The God Squad

Monday, May 22, 2017

 I came back from a whole week up in the City of Pines, known as Baguio City. But then more than being the summer capital, more than it being known as the home for Pine trees here in the Philippines, there will always be one special place in Baguio that would strike a cord in my heart, and that would be in the Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary (PBTS).

Here is the place where we have close encounters with God and where we fellowship together as His people. There is something about the peace and quiet that the place provides that allows us to find the renewal and refreshing that we so badly need, away from the daily grind and the business of the world. I believe God provides and allows us to hold His camp here in this special place.

At first I did not know whether I would be attending this years' camp or not. I think I was asking the wrong questions, and not listening hard enough to what the right answers were. Throughout this time leading to the month of May, God has allowed me to go through experiences that I did not expect to go through so I could learn more of Him and more of myself, so that I could fix my mindset and expose to me how imperfect I am. He knows me inside and out, more than I could ever know myself. But I know it in my heart that He is a good God, no matter what season I am in. I know I have a living hope and I am already assured, and that has made all the difference and has far outweighed the things of this world.

This is my sixth camp. Throughout those previous years, I have always been with my small group composed of 5-6 girls. We have different personalities and we may lose contact for a prolonged period of time, but then God has always brought us back together, especially during camp. This camp though, we were split into being in different groups. This made me realize that the time has come that we are led to branch out so we can be used to minister to the younger generation. We have bigger responsibilities now, and we are called to be like big sisters or brothers to them. I think it was during this camp that God has given me the heart to be a big sister to them. I have always been the youngest, and I have always stayed within the comforts of being surrounded by those who are older than me. It's time to reach out to those younger than me, but at the same time, strengthen my existing bonds with my sisters in Christ through accountability.

Speaking of accountability, I truly think this is an aspect where I have fallen short of. Which made me think: why do we try so hard to keep a strong front? Does it not make things harder for ourselves? But really, we're just afraid for people to see us being vulnerable, or thinking that we lack faith and. In truth, we all lack faith and we all fall short. We can only pray for one another in order to encourage and support one another. I am reminded that accountability should always point to Christ.

I believe all these experiences until now were meant to prepare me for something bigger and more challenging. But I praise God because He enables me and He gives me the strength to keep moving forward. Whenever I fall and whenever I think I might have failed, I know I have a God I can seek comfort from. These experiences were not meant for me to withdraw from Him, but instead to draw me closer to Him.

I am grateful to have been part of The God Squad 2017 Youth Camp. Truly the best investment one can make in this life is to meet and spend time with God.


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