Island Weekend

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

I went to Catanduanes island over the weekend. My grandparents were born and raised on this island which is why my parents and I get to visit occasionally. Back when I was still small though, we would visit almost every summer. I guess this is why I have become fond of going here even if I'm already in my early adult years.

I believe I've made a few posts on why I love Catanduanes a few years back here on this blog, but I never really did write a full blown post about my trip. My previous trips were longer though, spanning from four days to a week, but since I started working, I could only afford to visit over the weekend, which consisted of Friday - Sunday. 

On the first day, the first thing we did was to go to the market. It was my first time to go down and actually walk around. There were lots of fish to see and freshly made rice cakes which tasted really good, I had to go back on the last day just so I could bring some home.

Then we headed off to Puraran beach! It was already raining days before we got to the island, so the sea wasn't as blue as I was hoping it to be. But then I still enjoyed it; it was a lovely color palette for the eyes.

The waves were high this month. It's actually during the ber-months when the waves are high and surfers make the most out of it. I have to admit that this beach is not for leisure swimming, because of the waves. There were many times I felt that the waves would pull me in completely and never push me back to the shore. It's a first for me to visit on a ber-month, and now I can finally understand why surfing competitions are held here.

I also went back to my favorite hill which overlooks a portion of the South side of Catanduanes, and the vast Pacific Ocean. I was also delighted to see water buffalo on the hill with me.

I wasn't able to post as much as I could on social media because there was no electricity, and I was relying heavily on mobile data. Eventually, my phone's battery life gave up on me as well and so I had no choice but to leave my phone inside the room. It helped me a lot though, because I spent majority of my time there just looking out at the sea and just thinking of how small I am in this world and how my problems no longer felt like problems. I think we all need this kind of time alone.

I felt like time slowed down. I've gotten used to the fast-paced routinary life and coming here has changed my perception of time. Not that routine is bad; it's actually good and I always make sure that the routines I make are actually what I enjoy everyday, but it's good to experience something different once in a while.

The sun did shine the next day. It was as if everyone was waiting for it; I could feel the mood of the islanders, how they anticipated the return of the sun.

The stars shone bright as well at night. I never get to take photos because I don't have equipment, but I remember it so vividly. Some of the best moments are best appreciated when you're there at the moment.

I never tire of going back here. I think it's because this is the place where I get to enjoy nature thoroughly, and not just for a brief moment. You know how it is when people visit a place and they head off on to their next destination or go home as soon as they've spent around an hour or so? It's different for me in this island because I get to spend more time here and thus I feel that I get to be more immersed in the environment. 

Catanduanes is known to be the first point of contact whenever there is a typhoon that comes from the Pacific Ocean. The people here have braved many storms and yet they always seem to have something to smile about. 

Although I have to admit I haven't seen the whole island in its entirety (so far I've only stayed in the southern parts), I could say that I have seen much and I cannot wait to see more! It always leaves me something to look forward to whenever I come back.

Thanks for reading, dear reader! 



  1. Excellent photographs and it sounds like such a great place. The fact that there is no electricity and you have to observe and connect with the environment would be meaningful (although I am sure it would take some adjustment haha). :D