Hello Dear Reader,

I'm Anna Jo and I'm twenty five years old. Welcome to my garden of words, where I share mostly about my passions and interests, which ranges from art, music, nature, beautifully written prose, and going places. It is also, in some ways, a documentation of my twenties.

I started consistently writing in this space when I graduated from college and entered into the working force. While in school, I enjoyed studying about the human mind and different social phenomena, and I eagerly took part in various student-led organizations. Now with my work, my mission revolves around ensuring the best candidate experience for top talents joining our global firm, all the while collaborating with colleagues from around the world to make this happen.

My inclination towards understanding and making sense of life experiences is what drives my fondness for storytelling and connecting with other kindred souls, such as you. I'm thrilled to be engaging with readers and writers alike from various walks of life.

I share my writings on Sundays, and sometimes Wednesdays, too. There's simply many things we can write about in this life, and I intend to do exactly just that. No matter how seemingly small and ordinary an idea, thought, moment, or musing could be, if we can uncover and derive something meaningful from it, then I believe the world needs more of it.

Thank you for spending your time with me on here.

P.S. I'd love to connect with you as well through social media, come say Hello! :

Much Love,
Anna Jo