What's in My Work Bag

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

It's back to work again after the long weekend, and so to psych myself for the work days ahead, I drew the stuff that I bring to work! Take a peek at what's living in my work bag. 

Lip Balm
I suffer from chapped lips everyday, so I always have my Burt's Bees Lip Balm with me. It's strange because I drink lots of water in the office, however my lips still dry out fast. I think it must be the aircon. 

Face Powder
I don't wear heavy makeup everyday. It takes too much time to apply before coming to work, and it's also a chore to take off at the end of the day. My goal in life is to simply look neat and presentable. My Cover Girl face powder is enough to keep my face from looking oily.

For a natural look, I've got with me Clinique Bare Pop 02. I like how it gives a bit of a shimmer to my lips.

I don't always comb my hair to be honest (finger combing does the trick for my wavy/curly hair), but I do keep this handy for when I really need it.

Won't be able to go places without this one. I always make sure to carry just enough cash for my commute, so I won't be tempted to spend more.

It's summer time!! Right? You'll never know when you'll need to fan yourself. And I quite like its floral design. It's small, so I can let it live in my bag.

I never take this out of my bag, because I never know when it will rain. It also comes in handy when it's extremely hot and you wouldn't want the sun's rays on your face.

Very helpful for me especially when I don't want to bother other people with my loud coughing while working in the office.

Face mask
I use face masks whenever I commute. I think some people may find it strange or maarte but I think we all have the right to protect ourselves from pollution, or to protect others from a potential cold/disease. Wearing this also helps me whenever I fall asleep during my commute, as I tend to unconsciously open my mouth. But then I do end up waking with a pool of saliva. Haha!

I'm pretty sure we all have our cellphones with us wherever we go. It only sucks when we forget to charge it and we need to go out. I seem to have forgotten to draw a charger :-( but that lives in my work bag as well.

This has become an essential for me, since I often listen to podcasts during my commute. Listening to podcasts is a way for me to learn new things while in transit. Besides, I spend an average of 3-4 hours a day commuting, so this is a good way to be productive. I also listen to music while working, since it keeps me awake and inspired.

To keep me on track and grounded with everything I need to do and remember! I always start and end my day by writing on this planner. It's a medium-sized Muji planner, which for me is neither too small nor too big to carry around with me.

You'll never know when you'll need to fill up forms. It's a hassle whenever I need to sign something and yet I don't have a pen with me. Since then, my pen has taken permanent residence in my work bag as well.

Company ID
This item never leaves my work bag! I previously had the habit of hanging my ID elsewhere inside the condo/house when I was still studying. But then now I just don't take it out of my bag anymore, so I won't forget it.

Packed Lunch
A sure way not to overspend is to bring packed lunch at work. When I first started, I saw myself doing this for probably a few months. But then I just eventually bring packed lunch everyday, as I realized how much I could save. Shoutout to my every loving mom who prepares this every morning! ❤❤ and because it's my mom, I have the usual: black rice, malunggay, and adobo.

For file sharing with colleagues so you can both gush over the show you're both watching. Hihi.


What items do you have living in your bag? :)



  1. I always have lip balm/lip gloss, wallet, phone, pens and water bottle in my bag. Other stuff gets tossed in/out as needed. :)

    1. Yes indeed, those are all essentials. I don't bring a water bottle anymore since they provide mugs and cups at the office pantry. I toss items in and out of my bag too!

  2. Lip balm is an absolute must for me as well - as is hand lotion, my phone, wallet and a water bottle :)

    1. I absolutely hate dry lips, actually! But most of the time I also forget to put some on as well. Haha!

  3. This is an awesome list. I have like 100 pens at all times!

    1. Thanks Kerri! TRUE that. It's so easy to lose a pen; which is why it's best to bring a couple more, just in case. Hehe

  4. Ahh! Good things - I always need to remember more pens, and a USB drive (at least one, right)!

    1. Yes I agree, pens and USBs are important, yet they are both so easy to lose as well. Haha!

  5. I usually have a bag filled with random stuff. But I actually just cleaned my bag out!!

    1. I get you with random stuff. Sometimes I still find old receipts inside!