Shopee to do: Bullet Journaling Workshop

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Last June 3 I went to a bullet journaling workshop together with my best college buddies. I've been wanting to stay consistent with journaling, so I figured that this may be the best opportunity to do so.

At the Shopee Headquarters! It definitely had a millennial vibe.

The place is conducive for workshops and events. Shopee is an online shopping application where users can buy and sell a variety of items from clothing to makeup and skincare and even electronic gadgets.

The speaker we had was Ferry Ko from @ferrywrites on IG! It was a quick seminar with her discussing 7 easy steps and some tips. Here's the flow of her seminar:

  1. Introduction and origin 
  2. Materials 
  3. Making the index
  4. Monthly 
  5. Weekly
  6. Habit Trackers
  7. BuJo communities
She also showed her journals to us! What I found fascinating was that she had multiple journals for multiple purposes. I admire how people are so organized and be able to maintain all of their journals at the same time.

What I like about bullet journaling is that it's very personal; there's no right or wrong way in doing it. It definitely enhances one's creativity. After the mini seminar, we had an small activity wherein we were able to make our own spreads! Here is mine:

I chose to write about my succulents because I'm just amused by how they grow so fast.

This event definitely rekindled my passion for journaling. I missed decorating my planner with washi tapes and colorful pens, and I've also been putting off my long time goal which I have yet to fulfill yet which is: to own a Hobonichi planner. I see journaling not as a chore or something to do, but rather an outlet.

I've also come up with good reasons as to why it's good to do bullet journaling:

  1. Making writing a habit - In this digital age, we are so used to using our phones for everything, especially for taking notes and writing important dates. Indeed we are becoming more dependent with our gadgets and we opt to go for shortcuts for efficiency and convenience. But then nothing can take away the joy in writing with pen and paper. We're also forced to slow down and think carefully about what we write, and I think that is important in a world that is fast-paced. 
  2. Organizing one's thoughts - Compared to how we can type so fast and not be afraid of typos because there's always the autocorrect option to correct our mistakes, we are usually more careful with pen and paper because that would mean bringing out our erasers or correction tapes just to erase the typo. Also, creating lists is always a good way to lay out one's tasks/goals so that it can be all done in a systematic way, one task at a time. 
  3. Practicing mindfulness and improving one's memory - I agree that we remember even more when we write rather when we type or use our mobile phones. There is much thought that happens whenever we write, and so it enhances our cognitive skills. Visualization can also occur, that whenever we write a task, we are actually thinking of how we go about it. This in turn helps us remember, and it is further reinforced whenever we see that we've written it down somewhere. 
  4. Creative outlet - Bullet journals are a personal thing. There's no one right way to do it. I get this thrill whenever I see nicely made journals and planners; it makes BuJo a lot more exciting to do. 
I'll share my journal here soon! :-)


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