YOUTUBE FEATURE: Aimeezingdays

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

My sister vlogs! She vlogs mostly about her travels in Europe and US. This for her is her platform and avenue to document her travels so that she can share it with family and friends. I'm supportive of her and I help her in promoting it even if at first she was shy about it. Haha!

I'm not an avid youtube fan who watches and subscribes to many channels, but I do watch videos from time to time, or when my friends recommend me to watch a vlog. I don't even know much vloggers. But then I do find that making vlogs is a good way to document and to simply just have fun. It's also nice to look back at how travels went, especially the highlights.

Her vlog channel is named "Aimeezingdays" wherein she combined her name "Aimee", "amazing", and "days".

Do drop by and watch her videos! Here's her latest one when she went to Canterbury:

She is aimeezingdays for her Twitter, Instagram, and Gmail accounts. :-)


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