Thursday, June 25, 2015

My two cents on films I've watched the past months, weeks, days!

One Million Yen Girl This is not your typical "omg let's travel and see the world" kind of thing. I like how it's a very subtle and down to earth film; I could feel the emotion and the heartaches of the main girl, Suzuko. Slow yet very moving, truly it is the epitome of a slice of life movie. The idea of leaving home, earning one million yen in every place, and then moving out is a really nice idea and I'm sure many of us would love to do, but then the reality and challenges of doing so may weigh more than how we see it.

Boyhood It may have been a long watch, but I was still drawn to it. There may be some dull moments, but then one thing to consider here is how every phase of the boy's life was shown and expressed as he grew up. Not much of the plot, but it was more of the small details. I also like the song they used, Hero by Family of the Year. Listen to it! It's nice. It was also used by a Korean drama that I watched earlier this year, It's Okay, That's Love.

Jules Et Jim Two men who are good friends fall for the same woman. The first man marries her, they tire of each other, and then now she moves on to the second man, who loved her just as the first one did. Crazy and yet fun to watch, Jules et Jim shows the carefree emotional high that love gives, and its destructive innocence in the end. I like their bohemian lifestyle, living in the nature and running around and all that.

Pierrot Le Fou When nothing seems right in the life of Pierrot, he decides to runaway with his ex who is in the surface fun and exciting yet mischievous and devious later on. The title of this film is very fitting for Pierrot. I sense quite a similar style with this film and many other French romantic films, but I commend the cinematography of this film; quite an eye-candy to watch.
Lolita I miss devouring literature. I read Lolita when I was in high school, but I never really bothered watching the film. I watched the 1962 one, and I could say that it was just like how I would imagine it to be, although I could tell that they cut out the sexual scenes. Lolita here was the impulsive yet charming young girl I've pictured her to be.

Respire So much friend drama here, but I quite liked it. I could relate, honestly. Sometimes, we have to accept that there really are people who can be destructive in our lives, and it is only in the matter of knowing how we should handle the situation that we will learn much about ourselves, much of who we want to keep in our lives #hugot.


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