Favorite Podcast Episodes Lately #2

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Photo from Debby Hudson from Unsplash

What with all the podcasts I listen to every time I commute to and fro work, I figured it would be nice to write down my thoughts about them. Post number 1 would be here.

The Art of Manliness

The Extraordinary Story of the Last True Hermit

I use the term 'hermit' a lot on days wherein I just want to have some down time, so I guess that's what attracted me to this podcast. It tells us about the story of Christopher Knight of 20 years old at that time, who one day decided to drive off to Maine woods alone, disappeared and had no human contact for 27 years until he was discovered in 2013. He survived by stealing from empty summer cabins and studying the roots and paths so as to make his steps inaudible.

I was skeptical at first, considering that it can't be possible for someone to go on years without human interaction. But then it turns out that he was completely fine after all those years, and even though he was caught and jailed for seven months (since he was caught stealing), he willingly stayed and had a good sense of what was going on.

But then he never meant harm, nor was he running away from anything. He stole simply because he needed to provide for his basic needs. He came across a few passersby, but that was all. He just simply wanted to be left alone.

This idea of solitude may have become a foreign concept for us. I grew up thinking that it sucked to be alone or having no one to be with. But now, I find it quite liberating, because I get to listen to myself and get to know myself more and drown out whatever is unnecessary. People's opinions used to haunt me a lot, but now I'm just learning not to care at all.

How I Built This With With Guy Raz

Instagram: Kevin Systrom & Mike Krieger

Instagram is widely used nowadays, what with the ease of sharing photos and seeing live updates on people's lives through Instagram Stories. It's funny to think that this whole thing started simply because of the concept that anyone can take photos, and can make them look better through filters. In a way, it made photography more accessible and fun for everyone. I used to think that people could only qualify to be classified a 'photographer' if they had all the expensive equipment needed. But then nowadays, we only need our phones and an eye for detail or the big picture to capture photos or moments.

TED Radio Hour 

The Person You Become

Over the course of our lives, we shed parts of our old selves, embrace new ones, and redefine who we are. 

In this podcast, we get to listen to three stories of individuals who have undergone change. One of them was a star athlete who met with an accident at the peek of her career (I cried a bit with this one), and damaged part of her body. This didn't stop her though when she discovered her new love for flying, and thus she became a pilot. Sometimes our dreams may not necessarily take the form of what we envisioned it to be in the first place.

Whenever we meet someone new, we're often asked the question, "Where are you from?". Our second story is on a woman who struggled to explain who she is, as she was born in a different country, then raised in another one. Her parents have different nationalities as well, which makes it a whole lot confusing for other people to understand, until she realizes that maybe she doesn't need to explain herself to anyone anymore because her nationality does not define who she is.

I must admit that I slept through the last story. Peace!! It really happens though, that I fall asleep on my podcasts.

Girlboss Radio with Sophia Amoruso

Jen Gotch, co-founder and chief creative office of Ban.do

I definitely remembered seeing Ban.do. notebooks and stationery the last time I visited bookstores. Coming across this podcast led me to a light bulb moment wherein: "Hey! I know Ban.do... it definitely rings a bell.". So of course I had to listen to this podcast.

I love how Jen is so honest with her business journey and also with the mistakes she's made. She's also passionate about supporting women in the workplace, and also with being vocal about her mental health issues. I've since then followed her on Instagram, wherein she posts a lot of IG stories, and they're really fun to watch because she's simply just her funny and creative self.

Jen just recently launched her own podcast series called Jen Gotch is Ok... Sometimes. I'm looking forward to listening to more of her episodes, and I'll write about them as well on the next entry.

The Broad Experience

Episode 4: Getting Ahead

Two women talk about the issue of getting ahead with their careers. They tackle issues of women in the workplace, and how often times women tend to create their own barriers when it comes to work opportunities. One of them confesses that an example of it would be when she's said no to a number of projects that she felt she wasn't quite sure of, that she wasn't confident enough to take on. Then later on regretting it because she thinks she might've done a great job after all. 

I like listening to The Broad Experience because it caters to women and the challenges and issues they face in the workplace. Certainly a lot of things to ponder on while commuting. 


That's it for my podcast recommendations! I download and listen to all my podcasts through Castbox app for free.

What have you been listening to lately? :) 



  1. I'm not a podcast person, but I'm trying to get into them. I used to listen to French podcasts about french grammar and vocabulary when I was studying the language, but I'd like to get into interesting ones about current events or discussions of social issues. I think it's easy, accessible, and great journalism! Thanks for sharing these!

    - nicole / www.nicolesmind.com

    1. Listening to podcasts is a great way to learn new things, or to ponder on ideas, thoughts, and concepts. Definitely a great way to be productive while stuck in traffic, which for me is my everyday. Thanks for dropping by, Nicole! :) I'll definitely share more recommendations in the near future.

  2. I love listening to podcasts. I'd definitely share mine on my blog, too. Mine are The Minimalists, The Mustards, Lavendaire, The Ground Up Show, Happier, and so much more. I love listening to them during exercise and when I'm on commute. Although, not much for commute, sometimes I'd fall asleep. Lol.

    Augustin Ra | Indie Spirit

  3. Awesome! I've been trying to listen to more podcasts so I am super glad you've mentioned some of the ones you like!
    Simply Me