Moments In May

Friday, May 31, 2019

They say the fire tree blooms the most when the rainy season is near. I feel it's coming soon, too. 

Allow me to reminisce and share about my favorite moments in May. There was definitely a lot going on; I felt like it might be similar to December, where all the parties happen. But thankfully I'm still doing okay, I don't think I'll withdraw as a hermit anytime soon. Or is this because I'm getting used to it already, that I'm handling all these social events better than before? Perhaps, I truly hope so. And if ever you're reading this and I've somehow spent time with you, please know that I appreciate every minute of it. 

  • Company summer outing - We went to the beach~ while it was a beach that was more for water sports, I opted to get a full body massage instead. At that point in time I was fully aware with the knots in my body so a massage was much needed. 

  • Wedding - I attended my colleague's wedding. It was a beautiful day to witness the commitment of two souls to love and grow old with each other. It was by the beach, and it was once again, a lovely time of just being beside the sea. 

  • Work socials - I got to experience eating fancily twice this month; it's the kind where you don't know which utensils to use because there's a lot laid out on your table but you just remind yourself it always has to start from the outside towards the inside. It's the kind that makes you want to dress up fancily, but instead we were in our work attires and just taking in all the experience.

  • Baking Cookies - This was my first time to bake cookies with my friends. The cookies turned out crunchy, and they look like aliens!! but they were still good. We ate them while watching a movie. I also made my first ever vlog out of this day! 

  • iDarts - We celebrated a dear friend's birthday, and we also got to play darts. It's my first time and had no prior experience whatsoever; I was just throwing aimlessly and hoping for the best. I did get to hit the bullseye twice, and most of my darts did land on the board, which I am proud of! It was a nice bonding experience with friends; I'd definitely recommend it. 

  • Breakout - Not my first time to try an escape room, but I still wasn't able to break free! Oh well, there's next time. I'm proud to say we got through 60% of the puzzle. I really think it works better when there are guys in the group because girls overthink every single damn thing. For guys, it's pretty straightforward, but with girls there will always be a meaning to everything. Why do we assign so much meaning to things? It's just a big headache in the end haha!!

  • Rainy spells, Pho, and a Book Swap - I don't own a lot of books, and I've only ever relied on books my friends are kind enough for me to borrow. I've reconnected with a high school friend who I haven't seen for 5 years. Now we have dinner once in a while after work, and we swap books! On this night, we had pho. I was craving it and never really tasted pho here in Manila. Nothing would beat what I tasted in Saigon, but this was still good. It rained really hard on this night, but I was strangely happy about it despite knowing I would have a hard time going home. Thankfully, I didn't! The universe was indeed kind to me that night.

  • Takoyaki Runs - Without meaning to, I ate takoyaki twice this month. Just like with my rule for milk tea, as much as possible I only eat this snack once a month. But then it's okay, because at least I got to spend time with my colleague from work. First was takoyaki + a visit to uniqlo for a needed article of clothing, then second was book shopping + takoyaki + then uniqlo again, because I wanted to buy my dad a gift card. 

  • Mother's Day - We had a hard time convincing my mom to go out and eat, but she finally did agree to go out for salad. We went to this nearby establishment which had a church in front of it. It kind of reminded me of the cathedrals I saw in England; I think it must be because of the color. It was a simple and quiet afternoon with my parents. I enjoy such moments with them because it's really hard to get my mom out of the house :")

  • Dad's birthday - I took a day off for this day because it was on the weekend that I attended my colleague's wedding, and because I simply wanted to take a day off. We went to Tagaytay, and ate at Bag of Beans. Oddly enough, we've been to Tagaytay many times although we never went to the famous restaurants. It was a nice experience though, and we even went to two branches.. now that's what I call making the most out of it!! 

  • n00ds - I met up with a friend and we went home together. We both slept in the bus and it was funny because when we woke up, we were already at the terminal. We then continued our conversations over noodles. I find it memorable because we've always wanted to eat these noodles, and we finally get to do so after months. It was a nice way to end the tiring week. 

June comes marching in, and we're basically in the middle of the year already. Thank you for reading and reminiscing with me. : - ) 



  1. These are such cool pictures girl! It's been raining here, pretty much all week and I'm hoping it won't do the same all summer. I haven't played darts in forever, they're so much fun! Congrats on hitting the bullseye twice :) Escape rooms are really awesome, I've only gone three times and I never managed to escape... I guess we just aren't keen or smart enough LOL. Thanks for sharing!

    Geraldine |

    1. Thanks Girl!! ♡♡♡ I hope your summer will be sunny and bright. Darts are indeed fun! I enjoyed it, surprisingly, and wouldn't mind going back again. Escape rooms!!! Are frustrating. But I really want to escape at least once lol. Thanks for dropping by ♡ Hope you're having a great day.

  2. Sounds like you had a great May overall! It is so cool that your work had a summer outing! We need one of those, hehe. Congratulations to your colleague at the wedding! It's great that you're bonding with your coworkers really well. The food looks delicious! Hope June will be great for you as well!

    Nancy ♥

    1. I hope June will be great for you as well, Nancy!! ♡♡♡