Of Dreams and Hobbies

Friday, April 21, 2017

My dad was cleaning one time and he brought out his old bowling trophies. I did not know that he was into bowling until he showed the trophies to me. Sometimes there are things about our parents that we don't really know about; it may be a certain hobby that they used to enjoy when they were younger, or a certain band they used to listen to everyday. Somehow it makes you feel like you can relate with them more in this way, because they were once your age and they had interests and hobbies.

He also found his old bowling ball and decided to take me to the bowling alley in SM Southmall! Please note that I am in no way a bowling expert of any sort; I've gone bowling with my high school friends a couple of times. But really, all I could remember was that the ball was so heavy, I was certain that the floor might crack with the way I threw it, and that my hand and forearm would hurt the next day.

It's a bright orange! I have love-hate relationship with orange. I think I will talk about it in a separate post. 

Meanwhile, my dad was a bit rusty at first, but during the second game, I think he got his groove! He kept making a lot of strikes. On the otherhand, I was only capable of making spares. I couldn't do a single strike, but that's okay. We played thrice, and I enjoyed all of them despite the instances when my ball would go into the gutter. Huhu.

I had to admit that I was very self-conscious at first because there were a lot of people playing. But then as I went on with it, I saw that no one really cared unless they were playing with you. Basically, you do you. 

As I type this, my hand doesn't hurt, yay! I have my dad to thank, because he taught me the proper form and the proper way to hold the ball.

Here's a time lapse video I took with my phone! 

Thank you for reading, dear reader! 


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