Lunches At Parks

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Having lunch in parks should be a thing. Still part of my England posts.

If there's one thing my mom loves, it's definitely preparing lunches. She also prepared them even while on vacation. I admire her for that, because it's a truly practical strategy to spend less on food and more on the commutes and entrance fees (but really, there's so many things you can see and do for free what with all the museums, parks, gardens, etc.). Her packed lunches also gave us the energy we needed, because there was a lot of walking needed to be done.

There's a lot to enjoy about eating in the parks though. It seems that in every city, there's got to be a park or garden for everyone. Much like my fascination with the trains around here, spending time in parks make me feel energized to go walking around again. Maybe it's because of all the greenery?

I sit there on a bench looking at how the tree branches sway and the leaves seem to dance along. Seeing how the green shimmers in the summer feels very refreshing.

Then there's also the birds. They love to flock together wherever the food is. They also love to approach you whenever they see you're eating something. I share, sometimes. I don't know if they like rice.

The bird looks at me, doe-eyed. I stare back and shift my head a little to the side. It responds the same way. It walks a bit nearer; waddle to the left, then to the right. It doesn't hop like the Maya birds do back home. Maybe it's because of their weight? Maya birds are way smaller than these pigeons after all. Another one comes swooping in, just right beside the first bird. Now there's two pairs of doe-eyed birds staring at me. I smile a bit and contemplate whether to give them a piece of bread for them to share. I pinch a portion and toss it to their direction. Surprised with their great luck, they waddle a bit backwards then crane their necks to get a whiff of what was just offered to them. Ever so cautiously, they circle around it before one of them takes it quickly, then flies away. Betrayed, the other one flies in pursuit, all grace from the doe-eyed creature fades as it reveals a temperamental nature from having lost the opportunity it was presented with.
Should I join NaNoWrimo, guys?

I use the term doe-eyed to mean a kind of innocence and naivety.

And I know I'm not the only one feels the same way, when I see people sitting on the grass. I admire how carefree they are, not minding how the earth could potentially soil their clothes, but they sit anyway and bask under the summer sun. They love this, they look forward to this, my sister explains to me as we walk around slowly. The song "Ambler" by Standing Egg comes to play in my mind. This is exactly what it is, isn't it? I feel it, and I know it.

Such a simple thing it is, to anticipate the sunny days. I remember back home wherein almost everyday is sunny. Wherein all year round feels like summer, when most times I've wished to see the leaves change its colors, when as a child I dreamt of building snowmen, and seeing sakura trees blooming in Japanese dramas was a sight to behold in my computer screen. We always want what we don't have.

Then one of my favorites, is when we stayed at the place where time begins and ends. There was so much walking to be done, just to get to these grasslands, but it was worth it for this serene place. We sat on a bench and ate our lunch. There were no clouds in sight, and it just felt right to capture this moment.

You can probably tell, this one's my favorite. Life suddenly felt so simple, as it should be. I know I want to make room for more green, more sun, and more mundane moments spent with loved ones such as these lunches spent at the parks.


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  1. You should definitely join NaNoWriMo although it's kinda too late because it's almost the end of November! But then again, it's never too late to start a manuscript :)

    Also, these photos are gorgeous - you're making me miss London !!

    - nicole |

    1. Haha, there's always next year! :)

      Thank youu Nicole! I miss London right now, too. </3