LONDON: Seeing Buckingham Palace

Sunday, October 14, 2018

I'm far from done with my London posts, and there's still plenty of places we went to around England that I'm yet to share about; I hope you guys aren't getting tired of it.. though I must admit that I'm having fun! And I'll write about it as much as I can, to my heart's content.

Just a mile away from the Kensington Palace is the Buckingham palace. It is home to the monarch and royal administrative office of the United Kingdom, and it's where national events are held. This is also where the changing of the guards happens! Although we weren't able to witness it, as it usually happens around 10AM (if I'm not mistaken, and it's every other day) because we got there at around lunch time.

Some nuggets of knowledge would be that, the Buckingham Palace used to be called the Buckingham House. It used to be a place for gardening, until the royals decided to come and reside here. The symbolism of the logo of the gates would be that of the arms of the United Kingdom which comprises of Ireland, Scotland, and England. 

I don't think there's ever a day when there wouldn't be any tourists around here. But I've got to admit, that I'm just like them as a first timer; I felt like I was over the moon to be in such a place. It's a place I get to see on TV a lot, but it's different to actually be there and walk around and see it with my own eyes.

It's really much more of a tourist attraction more than anything else, seeing so many people flock over here to take photos, much like my experience with seeing Big Ben and London Eye. But I don't really hate them? Rather, I choose to see how happy they are to be there, like how happy I was when I visited Disneyland California for the first time. And sometimes that kind of feeling doesn't come often as we'd like it to. It's a landmark for a reason, after all.

State rooms are open this year from July 21 to September 2018. Sadly, we were there only for two weeks in June.

Hello to the guard way over there! I admire the guards, because they get to stand out there for extended periods of time. They're dedicated to protecting the Queen and keeping the surroundings safe. I understand lots of people want to get their photos taken with them, yet it's good to remember that these are armed men who are trained for combat. I see videos online about tourists who get in the way of their changing of the guards ceremony, and I can't help but feel for the guards because they're only doing their jobs. They're not merely for display.

The gate to Green Park.

It truly is a wonderfully green park over the summer! It's a serene place to be in after taking photos outside of the Palace. It's simply just wide fields of grass lined up with towering trees, so it's a beautiful area to just rest and walk around. I could just imagine how beautiful this place would be during autumn.

Of course my sister was adamant about having my photo taken everywhere, so okay yeah go ahead, take my photos!! Haha. It's something I'm not used to, I have to admit. But then it was only during this trip I realized why she thought that way. It's not everyday I get to travel with people I love, so of course we need to take lots of photos.

It's something of interest, seeing a flock birds doing their own thing together. While eating our lunch on one of the benches, we'd often see birds flocking together, or one of them coming near clearly wondering if we could spare them some crisps.

Me and my big sis! I really like this photo of us, it's probably one of my favorites. I can say that I'm very proud of my sister for all that she's done. It's not easy working and living away from family, but I can imagine just how rewarding this trip was for her as much as it was for us. ♡♡



  1. Please, write more such posts!! I love learning about different places in England ♥ This is a wonderful post, as always. It was nice to read! The Buckingham Palace look gorgeous. You were SO lucky that you were able to see it! All the photos are amazing, and I agree with you that the last one is the best ♥ Looking forward to seeing your next post!

    1. Thank you Ann! ♡♡ your comments make my day :")

  2. These pictures are so cute!!! And I adore that scenery. Ugh I really wanna go there now!

  3. OMG Buckingham Palace! I bet the Green Park must looks prettier in autumn with all the coloured leaves.

  4. These photos are amazing, The Buckingham Palace is stunning! You look so gorgeous, too! Thanks for sharing, hun!

  5. It's been years since I visited London but I love this city so much!!! I hope I get to visit soon!! x