Because This is My First

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Year on my full time job! My work anniversary was a month ago. To be honest I've been itching to write something about being a young professional. I'm not at all an expert or anything though, these are all just purely my own experiences. After all, it's written on my sidebar that this blog is all about my experiences and life as a young professional. We're already half way through the year, and I was scrolling through the entries I've written so far into the year, and I just wanted to check and align myself. So I thought of writing this one!

People would often ask me, "Now that you're working, would you now prefer to be studying or to be working?" This for me is quite hard to answer, because I actually like both. I can tell you with full confidence that I enjoyed my years of studying, and I'd like to think I was able to make the most out of it. But now that I'm already working, I actually enjoy being able to earn my own money and not have to ask for allowance from my parents anymore. I get to save up and contribute to the monthly expenses in the house (since I'm still living with them), and I get to buy whatever I want without feeling guilty that I'm spending someone else's money. I also get to advance with my career goals, and go after future goals in mind.

I think this entry will focus largely on my lifestyle choices. Joining the workforce also comes with its challenges, such as the long commute. Most of the time, when people from other countries would simply inquire about how long it takes to get to the office, I think you'd be lucky to say that you can get there in an hour. But then there's the long lines, the traffic, and the weather. If it's raining hard, the time would most likely extend. I've come up with strategies to combat the long commute through podcasts. It's basically free learning. Although, I have to admit that I have this bad habit of falling asleep halfway through. Then I don't know where all that talk went; I don't think my brain absorbed any of it. Take a look at my podcast recommendations here! I think I need to post more soon.

I've also had to adjust my sleeping pattern. I now automatically wake up at 5:30AM. Well, also at times, I thank my cellphone alarm for waking me up right on time. I like being early to the office, and I absolutely hate stressing over traffic, so I've worked on becoming a morning person by establishing a routine that is feasible for me. I wanted to share as well! That on my quest to loving the mornings more, I've subscribed to the My Morning Routine subscription wherein they send you unique and inspiring morning routines of different people every Thursday morning right through your email.

Once I've arrived in the office, I settle down by getting a full glass of water, opening my laptop, and taking out my notebook to make a to-do list for the day. I've developed the habit of constantly writing and laying out what I need to do for the day so that I wouldn't miss out on anything, and so that I know which task to prioritize. Alongside this habit, I've been using my planner a lot too! I will be sharing with you as well my updates, soon. :)

I've also consciously paid more attention to my health. Working in the office means sitting down in front of the computer for hours. Incorporating exercise was challenging at first, since for the first few months I would feel drained easily. But then after a few months of adjusting, I was able to eventually sneak in a couple of minutes for exercise right after work. I've experienced jogging around the Ayala triangle, which is a park right outside our building, and also now brisk walking around my village whenever it's not raining. And I got to see beautiful sunsets too, and that feels pretty rewarding after a long day. I've also paid closer attention to how I do things, as I am a person who loves to rush. I've learned to appreciate the value of slowing down, and accepting that there are things that simply take time, and that is totally fine.

Then there's also the little things that I've picked up along the way, such as learning how to wear scarves (because it's always winter in the office), drinking tea, fangirling with my colleagues, hosting for office events, planning socials events, and all the seemingly small things that makes things a little bit more exciting at the office. We all find balance in things.

And of course, there's also work attitudes and skills to learn and adopt. There's a team who makes this possible in the most helpful and personable way, and I'm blessed to be part of that. They're there to help you out on heavy days and laugh with you on lighter days. Okay, #cheese, I hope my colleagues are not reading this. :')

Because this is my first year as a working professional, it helps for me to be reminded by looking back to where it all started. It came at the right time. I know it's only one year, but it surely means a lot for someone who's just starting out. Unlike being in school and being spoon fed with the things we need to learn through the syllabus our professors provide for us, I feel that I am now in charge of my own career development and each choice that I make will surely have an impact. I've also incorporated a lot of lifestyle changes since, and I plan to continue these. I'll keep sharing on here about them, too. Please look forward to it!

How was your first full time job like? :-)



  1. Although I don't need to ride the MRT to get to work, LRT1's Monumento is quite bad in the morning especially on Mondays.
    I'm planning (kinda) to continue studying but I'm currently working. Honestly I love the reassurance of earning my own pay. I don't find myself getting short on budget or getting guilty for asking my parents to buy me jeans (although they still sometimes do).
    Now I just get guilty spending my own money kasi kuripot ako hahaha!
    mia | chaotic tales

    1. I've only experienced riding the LRT when I was living along Taft avenue for uni! It was never pleasant, but I think it's something we all need to experience and somehow get used to.. Haha!

      That's great! :) further studies is always good. Although sometimes I think I don't want my parents to pay for my tuition fee anymore.. So now I'm working and saving up for it. It's still just a thought/plan.

      This is where our saving skills are put to the test! Ok lang maging kuripot;) I feel ya. I guess we just need to find the balance between saving up and spending once in a while :)

  2. Oh I love this, taking time to just re-align and see where that one year has taken you. It's the little things always, isn't it?

    My first full-time job was... interesting. I think it's good to really learn where you stand and where you want to go -- and learn that you're the only one who can decide that for yourself.

    Also, that muji planner looks like a dream come true. I might want to get myself one for 2019! :o

    1. Also, congratulations of course (!) on the first year! :)

    2. Definitely the little things that counts. :)

      I highly recommend Muji!! <3 it's one I can personalize, and it comes in different sizes too. Go for it! I think I'll get just the same one for 2019 as well. That's how much I love it. Haha!

      Thank you so so much Louise :)

  3. This was such an insightful post and I found it so interesting to read as I am currently studying & working part time, but will soon be moving onto full time employment. It is so great to read a post that is so honest about the advantages & disadvantages of your situation and I totally get the lovely feeling of being able to contribute to the household & buy what you want - it is the best!

    Holly from The Art of Being Holly xo

    1. Thank you so much Holly :) I'm glad to know I was able to impart something, in some way. Good luck with moving onto full time employment! ♡♡