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Saturday, September 9, 2017

Sharing with you my favorite podcasts lately! These are the ones that sparked ideas inside my head and made me feel inspired during my commutes to work. I hope you get inspired by these, too!

Photo by Alexander Mils instagram.com/alexandermils on Unsplash

TED Radio Hour - Shifting Time

Time is perceived differently by people from different places and different ages. A 5 year old could experience that time goes slowly, while a 35 year old could feel that time goes by quickly; it's never the same for everyone. There's also the general notion that the only time that we have is now, which is the present. But then some say that even the present is an illusion; there could only be the past and the future.

Personally, time is strange. I never feel like we have enough time for anything. But then knowing this makes us want to make the most of every opportunity. It makes you want to live intentionally.

This is also where I found the app called 1 Second Everyday, wherein it lets you film 1 second of the day for it all to be compiled at the end of the year. I tried it for 1 Second in A Day and it was indeed fun to use.  (too shy to post here huhu hehe)

I also discovered about 4AM in the morning. It's funny how people, songs, and films always seem to reference 4AM in the morning. Why 4AM? Why not 3AM? or 2AM? For me, staying up till 4AM is realizing that I'm screwed and I don't know how I'll manage as the next day comes.. Haha!

The Simple Sophisticate - The Importance of a Daily Routine & How to Create One You Love

Some people don't like the idea of having a routine. They have a general notion that it makes things boring or repetitive. This podcast cleared that notion, because routines aren't meant to imprison yourself, and it doesn't necessarily have to be something you have to force yourself into. It's simply all about creating one that you love, one that you know you can stick to, and one that you know will improve your well-being. It should help you focus and get things done. It helps you achieve a fulfillment you cannot achieve if you're trying to cram everything and not knowing where to start.

Hello Human - Solitude 

Who are you when you're alone? This podcast sheds light on the importance of differentiating solitude from loneliness. While it's natural feel lonely, we also need to know when we need to be alone. It's important to take a step back and just appreciate yourself for who you are, and to enjoy your own company.

It may sometimes go against the cultural norm, and people who tend to withdraw are seen by others as a 'rebel'. But this is what we need, a time to reflect and a time to detach. Not permanently, but for a considerable amount of time to check up on ourselves. We need not conform.

As much as I love being with people, sharing with them my experiences and laughing about funny things, I also find the need to be alone. I do this whenever I'm writing on my journal, or on my laptop for when I'm writing a blog post. I find that my alone time as I write is my way to cope with things, and a way to remember important details I don't want to forget in a certain experience. I also check on myself. How am I doing? What am I feeling? Why do I feel this way? How can I be better to myself?

Millenial - #9 Becoming More of A Somebody

Megan Tan shares her experience with not getting chosen for a fellowship in Washington DC. Here, she talks about how the question of 'why' she was not chosen haunted her for a long time.

This pretty much reminded me of the time while I was job hunting. There were times when I felt I was a failure, or that I just didn't stand out enough. We always think that the Somebodys' are those who have accomplished a lot and are well-rounded people. But to be honest, we are already those people. We just tend to downplay our strengths in the face of rejection.

TED Talks Daily - The Secret to Living Longer may be your Social Life

I especially liked this one! It talks about how human interaction can possibly prolong life, whether it may be big or small, with an acquaintance or with a close friend. This is because when we interact with others, we have may have a shared interest or experience, and it gets us all excited. In short, we're able to relate. That's the key to finding meaningful relationships. Or maybe sometimes there are just things that needs to be said or talked about with depth. Having someone to listen to what we have to say and being affirmed is one of life's greatest pleasures. It improves our well-being.

So the next time you're thinking of backing out of the coffee date with a friend, think again, it may be just what you need.


I recommend CastBox for podcasts :) or if you have other apps for podcasts, please do share with me as well. 

Thanks for reading, dear reader!



  1. Will definitely check these out! Is this from the app you recommended?

    1. Yes!! Download CastBox :) it's free and doesn't take up much space <3

  2. These podcasts sound really interesting, I need to have a listen :) Especially about the shifting time!