Favorite Podcast Episodes Lately #3

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Podcasts are a commuter's bestfriend. It gives me ideas before coming into the office, and I'm inspired by the stories I hear while on the way home.

I've compiled a lot of podcast episodes that I listened to over the past months. I've been using the Google Podcast app which is available on Playstore. I highly recommend it! It would be great though if podcast apps would create a feature that will allow us to organize the podcasts we've downloaded, sort of like having tags like: for motivation, for learning, or for financial advice. I'll probably give this feedback some time.

Here's the ones I liked best, and some of my two cents on them. I provided some insight into what I learned about each one in hopes of convincing you dear reader that they are well worth your time to listen to:

All In The Mind: Look Up & Connect - Listening to this podcast refreshed my knowledge on the many hormones we have working inside of us. We are indeed, made up of hormones. It also reminded me that we're social beings, wired to be excited for human connection. It's a delight to know though, how even the slightest glance, the smallest smile, can already make us feel like a connection existed, however small it was.

Ted Radio Hour: How We Love - What I remember most about this podcast episode was when this certain charity organization organized an event in jail because one of the children's dad was there. Turns out the chances of the fathers committing crimes or going back to jail would lessen whenever they are visited by family members, or most especially, their very own children. I found it heart-warming, really. I ended up asking my dad if we could go on a bowling date next weekend, simply because if I could enjoy different kinds of activities with my friends, then I should be able to enjoy with my parents too. Okay, I like how this podcast inspired me to take action.

Hidden Brain: What Are The Odds? - You never know what a fateful encounter can do to change your life. I think with every person we meet, whether our experience with them is good or bad, I can count them all as still good because we learn from them. We also learn about ourselves because we have the chance to evaluate our own values and perspectives whenever we are faced with different ones. Which is why I'm now practicing becoming more open, and being kinder; because I'll never know when I'll see that person again. It could be the next day, the next month, 10 years from now.. but kindness goes a long way and it will surely be remembered no matter how much time has passed (even if the person is disagreeable... it's definitely important to learn how to deal with different types of people.).

Ted Talks Daily: You Are Not Alone In Your Loneliness - Even when we interact with a lot of people daily (or not), there are still some days when we feel loneliness a bit more intensely than usual. We can find comfort though in the truth that we're not alone in how we feel. We simply just have to acknowledge that feeling, and to do the first step with reaching out to others, and I can assure you that we can be pleasantly surprising with how people can respond. This is easy through the internet, since there's somehow a degree of anonymity here, and perhaps it's why we're a bit bolder to share about our lives even if we do it selectively.

Before Breakfast: There are no typical days - In this episode, podcast host Laura explains why there's no such thing as a typical day. There will always be something different in your day, whether it's a delay, or a sudden freeing up of some time to simply do nothing. I enjoyed listening to this because it reminded me that so much can happen in a day, and there are many possibilities. What's going to matter at the end would be the choices you made and how you made the most out of every situation.

Life Kit: Why Travel? Find Joy When You Leave (Or Stay) Home - My important take away here is that, there's no one right way to travel. It all depends on the person. However, it's important that in order to make the most out of the experience, one should go beyond just standing in front of the tourist spot to take a selfie then leave. It's more than that. If that was the case, then it would've been easier to just photoshop yourself into the photo back in the comforts of your own room. Whether it's a tourist spot or not, at least try to understand the place and try to get an authentic experience out of it. It could be by simply taking extra time to read through the labels in the museum, or striking a conversation with a local to understand the place a bit more. Strive to create memories and make it meaningful to you, tourist spot or not.


Dear reader, do you like podcasts? I hope you give these episodes a try. If you have any recommendations, please feel free to share with me too!!

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Have a lovely Sunday ♡♡♡♡♡



  1. I was never really a fan of podcasts but because of you, I gave it a try! You managed to convince me, so thank you! :D I'm now listening to podcasts anywhere, even If I'm doing grocery shopping. I feel like I'm not wasting that much time, I enjoy listening to motivational podcasts more because I needed it so badly, The Minimalist podcasts, the ground up show, adulting with joyce pring, the mindset & motivation, lavendaire lifestyle are just some of the top podcasts that I usually listen to. Hehehe I'm still on the look out for more to add.

    I'm going to note down your recommendations! It sounds interesting based on your insights!

    1. Ktel, I'm so glad you gave podcasts a try! Listening to them is how I make the most out of my commutes and idle times. I see those podcasts on Spotify! I should give those a try too, thank you. :) And I hope you enjoy my recommendations!!