bat, but coming inside, seeing the menu and photos displayed on the wall will definitely remind you of Vietnam. They've got a really small space, but it works.

Viet Asia

Their pho was good! I also had the shrimp rolls, and I had a strange reaction towards it because of the minty flavor; it tasted like shrimp with toothpaste. Such a weird combination, but I think it's something people can come to like, maybe after 3 pieces? I'm not sure, but it's not for me.. and I forgot to take a solo photo of it whoops.

This must be the go-to Vietnamese restaurant here in the area, and I would agree that their food is great. I had an after work dinner here with friends, and went cafe hopping after until late at night.

Chi Gai

Another Vietnamese place! I talked about it here on this entry. Sadly, it has closed down. It was heartbreaking, since I only ate here once, and I was looking forward to coming back again. Turns out they had other plans. I think I'll always be on the hunt for great Vietnamese places to eat in.

A little bit of insight into my liking for Vietnamese food is that, I once had a colleague at work who loved Banh Mi. I was curious about her love for Banh Mi, and I wanted to try it out for myself. So one time during our lunch break, I went out to walk with her to buy at a stall a few blocks away from our building. When we arrived, we were greeted by a Vietnamese woman who was preparing the sandwiches. Hooray because, it's definitely authentic. I remember that day vividly, as we bought our Band Mi sandwiches while casually chatting about life. I think that experience made us somehow closer, because I never really talked to her before. Sadly, this stall is also closed. Man, where are they all disappearing off to??

Okay, fast forward to when I took a bite of my Banh Mi.. crusts fell off multiple times and it was such a mess, but it was simply delicious. I can still taste it in my mouth right now. All the more was my experience when I went to Vietnam and bought Banh Mi in every stall I would come across. It was just so good.


A couple of my afterthoughts;;;

♡ Cafes are such neat places where you can simply recharge ourselves, get things done, or catch up with friends. Conversations with dear kindreds are priceless, and cafes can offer that relaxed environment.

♡♡ There are times when I think about the little things like ordering food, deciding which meal to try out, and such, all these things involve decision-making. In the process, we get to know what our own personal likes and dislikes are. I think that's an important part of knowing ourselves. And it can make the decision-making process a bit faster, maybe just a bit hehe. :")

♡♡♡ Dear reader, if we somehow meet, if our paths cross some time in the future, I'm down for a coffee chat! Take me to your favorite coffee shop, and I'll take you to mine, likewise. Have a great weekend!



  1. Always love a good cafe with good food and ambiance!


    1. Definitely! It's always a lovely time in such pretty places ♡♡♡♡

  2. I wrote down all the places that you mentioned above for future reference, who knows I could be there next year but I won't have to look for places to go because I already have the list from this post.

    I really like The Bungalow Cafe and the Alch3mist Coffee because it reminds me of one of my favourite dessert and coffee shop that I like to hangout called Alchemist too. haha

    1. Hello Tqa! I'm glad the places above got you interested! We can totally meet up if you have plans to visit Manila in the future. I can also recommend many other different places and cafes similar to these ones. I've followed you on Instagram so we can connect easier!

      Those two are my favorite cafes indeed ♡ I think you'll enjoy it there too.

  3. The coffee and desserts look so amazing! I'm going to have to venture out of the coasts :)

    1. They totally do, Jen! Go for it ♡ I hope you find yourself in such pretty places with great food as well around your area :)

  4. It is pretty cool that you got some favorite go-to places. Oooh the cafe looks neat! I am a sucker for aesthetically pleasing foods. I love that these places does a great job with their interior decor. The pho looks DELICIOUS!! Hehe, I always love ordering some kind of eggroll or spring roll when I am out in pho restaurants. Pretty cool that there is a good diversity when it comes to food options!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

    1. It's definitely great to go and see what's around my area once in a while, as it breaks the monotony of my daily routine!

      The Pho was indeed delicious! :"( spring rolls are my favorite too! Just not the particular shrimp roll I ordered last time. Haha!

  5. I'm also from the South but I guess I'm missing out a lot!! Aahhh I should go visit these some time!

    Chia | http://chiasamson.com

    1. Hello Chia, yes you should try these places out some time! ♡♡