On Making Stuff For Others

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

I think one of the best ways to stay inspired is to make stuff for others. I think in this way, it gives me a purpose and it gives me an idea of their interests.

Two of my colleagues and I started a mini book club this May! We've committed to finishing one book by the end of this month, then after which we will meet up outside of the office and discuss insights and share how our reading experiences went. This is our attempt to getting back to our hobby of reading again.

When I started reading my book however, I realized that in order to mark the page where I stopped at meant folding a random piece of paper and inserting it on the page. I guess that's where the idea came that I wanted to make a bookmark. And so I painted for my colleagues as well. 

For C, she requested that majority of the colors should be blue. She also shared that she liked the moon and stars, so this image came to mind. The first one I painted was on the right side, however I wasn't fully satisfied with it and wanted it to be a bit brighter and more vibrant, so I came up with the one on the left.

For S, she noted that she wanted Pearl Night Berry colors with an autumn theme. So of course I couldn't let go of the notion that autumn was all about the leaves. I married the colors and autumn together. The first one I made was on the right which was considerably light, and the final one is on the left with more details.

I ended up giving two bookmarks to each of them, although I really don't mind how they choose to use them. But of course I hope these would serve as a great purpose in marking the pages of the books they're reading! ♡

My motto for artworks is that... I won't stop until I'm fully happy with what I've made. Just simply that.

Where is my bookmark, you ask?

I have yet to make it. I'll make time this weekend and possibly write about it again some time. Hehe

This one was overdue for quite a long time (it took months, sorry!), but I owe this one to M with whom I get water with when I get up from my desk to take a break. I made this for her as a reminder to drink water more often. We have this mission to stay hydrated all the time and to sometimes sneak in a bit of an update on random things in life. 

All she wanted was a unicorn and rainbow design. I had to think of unicorn colors for this, so I mixed blue, purple, and red. As for the rainbow, I incorporated it in the hair, just the first colors to make it stand out a bit. 


Every bit of making counts, however small it is. I think I'll work my way to painting bigger things slowly. Please look forward to it! 



  1. so pretty! its always nice to open a book and see a beautiful bookmark every time!

    1. Thank you! :) And so true, I love pretty bookmarks!

  2. I absolutely love making homemade gifts for people. This is a fantastic idea. Thank you!

    1. I actually suck at giving gifts, but if it's handmade or anything I can paint, I would love to do it. <3 Thank you as well, Avery!

  3. I love to read so love bookmarks. These are so pretty! I also like to make gifts for people. I feel like it shows them how special they are to me.

    1. I agree with you, Heather! :) this is also a way for me to practice my gift giving skills.. which I admit I have to work on! Thanks for dropping by :D