Slowing Down

Sunday, July 23, 2017

The concept of slowness is often frowned upon. But I'd like to take a stand to say that this is exactly what we are all missing.

We all want to accomplish a lot of things fast so that we can move on to our next set of tasks. We think that we are highly productive human beings when we work fast, but then we miss out on a lot of things, we make mistakes, and we feel that the things we normally do are something we need to get over with.

I've thought of some slow habits that I want to develop more:


One rainy morning as I got down from the van and proceeded to walking to my office building (it's approximately a 10-15 minute walk from the bus stop), I had to force myself to walk slowly because the ground was wet and there were puddles of water. I had to avoid those puddles because I didn't want my shoes to get drenched and dirty. I had my eyes fixed on the ground for a while as I avoided those puddles; and it made me realize how slow I was going because everyone else was walking fast and not minding if they stepped on the puddles or not.

I enjoyed my time walking slowly compared to when I would adjust my pace accordingly to those who were walking around me. It also made me realize how it's easy to go along with the tension we feel in the morning when we are surrounded by it. When we're surrounded by people who are in a hurry, we tend to want to hurry up as well.

Nevermind that it took me around 20-25 minutes to get to where I needed to go; walking slowly allowed me to observe my surroundings a bit more and to go over my thoughts after having listened to a podcast while in the van. I feel that my walk to the office has been a worthwhile one.


During meals, I am guilty of focusing solely on my food and eating fast. I miss out on two things here, mainly: enjoying my food and having good conversations with the people I'm with.

Sometimes we don't have to fill the air with conversations while eating. It might be awkward for some, but in general I don't speak much while eating. But I figured that the conversation helps in forcing me to stop eating fast. While it's not completely necessary to share a conversation with someone you eat with, it makes eating even more enjoyable, no matter what you talk about.


Listening is more than just hearing what the person said. When you listen, you take mental notes of their expressions, their gestures, their talking speed, the intonation of their voice, and their eyes. This is how we listen to things that were not said.

It also helps in formulating well-thought responses. Listening elicits a proper reply, and that's how we make connections with everyone we have conversations with.


I have become more mindful with my spending habits lately. Nowadays, I have to think twice and even thrice about the things I want to buy. I make sure that these are actually things that I need. Or if it's something that I really want, I try to put it off and have time to think if: a) I can use it for a long time b) practical c) an urgent need.

It's common to buy things impulsively or when the mood strikes, and it's surely tempting when you know you have the capacity to spend. But then it's still important to stay grounded, think of the future, and making the right investments.


It's not easy to do things slowly especially if you are used to living a fast-paced life. For some, it's a discipline that is developed over time, because you are forcing yourself to stop and be mindful of your actions.

I'm not saying though to be deliberately slow and miss out on deadlines or end up being a hindrance to other people, but it's always good to just go on your pace and not feel pressured. It's also good to be aware of the timelines and making sure to allot enough time in our daily tasks.

Because when things take time, there is much to be learned and gained.

Which habits in mind would you like to do slowly this time around?



  1. I love to read fiction books slowly - almost like I'm savoring it. I pause to imagine the situation in my head and consider what I would do in that story's situation. It makes the story that much more enjoyable and memorable for me.

    1. Indeed it's more enjoyable to read books slowly; I agree with you that it's a good practice to actually visualize what's happening in the story! Thanks for sharing and dropping by, April! :)

  2. I have a opposite slowly habits I've learned lately. I've been frustrated because my plans and dreams didn't work with me well. Pushing myself to my limit and hurting someone feelings. I realized if things are not meant for, I need to let go of them and start a new plan so that I can continue pursuing my dreams in a slowly habits. Thank for sharing this to us.

    Love, Cessang

    1. I think we've all been there, thinking that we are living a productive and meaningful life whenever we are busy. But then it's good to slow down, especially when it comes to our goals and dreams in life because this concerns our future and every decision we make will affect it. Thanks also for dropping by! :)

  3. These are all such good suggestions! I've actually started walking more slowly and truly find that I'm a more chilled out person (and not arriving in a sweaty huff is a plus too). I love the idea of spending slowly too (I could still use some work on that...).

    🍉 Pia

    1. These are some few habits I'm guilty of not taking my time with. I love being early in the office so nowadays I make sure to have enough time to take leisure walks before coming in. Thanks for dropping by, Pia! :)

  4. Hey, Anna! First, great name ;) (Mine is Anna Jean.) Second, great post! This is a post that would be good to put into practice even as us readers go through the post...thinking slowly about what "slow practices" we can start working on ourselves. What am I going to work on in this regard? Well, I am trying to type slower at the moment, which is making me smile. A start, I guess? ;) ~ Anna Harris at

    1. Hello Anna Jean! Indeed, I love our name. Haha! I like the term "slow practices" :) Typing slower is good; we make less mistakes. Thanks for dropping by!

  5. A lovely message here. Slowing down is definitely so worthwhile. I loved reading this. Xx very well said xx

    Keep Calm and start writing ~

    1. Thank you Amelia! :) I'm glad you enjoyed reading. Indeed there are many things we can remember through activities/events that we took time to be present at.

  6. This was such a lovely post to read, especially since life now is so fast-paced and it's easy to get caught up in all the pressure. Sometimes when I'm not in a rush, I love walking slowly and taking in my surroundings carefully. I can also be a slow reader because I enjoy savouring every word and absorbing every description. I'm also quite good at spending slowly and rarely impulse buy as I almost always regret it after so I try to think carefully about purchases.

    Thanks again for sharing - great reminder for us all!
    Beverley | word drift

    1. Good for you! Spending slowly is something I really need to work on; the temptation is great especially when I know I can afford it, but sometimes I know it could still be put off for another time. I really need to discipline myself! Thank you for dropping by, Beverley!