I'VE WATCHED: Korean Drama and My Two Cents

Saturday, July 30, 2016

I am convinced this is one of the best scenes ever forever haha! Well, I haven't seen any other that has outdone this one.

This post is my Korean Drama masterlist post wherein I give my ratings and some two cents about the drama.This also for me so I can keep track of what I watch. For the titles that don't have anything on it yet it means I have yet to watch/am planning to watch soon. These ratings are all personal, and will be rated over 5.

Last Update: April 2, 2017

1% of Anything (2016)

I knew what to expect of course, that they would have a dating contract and then eventually fall in love for real. The challenge will always be: how will this show successfully move us? And surely did they successfully move me. I eventually became invested in their relationship, hoping that it wouldn't end. It only took a brief break up for them to realize that they were really meant for each other. And I'm so glad that Tae Ha wasn't a bad boy either. I could totally do without all the needless drama and emotional loops and just focus on DaDa and Jae In, and that is exactly what the show did. | ★★★★★

7 First Kisses (2016)

This? I think you can live well without having to see this one. It's really just a mini series focusing more on the the Lotte shop. There's not much plot, as the episodes are very short. Looking at the big picture, ...what is the big picture again? All the kisses are sadly almost kisses only huhuhaha | ★★☆☆☆

Age of Youth (2016)

This drama is the most relevant drama for me especially since it centered upon college, friendships, relationships, and living together in one roof. I love the roommate chemistry and all the realities that came along with it. I also love each and every character and their lives; it was as if I was a part of this girl group and every time a new episode would come around, we'd just sit down and catch up on each other's lives. It was a fun watch, although 12 episodes was not enough. It could have been developed more! Some things were not explained fully well, so I'm afraid to say that it left me quite unsatisfied. But such a feeling has been overpowered by the stories shared throughout watching this drama and I could say that was enough. | ★★★★☆

Another Oh Hae Young (2016)
The concept of time here was for me the most interesting part of the show. It's also nice to be reminded that we are all wonderful in our own ways and need not compare ourselves to each other. Fierce Oh Hae Young and chill nonchalant Do Kyung was nice to watch. OST was superb. I also loved Oh Hae Young's sense of fashion! Will be making a separate post about it soon. Cinematography was also on point. | ★★★★☆

Boys Over Flowers (2009)
This is one of the classics, I must say. This was the start of my love for Kdrama. Frustrating at some point, but reeled me in right away anyway. It's been a long time since I last watched this one, but I do feel strongly about this until now, so it deserves five stars. | ★★★★★

Bubblegum (2015)
What I like most about this one is the childhood friends to lovers kind of progression. It was adorable and charming, how they would bicker and tease and yet still be on the look out for each other. Really good cinematography as well. Though I did not really care much for the other side stories; they weren't utilized as I hoped they would be. | ★★★★☆

Cheese in the Trap (2016)

I loved how I could relate very much to the scenes, as they are mostly about college life. I enjoyed watching Hong Seol's struggles, although Yoo Jung lacked character development, big time. He was more of an afterthought for me. It started off great, though the ending left me unsatisfied. | ★★★☆☆

City Hunter (2011)
Filled with awesome action and Lee Minho goodness. It was thrilling and an enjoyable watch. Too much badass in one show. | ★★★★★

Descendants of the Sun (2016)
Definitely lives to its hype! I love the witty exchanges of the couples. More than the romance, although it is true that being a soldier and doctor guarantees exposure towards life and death situations, it also means that there is no better time to help others than when presented with such an opportunity. Helping others knows no bounds. The female leads are my new #FlawlessSkinGoals. Loved Onew here too. The ending could have already been Episode 12, but further than that it became quite unrealistic. Still, happy for them. | ★★★★★

Drinking Solo (2016)


Gogh, the Starry Night (2016)

Plot was predictable; I did not have a hard time guessing who she'll end up with. Although I got annoyed with one of the boys... I think it was Jung Min? I was annoyed by his character. Haha, yes I just had to mention it. Also, unpopular opinion but, I like Kim Young-kwang. I like his acting, and I like how he looks. I think I've even gone so far to have fallen in love with the way he scowls. It was also fun to see the cast from Pinocchio showing up as cameos in different episodes! For me, it was nothing new, but still a completely fun and refreshing watch. | ★★★★☆

