LONDON: Stepping Back in Time at the British Museum

Sunday, July 15, 2018

I've just finished uploading all of my England photos on Facebook. I didn't post much while I was on the trip, so I had a huge backlog of photos waiting to be posted. I don't normally post a lot on Facebook; I always just lurk around.. and actually, I don't really spend much time on there at all. But I certainly do post whenever I've gone on a trip, or if there's really something I'd like to post. I used to think a lot way too much about what I post, but I figured that by uploading all these photos, I'd at least be a bit more comfortable about doing so. I think an entire entry on social media should be written up some time soon haha! But for now, I shall recount my visit to the British Museum!

The first place we visited after landing in London Heathrow Airport was the British Museum. But before that though, we had to go to our hostel first to drop off our luggages. We stayed within the area of the St. Pancras and King's Cross stations.

Mini segueway!

Sir John Betjeman called this Gothic treasure “too beautiful and too romantic to survive” in a world of tower blocks and concrete. Its survival against the odds will cause wonder; the building itself will take your breath away. - website

This was the first thing that greeted us when we came out from the tube station from King's Cross Underground station. Since it was my first time to be in England, or in Europe for that matter, I was so impressed by this structure. It's called the St. Pancras International, wherein you can catch multiple train lines going to many different places. One of which is the Eurostar train going to France and which leads to other European cities. The other train lines would take you to other places within England, such as the Southeastern, East Midlands, and Thameslink.

This station opened up back in 1868, and so this year at 2018, they're celebrating 150 years! There'll surely be a lot of festivities, around October or so. But it's truly amazing to see such a beautiful structure that has gone through a lot of changes throughout all these years, and to still see it standing and operating. Certainly a classic masterpiece of Victorian Gothic architecture.

Within this train station is also a five star hotel, and many other shops, restaurants, and establishments. Definitely lucky to have woken up this sight right outside our window.

After going to our hostel to leave our luggages, we then headed to the British Museum. We took the Underground. It was all very confusing for me, but my sister was used to it. I don't think I would have been able to handle it on my own, I'd surely be asking for directions, as there were many places to pass through. Trains aren't common where I live; it's always either bus, van, jeep, or tricycle. So I'm not at all used to trains with multiple lines. :')

We got down Russell Square and passed through the Russell Square park.

It's simply a green space with an outdoor cafe. There were lots of people just sitting on the grass (and I found out later on how common this is, especially when the sun's out) and having a picnic.

We kept walking till we found the museum.

The British Museum is the first national public museum in the world. It was established back in 1753. I personally think it's a must see when you're in London, because there's so much to see and it covers a multitude of knowledge on ancient civilizations. If you love history or would simply fancy history, this would be the best place to spend your day in.

There is no entrance fee here, unless you want to book tickets for special exhibitions. During this week, they had (until July 29) an exhibit on Rodin's sculptures.

I liked the ceiling design most of all, which made the whole place brighter. This museum houses an impressive collection of artifacts from ancient civilizations from all over the world. I was definitely seeing all the things I used to see in my grade school textbooks.

Sharing with you a few memorable pieces for me!

The Rosetta stone is a definite must see. It was used to understand the Egyptian hieroglyphics. Once part of an Egyptian temple, it was then found buried by French soldiers. It contains three languages, namely Hieroglyphics, Demotic, and Ancient Greek. 

There were also a lot of Egyptian carvings as well, either on walls or in scrolls in which each would tell a story of how it was way back then.

A number of collections of ceramics, plates, pots, sculptures, and basically everything, all in different shapes and with different designs

Patterns influenced by Islam

Set sail to discover uncharted territories

Another highlight here would probably be the Egyptian mummies. But then as soon as we entered the Egyptian gallery, I started sneezing so much. I guess it's because of all the ancient artifacts around, or that my nose is highly sensitive. I felt iffy about taking photos of mummies.. so I'm just going to share one coffin..

Marble sculptures are quite new to me, I must admit, so I took photos! Greek mythology has always been interesting for me, even if I don't really memorize everyone's names nor powers.

These are Ionic Greek columns. Hehe, I still remember from my GE art class back in college! 

It was quite overwhelming for me to see everything, to be honest. I felt like a day was not enough to truly appreciate and study everything found here. This was also the first museum that made me think a lot about how learning must be valued and promoted.

I actually took my time to read the descriptions of the artifacts, which were written in such a way that was easy to understand. In fact, you don't necessarily have to be an intellectual to understand. Learning doesn't stop once you've earned your degree; it's a life long process and it's something you should always seek after. I now appreciate museums more than before.

Took this photo right outside the museum! It seems that everywhere I turn the architecture is something to marvel at, whether it's a row of houses or shops. So probably expect some houses to be featured on my next entries. Haha!

Thank you for reading, dear reader!



  1. What gorgeous views! The park looks perfect to walk through this time of year!

    1. It's definitely great to go to parks on a sunny summer day!

  2. I can't wait to visit London! I'm taking my boyfriend for his 30th birthday and I'm so excited!

  3. Oh man! I haven't been to the British Museum since 2001, so this makes me want to go back! It has so many items!

    1. It's a great place to revisit, definitely! We weren't able to go to all the rooms what with all the collections and artifacts there.

  4. I would love to visit London! Sounds like you had a fun trip!

    Molly and Stacie

    1. You should! We went to so many places, and I still want to go back!

  5. Really beautiful photography. London is on my bucket list of places I need to go to.

  6. This looks like an amazing time! I want to go to London so badly!

  7. I love the British Museum!

    Lots of important artifacts there.

    And the best thing is that it's free to visit!


    1. I love how all these incredible treasures are accessible to the public. It makes learning easily available for those who want to know more about history.