ZAMBALES: Nagsasa Cove

Monday, June 29, 2015

So much has happened in this trip, but when I got back home, I could truly say that I was genuinely happy. It was my first time for many things; camping, cooking food, trekking to the waterfalls, etc. I also got to meet such wonderful people. I loved the beach as well, it was shallow and the waves were strong and it felt great when it came crashing on our bodies.

Going there took a while. We all got on the bus at 12AM and got to the San Antonio plaza after three hours. We had to wait for the market to open, so we kind of became bums around the plaza. It was a funny experience, because there was no one there, and we felt like refugees with all of our stuff. We would take turns going to the convenience store to buy food/drinks and we would either just sing together, play frisbee, talk or lay down and stargaze.

When it was already 5AM, we went to a beach where it was the port for boats which would go to different coves. I am honestly not a boat person, so it was easy for me to get sick. But I survived and I conquered the ride! I instantly felt better when we arrived at the cove and when I got down on solid ground. We then proceeded to swim in the beach, haha! Then we set up our tents and cooked lunch then got on the beach again. The water was so clear, and it was just purely sand for many miles away until it got deep. I missed the beach and the waves the salty water that hurt my eyes so much and the salty taste on my mouth.

We then went to dig a grave on the sand, take photos, dig sand mountains, and just simply talk and laugh and have fun. In the late afternoon, we trekked going to the Nagsasa falls. It was a long trek, but it was worth it to be able to swim in fresh water after. When we got back, we ate dinner then sat around in a campfire. We talked, sang songs, stargazed, and drank. When we went to sleep, we tried sleeping in a tent, but it was too hot so we slept outside. Everyone was still quite awake though, and I did not get much sleep but it was okay. Who ever gets enough sleep while on a trip?

In the morning, we got up to go trekking in the hills but then I realized I lack too much sleep and I would rather just spend more time on the beach, although not really soaking my body. I watched the sun rise slowly in the sky and felt the waves crashing on my feet and it was so serene and majestic.

One of my favorite moments of this trip was when our friend said that it was really nice, despite all the mishaps that he experienced while on the trip. The trip made him pause and think about his life a bit. I liked that, and I think it was the same for everybody.

We commuted on the way home. I've never commuted so much in my life before. It went like: boat ride-tricycle-bus-taxi-bus-tricycle. So many modes of transportation! When I got down on my village, I walked to my house with my friend. Despite the fact that we were tired, it became bearable because of such lively and meaningful conversations.

My skin has gotten really dark, and my pockets are empty, but I have a light in my eyes and a heart full of happiness.


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