LONDON: A Late Afternoon In Kensington Palace

Sunday, September 23, 2018

By the time we got to Kensington Palace, it was already closed for the day. We still enjoyed the garden and park, nonetheless.

Hello to the Queen Victoria statue! Happy to have snapped this photo on a not so cloudy day.

The Kensington Palace is located within Hyde Park in the borough of Kensington and Chelsea. We initially got kind of lost going there, but all's well because the neighborhood we walked around in was so peaceful.

Honestly, I felt quite disoriented with time while in the England. It was quite a different experience to have the sun set at 9PM, so it felt like I had so much time in my hands to do a  lot. But I guess that's why..

We got here just in time... for closing, so we didn't get to see what's inside. Haha! But the truth is when you're in a different place, you won't be able to see everything as much as you'd like to. It's not always about the number of things you get to see, but the experience of where you get to go, no matter if it's a famous tourist spot or a charming street you chanced upon.

My sister apologized to us and said that she initially thought it would close at 6pm, not at 5pm. The last batch of people to be allowed entrance were those who came in before 5PM, and we got there a bit past 5. I told her that it was perfectly fine, and that seeing the garden and strolling around the park was already more than enough. In fact, time spent anywhere with loved ones should be more than enough.

So of course I won't be able to share on here that I saw the state rooms, of how beautifully regal the designs were, or how fascinating the Queens' jewels were, although these are basically the things you'll be able to see here. :-) This is also the home of all the current royals live. Here's a breakdown, if you'd like more details!

We stayed here in the garden to admire the whole setup. It's really beautiful and serene.

Walk a bit more and you'll find the Kensington Gardens. This is actually connected to Hyde Park, which in itself is a huge park connecting all the other parks within the area. I say huge, because we weren't able to walk the entire length of it. It was simply a huge area filled with wide roads, grass, and trees. It was all green in the summer, but I can just imagine how lovely this would all look during autumn.

Wide roads for walking, cycling, and whatnot. I saw lots of people jogging and walking with their families here.

To have something like this in the middle of a city is such a dream. In my opinion, a progressive place doesn't have to be lined with malls and establishments for it to be called 'fully developed'. Just having this kind of space is something I'd call a luxury. It's quite suffocating and disheartening for me to walk along rows of construction sites every single day going to work back here where I'm from. /end of rant/ haha

Then there's this place in the middle of the park called Round Pond where swans and ducks can be found just leisurely floating along. They look graceful, but can be temperamental at times... they are not to be trusted. :")

September 21 has passed, and it's officially Fall season, for those that experience the 4 seasons every year. I can only imagine the beauty of leaves changing its color and eventually falling off. All I can think of is how grateful I am to have had this opportunity to walk through such beautiful gardens and parks in the summer. Meanwhile, it's summer all year round here in the Philippines, with the occasional typhoon visits.

Which season of the year do you enjoy the most? 



  1. Kensington Palace looks gorgeous! I am always amazed at how the statues look - big plus when it has been standing for a long time. Side note, I thought it was cool to see a Benz and Jag in the picture.

    Even though you didn't get in, you still got to see the gardens, which is beautiful. I need to go to London someday! I think I like autumn the most - lots to look forward to!

    Nancy ♥

    1. It's gorgeous indeed. I didn't mind not seeing the inside though; just walking around together with my family was a great experience in itself already. London is definitely a great place to go to. ♡♡ Awesome! Autumn seems like a lovely season, even though I have yet to experience it :") Someday!

  2. I always love learning about different places in the world, and I think one of my favourite 'places-to-learn-about' is London! ♥ It was great to read this post! Kensington Palace looks amazing! I hope to visit it one day. All the photos you took are gorgeous ♥ Can't wait to see next posts on your blog!!

    1. I think there's so much to learn around London, definitely! Hope you get to see this place some day :)

  3. I absolutely loved Kensington Palace when I lived in London. Such a nice park! Gorgeous shots x

    Hannah | stained tale

    1. Awesome! I bet it was wonderful to see the inside of the Palace. :") the park was really big, and it was so nice just to walk around. I enjoyed hanging around the Round Pond the most haha!