Healer (2014-2015)

I absolutely loved watching this one! Amazing from beginning to end. Action packed with a dash of romance, just the right amount of both, I must say. I especially loved their telephone conversations. You will fall in love with the characters. I personally think Park Min Young has redeemed herself here from City Hunter. Loved the OST as well! | ★★★★★

Heart to Heart (2015)

It's not one of your typical all out fun and loud Kdrama. I would say it is more of a slow, subtle, and heart-warming watch. It's basically a girl who turns red in the onset of any social interactions outside of her home, and of a psychiatrist who has been emotionally troubled due to an event in his childhood. I admit it was boring during the first few episodes, but I got into the groove eventually, and I'm sure you will, too! No big time actors/actresses in here, but the lead pairing has a great chemistry, unexpectedly if I may say so. Best OST, I promise you this. | ★★★★☆

Heartstrings (2011)
It's got the usual youthful vibe and college setting. This is where old-fashioned classical girl and cool band boy collide. |  ★★★★☆

High School King of Savvy (2014)

I think this may be my first exposure to "Noona Romance"! I watched this mainly for Seo In Guk, Lee Soo Hyuk (damn he's very handsome and looks like an elf), and Jo Han Chul. I did not like the female lead very much and I did not see much character development from her as much as I was expecting it. I enjoyed seeing Seo In Guk act as both the renowned high school hockey player and at the same time as the director of Comfo. He was probably the epitome of balancing both acads and org work; I guess that would be how I related with him so much, how he had to juggle so many roles at a time. I wasn't a big fan of the couple, although I have to admit that the way Seo In Guk portrayed Lee Min Seok would surely make you instantly fall for him!! Overall, I enjoyed the show. | ★★★★☆

Ho Goo's Love

I cannot count the times when I had to pause the video and laugh out loud (or sometimes silently because my parents are already asleep). Overall it was a very entertaining show. It tackled serious themes such as sexuality, rape, and society, but the show went about it without being too heavy. There were some issues I wished they improved on, such as more details on the rape, Well I was just very confused about who the father was that when the time came for them to reveal who it was, there was no impact?? I don't know. I loved everything especially Im Seul-ong!!! It's funny how I thought he was a douchebag, but I found his character cute and just really misunderstood. It may seem that this show was deemed to be underrated (maybe due to the time slot it was placed in) but I definitely think it's a good show that sheds light to the aforementioned issues, and I definitely think it's a must watch. My name is Ho Gu. Kang Ho Gu. | ★★★★★

I Hear Your Voice (2013)


Introverted Boss 2016

It had a messy storyline, but I stayed because I like the concept of an extroverted female lead helping out an introverted male lead to accept himself for who he was and not to try to change him for who he wasn't. Sometimes we have to remind ourselves to respect other people's personalities and bring out the best in them instead. The storyline just didn't work for me because it became confusing and half-assed; I didn't really understand where they wanted to go with it. I loved the cameo from Oh Hae-Young Again though!! | ★★★☆☆

I Remember You (2015)

I watched this for Seo In Guk, then eventually stayed for Seo In Guk AND Park Bo Gum. Man, SIG knows how to act. After seeing him in Shopping King Louis, I am convinced that this guy can immerse himself in any role he chooses. What I loved the most was his bromance with Park Bo Gum. There was not so much chemistry with the lead couple, so I was basically in pain and in anxious anticipation for how the bromance would turn out. I liked how each episode explained everything clearly; certainly the viewers were not left behind to guess. Although it was an open-ending... which I'm not entirely a fan of, but it's all good. | ★★★★☆

It's Okay That's Love (2014)

T'was interesting as it made me think a lot. I especially loved how it is psychological, and how Hyo-Jin chose to do the most challenging and unexpected decision to make, and which was to love. OST is awesome. | ★★★★☆

Jealousy Incarnate (2016)

