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Sunday, May 26, 2019

It's Sunday right now, and the rain's pouring outside. It's been a while since I last just sat down and enjoyed listening to the rain. This month has just been so busy, but I will reserve another lengthy post for that. For now though, I wanted to share some things I've been loving recently.

They say it is the arts that feed the soul. Or rather, I'll just quote Professor Keating from the classic Dead Poets Society film:

"We don't read and write poetry because it's cute. We read and write poetry because we are members of the human race. And the human race is filled with passion. And medicine, law, business, engineering, these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for."

Our jobs may keep us alive physically, such as to satisfy our worldly pleasures. But here I am, sharing with you what's really been keeping my soul alive haha!


A Tale for the Time Being

This was a lovely read for me, because I like to think about time a lot. The story tells us about two women, Nao who is a 16 year old girl and Ruth who is a married woman (I forgot her age). The chapters alternate between the two women's stories, in which Ruth found Nao's diary locked inside a Hello Kitty lunchbox one day. Since then she followed through the life of Nao, of whom she was unsure whether she was still dead or alive. I was more interested with Nao's chapters because there were a lot more things happening, and there were many issues to be tackled such as bullying, depression, suicide, and prostitution. Sounds deep for a light sounding novel, but turns out there really was more to it.


This was the novel that inspired the film, Slumdog Millionaire. I haven't watched the film though, but I heard many good things about it. The story is about a poor protagonist who ends up a billionaire after answering all the questions correctly in a quiz show. Everyone now suspects he cheated. If I were to tell you whether he cheated or not, it's going to spoil the whole thing! But I can say that it was definitely a fast read. I couldn't put it down, I finished it in two days. Haha! My only comment is that they very much focused on all the injustices happening in India, and to be honest I don't think such things happen everyday.


Before Sunrise (1995)

I enjoyed this for the idea of running around without a plan in a foreign country, having the most bizarre and honest conversations, and not sleeping. Well, the protagonists did get some sleep but not a lot. I watched this before during college, but I only got to truly appreciate it now. It makes me want to take more chances.

March Comes In Like A Lion (1995)

Super random film, but I had to see it because of this music video. It's one of those mundane films wherein there's not a lot of conversations. Just two siblings going on with their lives, one oblivious of the fact that his sister wants to sleep with him despite his mental condition. I sometimes go for these weird films for no reason and end up feeling like, wow what did I just watch. But I like the mundane things; that's the stuff of life after all.

Love, Rosie (2014)

I remember watching this in the cinema with a good friend. It was for me a nice chick flick to relax to. I remember as well that I was still a college student during this time! I just rewatched it for the same reason; I needed to watch something fun. I would say it's fun and frustrating at the same time, because our protagonist's timelines for love just never matched. But when it did, it was the most satisfying thing to see unfold. I just hoped it didn't have to take so long, but that's just how life is sometimes. I believe everything happens just on time.


Songs to dance silly to -- not party music ok! <3 my vibe is always chill

We're Not Just Friends - Parks, Squares, and Alleys - the kind of song you'd want to play while on a road trip
Happen Twice - Mark Whalen - it's groovy
Make It Out - Jaguar Sun - this song makes me feel lazier than I sometimes already am
Maybe - RICEWINE - it's a perfect Sunday song
Mellow Fellow - Dancing - it's all sorts of melancholic
The MarĂ­as - I Don't Know You - I would listen to this as I clean my room
Ten Sleep - Darkroom - my vibe
Far Caspian - A Dream Of You - dreamy


I painted a bunch of gouache paintings last April, when I finally had time, and also when I FINALLY found a gouache painting set! : - ) Bookstores are almost always filled with acrylic, watercolor, or oil sets. This is my first time playing with gouache, so I had to experiment with the amount of water I was mixing with my paints; I'm unsure with my technique, but I'm happy with the results. I gave these paintings to my friends. : - )

Completely random, but if I had a choice... I would love to work as a writer and illustrator. What a dream job. : " ( But for now, I will keep painting. I hope to find more inspiration for art in this coming month. I hope to paint more, because it's my way of getting lost in my own world for a while.


I hope you are well, dear reader. : - )



  1. Ah I adore Love, Rosie! I definitely need to rewatch it soon. Your little paintings are also incredible! This summer I'm hoping to get back into drawing and painting, it used to be my favourite way to unwind but then life seemed to get in the way!

    Evie x

    1. Yes, hope you get to rewatch soon! Life always gets in the way indeed, but I hope as well that you get to find more time for painting ♡♡

  2. Love your paintings! They are so beautiful! I had no idea the movie 'Slumdog Millionaire' was based on a book! Will have to check it out. I wish to watch 'before sunrise' movie too since it is quite acclaimed. Also i love that quote from dead poets society! All in all, a lovely post!

    1. Thank you, Epsita! ♡♡ the Before Trilogy is my favorite :) I never knew I would enjoy conversation-driven films, but they grew on me.

  3. Oh gosh. I was so confused when I read March Comes in Like a Lion and then read the description, because I love that manga. But then I realized that you were talking about a different movie altogether, haha! If you have time, maybe check out that manga? It's by the same person who did Honey and Clover. Or watch the anime, which is just as good! The title is the same - Sangatsu no Lion (March Comes in Like a Lion). It's one of my faves! You might like it :)

    1. Ahh yes I know the anime! I loved it too!!! :) I was shocked to have come across this 1995 film, but turns out it's not related at all. The anime is sucha gem indeed!