Making Mondays Great

Monday, May 28, 2018

Most Mondays I'm feeling motivated and excited to start the week, but there also comes some Mondays when I don't feel like getting out of bed at all. I entitled this post originally as "Monday Blues" but thought about it again. So I decided to go with "Making Mondays Great" because no one else can do this for you; only you can make the conscious effort and choice to make it great!

How I get over it:

Make plans with someone 
Having something to look forward to will always be something that would cheer me up. I made plans with my friend to have lunch this week. Also because we've got an overdue catch up, and it's also a way for my mom to take extra hours of sleep in the morning since she won't have to prepare my lunch anymore.

I ate a lot this weekend, and I haven't been walking lately, so exercise was definitely overdue. Exercise for me doesn't have to be strenuous or intense. My forever favorite is brisk walking. Jogging is okay, but I get tired easily so I alternate it most of the time. Walking helps me ponder about many things, and I get to observe a bit more of my surroundings, even though most times I jog when the sun's already hidden away.

Think of at least 7 things to be grateful for
While I was scrolling through social media during my commute to work, I came across a simple post by a friend that she was grateful for another new week and some of her favorite things. It reminded me that thanking God for giving us another day, another new week to do our work faithfully, is enough to change our mindsets entirely.

It's also important to give thanks. To acknowledge God's presence, and to trust that He will equip us to face the coming days. Many people say 'be grateful' and everything will be well, but to be honest, it's not so easy when you're feeling out of it. It's different when you think that you have nothing to be grateful for, and that you dwell so much on not getting over the weekend.

It shouldn't be a matter of emotions but a state of mind and heart, rather. Battle your thoughts. Think of the resources God has given you and will continually provide for you, big or small.

I made my own list! It's not in any specific order:

1) My commute going home was less than an hour
2) I ticked off everything in my work to-do list
3) I made time for exercise
4) I had time to write this post
5) They had the cream puff snack in the office pantry which I surprisingly liked very much
6) I stopped by the mall and went inside craft stores and felt inspired for my next projects
7) I fell asleep to my podcast on the way home -- I'm thankful for this somehow because I get to rest

You'll likely find an x number of people ranting about Monday. You don't have to join those people. You don't have to tweet about it and contribute to those who already are doing so. Talking about it is okay, since we need to acknowledge our emotions, but surely this can be said to a trusted friend. A friend who'll rant with you and give you good advice other.

Listen to your jams

When I say jams, I mean to your favorite songs. I'm sharing with you all with the most recent song I've stumbled upon from Youtube:

I don't have a dog, but I find this really cute. :-)

How do you make Monday great for you?



  1. I like thinking of things to be grateful for! We don't often stop to appreciate what we have, and even if we're striving for something more we should count what we do have and not what we don't have. It always makes you feel better.

    Also that song is so sweet and calming <3

    I think a good way to make Mondays better is to eat meals you love and save something fun/relaxing for your evenings. It gives you things to look forward to, like you said!

    1. Truly, it's the small things that eventually accumulates that counts!

      Great idea! Eating my favorite food is definitely exciting :)