Peony, Peach, and my Favorite Eyebrow Pencil

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Welcome to my second beauty post! If you check out my 'beauty' label on this post, the only entry I have would be about this Natural Charcoal Pack. Although I'd like to announce a disclaimer that this is not a beauty blog and my main aim here simply is to take care of my skin properly. And probably to talk about some few makeup products that I like, here and there. I am here to talk about my thoughts.

I have this invisible rule that I /try/ to follow in almost anything I do, in which less is more. This applies to the stuff that I put on my face, as well. I merely just wanted to share with you my two cents on what I use.

Lemon or Peach?

I have to admit I am a big fan of The Face Shop Cleansing Foams. I've been using the Lemon one for years, although it's only been lately I decided to try out the Peach one just to try it out. I know the Lemon one is their best seller, since it really does cleanse the skin thoroughly and adds some brightness to the face after washing. So what did I like about the Peach cleansing foam? Compared to Lemon, it is milder, but it does not differ with the foam quality. I like how I do not need to squeeze so much out of the bottle just so I can get foam all over my face. This also ensures that I get to use it for a long time; it could probably last me around 6-8 months. I also like the Peach smell. It makes me want to wash my face a lot more because I know my face will smell good after. In other words, I feel more motivated to do so? Haha! Lemon or Peach? I like them both, so I think I'll try alternating these two whenever I run out of either one of them.

Face Masks

At the moment, I do not have any favorite face masks that I use. I like to use as much as I can from different brands and collect them. But then you can say that I use The Face Shop masks frequently, if you base it from the photo I chose to post!

What I usually do whenever I hoard face masks would be:

1) I chance upon the 5+5 mask promo in The Face Shop wherein when you buy 5 face masks, you get 5 free ones. Instead of spending 600+ pesos, you only get to spend half of the original price.
2) I go to a Korean mini supermarket and go to the beauty section. It's only a small part of the shop and it's not all the time they have one, but in any case, there are some who sell them by packs of 20 for only 200 pesos.

Daiso Eyebrow Pencil

I think everyone loves Daiso. I could spend hours just looking at everything they have to offer, and most of them at 88 pesos/2 dollars only. I particularly like this eyebrow pencil, though. It comes in different colors: natural brown, dark brown, and black. I would always buy the natural brown one. I have to say that my eyebrows are bushy, so if I were to get either the black or dark brown one, I would probably look mad all the time, so I think natural brown is alright. What I like about it is that it truly does look natural one my eyebrows when applied. Since I have bushy eyebrows, I do not necessarily have to draw, but I do have to fill in some spaces and to shape it up just a bit. I find that work on my eyebrows is usually minimal, so this eyebrow pencil is dandy for me.

What're your favorites lately?

Thanks for reading, dear reader!

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  1. Thanks for these beauty tips, and for linking up with Visible Monday! xo


    1. Indeed, thank you for dropping by, and hosting the link up! <3

  2. Oh I've been needing (wanting!) to get some face masks and I keep forgetting to buy them. I need a pamper and refresh :)

    1. Facial masks are indeed a great way to pamper ourselves after a long day! I hope you get to buy them someday :)