Bohol 2016

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

I just got back from my trip to Bohol! It was a pleasant one; not at all stressful, since the activities were spread out (too much for my liking to be honest, huhu it kind of dragged on) for some days. I just felt like writing about it now, because I missed writing, the sound of my laptop keyboard clacking, and it's raining lightly outside. It's good time to write, indeed.

I went with my family. Quick personal notes~~ My sister came back from the UK a week ago, and ever since then I've been spending time with her since. It's her first time to come back home here in the Philippines after two years, so I was pretty excited for her (even though admittedly she wasn't very much haha). We spent the first few days of her visit running around some of her errands, some of which involved going to her school all the way in Dasma, Cavite. I drove! Yes I'm pretty proud of that. We also went shopping around for some home-ware for her flat. Everything is on a budget, though.

Last year, we went to the US during my four month summer break, so that was how we spent time together as a family. So this year, my sister wanted to experience Philippines again. So what better way was to travel domestically and visit one of the renowned islands here in the Philippines... which was Bohol!

In a few words, I could say that Bohol is definitely beautiful. On our first day, we had the countryside tour, which consisted of the Chocolate Hills, Tarsier, Man-made Mahogany forest, Hanging Bridge, Loboc River, and Baclayon Church.

Of course, we all know that by the mention of 'Bohol' it's going to be automatically about them Chocolate Hills! Sadly though, they weren't chocolate this season. In this season, it was green. Truly, it is different when you read about the Chocolate Hills from textbooks than from when you see it for yourself.

Next of course would be the Tarsier! I've learned a lot about these creatures from the people who managed the breeding area. We saw them during the daylight, so we assumed that they were sleeping. I was quite worried, because I wanted to see them with their big wide eyes. But then there they were, with their bright eyes, staring back at you. They're quite shy, though, like when I tried to take their photos they would look the other way. They also love to stay under the shade; they hate sunlight, and they are wide awake only at night. They only mate once a year, so their breeding rate is slow. They tend to stay in only once spot of a tree forever, which means they can be territorial. All in all, they are such delightful creatures!

We then went to the hanging bridge. It offers you a view of the Loboc river, which was green in color. I honestly don't know why it's green, but it just is. Not that it's dirty, but when you look at it, you cannot see what's at the bottom. It's like the water was mixed with some kind of green coloring... in short, everything is just so green! So nice.

Then we went to the river cruise! There was buffet lunch, and we were serenaded by the singers. There was also the cultural show, with the famous tinikling dance. The river was absolutely scenic and breath-taking.

We also saw a lot of churches! Bohol experienced an earthquake just some years ago, so some of the churches are still under construction. We got to go inside one of the oldest ones, which also had a museum at the top floor, although we weren't allowed to take photos. But still, it was nice to appreciate it's antiquity!

On the second day, we went island hopping. We woke up extra early for it, at exactly 4AM! Huhu. We went to Panglao island, then hopped on boat going to the open sea to watch the dolphins. Now, I can say that this is definitely way better than Sea World. The dolphins would travel in a group, and they would be so many! It was nice watching them from a far, where they can swim and jump around openly.

I naturally hate boat rides, or anything that involves floating around on a boat.. but we went turtle watching. I saw a total of four turtles! They were big in size, and I also got to see a lot of fish. At first I was quite afraid, because I hated not seeing anything from deep down below the blue ocean, but then it turned out to be a really nice experience.

Next was my absolute favorite, which was going to Virgin Island. Basically it is a vast stretch of sand wherein the tides never get higher than your ankle. It was so beautiful.... it felt like this is what it must be like in Heaven; so white, so serene, just looking beyond and just being so calm. The weather that day was cloudy, so the place offered us with such a clear, white, and light kind of mood and feeling compared to the striking and bright mood the place brings when the sun is directly above you. It was so nice just prancing around the waters and sands and just admiring at how the tides could never catch you... because basically, there's none.

I learned that the beauty of a place won't ever change despite the weather. Whether may it be sunny or rainy, its beauty remains; it adapts, it conforms to its surroundings and displays another side which may not have been apparent the first time, or on other days.

What I liked as well were the tricycles. There were Bible verses in all tricycles, which makes you ponder and reminds you of God's word. It's like, His word but on wheels.. Haha! The tricycle itself also had much room compared to the ones back here in Manila. Tricycle rides have never been so pleasant as this one.

The people were very nice. Everyone had a story to tell, and everyone was proud of the island. They had much to say and they were kind enough to share.

Also, it truly is different to spend time together as a family when you are all physically complete. Although I have to admit that when my sister left for the UK, I felt quite liberated?? Haha, because as normal siblings, there'd be competition over the littlest things, and she's one who would tease me a whole lot. I can say that throughout her stay in the UK, I'm back here at home in Manila, growing on my own pace, and space. I think I needed it. But then it also made me realize how I've actually missed her too. After all, I know and I've seen so much passion from her. She's always been my role model for many things, and she's pushed me to be achieve more as well.


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