Breaking The Mundane

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Mundane's not at all bad, unless it gets too repetitive.

The view and meaning of the word "routine" has changed over time. It's no longer to be feared, but to be embraced and it's considered to be a coping mechanism for everyday life.

It can get repetitive though. And when it does, our daily tasks become more of a burden rather than a goal to be smashed at the end of the day. Then from routine, it becomes too mundane, or in other words, dull. But it shouldn't have to be.

It doesn't have to be anything grand or big, just simple things would do. So I did a thing last week wherein I listed down a few new things that I did throughout the week. I'm not going to pressure myself into doing this all the time, but it was a nice change for once, to seek out new things:

  • I changed my commute route by going down earlier rather than going through my usual winding route. It's more expensive, but I get home earlier and I feel less tired. I realized that we have to consider the importance of health and well-being over how much money we can save. 
  • I experienced going on midshift! Only for a day. I took this opportunity because of a task at work. Really cool, because I got to sleep in, and I was able to do lots of things before going to the office. But then of course by the end of the day I was ready to sleep like a log because the day felt longer than usual. 
  • I got to visit the postal office near my workplace to pick up a parcel. It's Papertint's 100 Days of Papertint book! Please go and check out her blog. I only got to pick it up after two months. Wow. I only got the notice a few weeks ago.... but I'm just grateful it wasn't lost forever. I also got to learn how it is to pick up parcels in the post office. There's a charge for the tariff tax which costs 112 pesos. :-( hayz

  • On my way home, I used the overpass to cross the street. I've been a bad citizen... but I only realized that the overpass is actually functional and that it leads right where the tricycle terminal is. Now I know. 
  • I drank Happy Lemon for the first time. Rock Salt and Cheese in your milk tea is a game-changer, ya'll. 
  • I'm reading again. I borrowed a copy of Anne Frank and so far I've read 150 pages. 
Trying out new things or doing something again after a long time gives us the feeling of having something to look forward to, and it's also an avenue for us to learn things we never thought we were capable of, or things we were (sad to admit) ignorant about. I think that's what keeps us going, and I think that's what I need more of. So maybe a routine doesn't always have to stay as it is. It can be flexible, and as much as possible, know that you can craft it in anyway you want it to.

Do you like adding changes to your daily routine? 

Photo is by Gades Photography from Unsplash



  1. Love this. I always try to add some minor changes to my daily routine, even if it is drinking tea instead of coffee, lol. Loved this post <3

    Hannah / stained tale

    1. Thanks for reading, Hannah! Glad you liked it. Sometimes, a little change is all we need to keep us going. :)

  2. I love this! Sometimes I do get into a rut and feel like everyday is the same. It really does make a difference when you intentionally try and make a small change!

  3. I can definitely relate to this one! I'm a creature of habit and sometimes my life feels a bit like Groundhog Day. I even eat nearly the same things every day with the exact same ingredients. I decided I wanted to change this, so I've been making small changes, starting with trying out some new vegetables for my stir fries. I also want to be more social again so I've been reaching out to old friends. Like you, I want to read more books again (for pleasure and not just for work), watching more movies, and just having more fun in general! After all, life shouldn't just be all work and no play :)

  4. I just wrote something about this. I so need to change up my routine!

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