One of the funniest love triangles out there. Usually I'd feel stress over love triangles.. but this one was laughable and entertaining! I had a hard time figuring out who Na Ri would end up with. That's what I like about the show; it's not entirely predictable.. but then of course I got the hint eventually when more plot was shifted to the supposed main guy of the show. I loved how Jo Jong Seok gave justice to his Hwa Shin character. Hwa Shin is generally unlikeable, but he pulled it off really well by showing us how real and human Hwa Shin can be. It also serves as a good awareness for breast cancer. Loved it from start till the end! | ★★★★★

Legend of the Blue Sea (2016)

My favorite leads!! It was such a fun show to watch mixed with all the mystery and usual family chaebol power struggle plot twist. But I enjoyed watching this show mainly because of Jun Ji-Hyun being funny yet elegant at the same time and Lee Minho's expressions of his affection. | ★★★★★

Little Miss Diary (2004)

One of the first Korean dramas that I've watched while I still had cable. Basically a woman in her 30s struggling to find love and found it in two men, one who is older and one who is younger (younger ftw!!). Fun to watch and each episode was enjoyable. I cannot remember it in detail but it sure did left me satisfied during that time. | ★★★★★

Marriage Not Dating (2014)

It definitely showed the complexities of marriage and dating. I loved the quirkiness of the characters. A very entertaining watch, and the cinematography was on point. | ★★★★★

Misaeng (2014)

This drama is very unique because there's not one bit of romance in the story. It deals mostly on the office life of those who start from the bottom; from internship, to becoming a regular employee. It deals with the everyday frustrations a salaryman can face. I am happy to have watched this, because it is realistic, and it can be relatable for those who are still starting with their office work, or even for those who have been in the industrial setting for years. |  ★★★★★

My Love from Another Star (2013-2014)

Do Min Joon, enough said. Haha, joke! It started out slow, but I eventually adjusted with the pace. I was drawn very much with how Cheon Song Yi was so diva and sassy like all the time but had a soft spot for Do Min Joon after all. I liked the small sweet gestures they gave each other and it was overall really just too cute for me. | ★★★★★

Oh My Venus! (2015)

I'm happy to watch this one as it stars So Ji Sub, and it's my first kdrama where he is in it. To be honest, I didn't care for all the other characters, but only wanted to focus on the main one, which is Joo Eun and Young Ho. But then I do like Ji Woong and Joon Sung! They're the best. This kdrama has also inspired me to become more fit!! | ★★★★

Page Turner 2016

3 episodes long and yet it had a lasting impact. I think the lesson I could take home from this show is that great things are the result of our passion and hard work, and the circumstances we feel that we are stuck in should not dictate how we move on to face the future. A light yet inspiring watch. | ★★★★★

Personal Taste (2010)

Who wouldn't fall in love if Lee Minho was your roommate? Haha! I loved their interactions. So much love! | ★★★★☆

Pinocchio 2014-2015

What I liked about this drama was that it already seemed like the main couple's love was already set in stone and I had the chance to witness them grow their relationship together. This was something I had to watch all throughout without stopping because this show took me to the edge of my seat countless of times! I have to admit that my greatest motivation to watch this show was Lee Jong Seok. | ★★★★★

Plus Nine Boys (2014)

9 19 29 39; those were the ages these four boys were currently in. In Korea it is known that ages that contain the number 9 could mean that it would be an unlucky year for them. Thus we are shown the love lives of these respective men who struggle with their feelings towards the women they love. It's a different perspective, especially since it covers mostly the male's point of view. The show is filled with many different songs as well, so it's like a sound trip with each episode you watch. | ★★★★★

Radiant Office (2017)


Rooftop Prince (2012)

This show kept me on my toes! It involves time travelling, a lot of mystery, and shifting scenes from the past and present. I loved the Joseon team; they're all so funny and cool at the same time, although the drama could be quite overbearing at times. My heart ached many times, ugh how could this show do this to me?! | ★★★★☆

She Was Pretty (2015)

