WALK WITH ME: One Morning in York, England

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Good morning, or good night, wherever you are. Join me as I recall that one early day of going to York from Leeds. We spent one whole morning of just walking around and seeing the sights!

I think York's railway station is one of my favorites. I felt like this was yet again one of those places where I found myself stuck in time because of the whole structure and the color of the place.

Arches everywhere.

This station was considered as one of the great buildings of England built in 1873-7. It was also known to be the largest station in the world during its time.

Stuck in time, yes, with Costa on the side.

York Railway Museum

Just a few blocks away from the train station is the York Railway museum. Entrance is free! I like the retro signages.

As a person who doesn't hop on trains much, I was pretty excited to see all the different kinds of trains they have here. You see, there aren't much train lines here from where I come from. My first experience of riding a train came when I was in college, and that was when I simply wanted to explore China Town, which was approximately 10 minutes away from my university.

So you can just imagine my confusion with all the stations and routes when we rode the tube.

All kinds of train models can be found here, and of course I was fascinated because it's a mode of transportation that I rarely take. 

This one, I could say, is one of the oldest.

Take a seat while you wait, prop up your feet on the trunk, and imagine what it could've all been way back then.

The lettering though. I liked this particularly; I could imagine how much effort they put in lettering everything.

The old sign for the Underground!! Cool.


We passed through here as we walked our way to the Shambles. Simply put, the Shambles is a narrow street in York where they sell all sorts of vintage items. 

There's also a market where you can buy food and all sorts of desserts!

If you're a Harry Potter fan, you must know that the Diagon Alley was inspired from the Shambles. I'm not a hardcore fan, but I could already tell, what with this signage!

Hello it's me, smiling awkwardly. It's because it was quite cold considering that it was very early in the morning.

Lots of shops line this street. It's really narrow, and if you come here later in the day, it would probably be very crowded. It's fun to see how close the establishments from each side of the street are, like literally just inches away.

Already 11AM? Thanks for telling the time, dear clock.

And by the end of the street, we found the top of York Minster.

York Minster

This is the side of the Cathedral.

No one's here, yas!

Constantine the great is over there, as he's known to be the one who promoted Christianity and ended the worship of old gods. He also visited York with his father one time, although he did not stay long.

Front side! I think this one's my favorite Cathedral among all that we've seen across England. It's huge, and definitely hard to miss wherever you are here, in whichever street you're in, you'll see it.

I spy spires. I took this photo when we finished eating lunch by the park beside this majestic cathedral. It was nice to simply sit down and listen to the church bells ringing once the next hour comes.

Entrance fee are as follows:

Minster only
Adult - £11
Seniors and students - £9
Child (under-16) - free with a paying adult

Minster and tower
Adult - £16
Seniors and students - £14
Child (under-16) - £5

And then after lunch, we boarded the train going to Durham, where we spent the remainder of the day.


Thank you for being here and reading this, dear reader. It means the world to me, to have been able to go on this trip with my family. And so whenever I recall parts of it as I write it down, it brings me great joy. 

I hope you enjoyed reading, and I hope you have a great rest of the week. 


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