This was so light in the heart and it will stay there forever. Second male lead stole the spotlight, but I could say that I admire Sung Joon's raw feelings. Just quite hard to connect his expressions from the first until the end, but I still found him quite likeable. I loved the way they portrayed friendship here; no backstabbing (at least not for the entire duration of the show) and no excessive unnecessary drama. Loved it to bits! | ★★★★★

Signal (2016)

If I had one word to describe this drama, it would be mindblowing. Everything was neatly done even though at times it would get confusing. Each episode was thrilling, and it would always make you think. It also made me feel for the characters, and that's something! I like things that make me feel. The ending may be quite open-ended, but I can say I am satisfied.  | ★★★★★

Shining Goblin

The progress for me was quite slow. Although I figured it was building us up for the inevitable truth that one of them, either the Goblin or the Goblin's bride would eventually have to die. What I enjoyed the most for this show was the bromance between the Goblin and the Grim Reaper!! I was not very much invested in the relationship of the first leads because of age gap issues, but when the girl grew older, I appreciated it more. The relationship of the second leads was really bittersweet. It pains me to see Lee Dong-Wook so sad. It was a slow painful beautiful watch. | ★★★★★

Shopping King Louis (2016)

This was where I first discovered Seo In Guk! I loved everything about this drama. Basically it's about a rich guy who loses his memories then falls for a girl who came from the province, who then teaches him how life is really lived. I love the innocence of the leads although it was quite annoying and frustrating sometimes, but the way it all came to be was just perfectly done. | ★★★★★

The Greatest Love (2011)

It's amazing how we can associate emotions and memories through the music that we hear at that specific point in time.  This show was too funny for my life! It was so fun to watch, and I loved all the metaphors used in this show. It also goes to show that image is not everything, and we do not live to please people. Definitely a feel good show. | ★★★★★

The Heirs (2013)

It was off to a great start, although there was too much cheese for my taste; there was a lot of fan service, so I guess that could make the viewers happy, at the very least. Just your average rom-com story. | ★★☆☆☆

The King of Dramas

This show incorporates all the possible drama plot devices you could ever think of. And the funny thing is, it's portrayed in such a satirical manner, which makes it so fun to watch. Anthony Kim is daebak; at first you wouldn't like him but then as the show goes on you just can't help but side with him always. It was nice to watch Siwon here too! I did not expect it. He's always entertaining to watch and I wish I could see more of him in future dramas. Jung Ryeo Won is my ultimate girl crush, and I was happy to see her in this show as well. Definitely one of the funny dramas out there. | ★★★★★

W - Two Worlds (2016)

Let's face it, this show was highly addictive! The first half was easy breezy, with the romance of Kang Chul and Yeon Joo being the pivot of the show. Although at the second half I admit it was hard to keep track of what the ending was, or how it should be, because it kept on shifting. It's like they couldn't decide what the ending is. But then strangely enough, if you consider the context, then I think it was all well played. Lee Jong Seok, you never disappoint. | ★★★★★

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

This show was loveable from beginning to end!! I loved the relationship of Bok Joo and Joon Hyung. Their relationship followed the friends to lovers progression. I just love how Joon Hyung was there for Bok Joo. He was there for her to listen to her, to take her out to eat or to go play in the arcade or to the beach.. it all feels so youthful and warm! I love how he did not force himself to her, and he waited for the right time and just went with the flow. I also loved the dynamics of all their friendships. Simply, a delightful coming-of-age drama that everyone needs to watch asap. | ★★★★★



  1. I hope it's alright for me to comment here haha! Because WOW! That's a lot of K-dramas you watched! Of the whole list, I only watched Descendants of the Sun and My Love from Another Star and man those are my absolute favourites! Wanted to start the Kim Bok Joo series, but am just too lazy HAHA

    yanrula x

    1. Hi Yanrula!! I am happy to see you here :) Thank you for dropping by. Haha I use this page simply as a way to keep track and to share my thoughts on the drama I've watched (in hopes of convincing others to watch too bwahaha). I started watching k-drama again while in college... so I guess it all piled up!! Hehe

      Ahh yes, I definitely recommend Weightlifting Kim Bok Joo :) it is a light and fun drama that brings us back to our college days. I think once you watch, you will get hooked!! :)

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