My First Online Art Print Sale

Saturday, July 24, 2021

I'm writing this as an announcement, that... it's happening, I'm selling prints of my art! 

Earlier this year, I knew I wanted to continue making art and taking it a notch higher. So I ordered a small batch of prints to be made, and I thought why not share? 

Making art has helped me a lot over the past year, and perhaps for the days to come. I see it as a way to make my days a bit more colorful, especially in this season where we're confined in our homes most of the time. I'd really love to share such colors with you, whether it's through drawings of a quirky cat or peaceful Monet-inspired waterlilies. 

I also hope to extend some creative energy, a reminder that we are all creative human beings, and we are capable of making beautiful things that bring joy, just because! There doesn't have to be a grand purpose behind it all. I think that's the theme of my life outside of my usual 8-5; making that constant effort to just be my own authentic creative self. 

Available Art Prints

And a short description on what they were inspired by : - )

6x4 postcard size - Php 250

Summer Picnic
While on vacation in England UK last summer 2018, I would often spot people laying out their blankets in parks and gardens and sharing meals together. I enjoyed seeing people being out and enjoying the sun. I felt I wanted to do more of that when I got back home, as well.

Quirky Cat 
I'm a cat lover, and one of my all-time favorite cat films would be Studio Ghibli's The Cat Returns from which this was inspired from. There were talking cats in suits, and seeing such a scene on screen instantly won my heart. 

Picnic Day
Another picnic-themed print. Going on a picnic is a great way to spend time together with loved ones while being outdoors and enjoying nature. I've had many moments being close with nature since last year, as I spent more time in the garden and taking more walks around my neighborhood. 

Coffee and Cake 
One of my earlier favorites, from when I first started working with oil pastels. This was from a cafe date with a friend, back in December 2018 and we were writing down our goals and plans for 2019 (which indeed turned out to be a memorable year for both of us). 

I've been following more garden and flower arrangement accounts on Instagram since last year, and this was one of my favorites. The colors just made me smile. : - )

8x12 poster size - Php 450

Dreamy Waterlillies
I'm a big fan of Monet. I especially loved his waterlily series, which had such a beautiful mix of colors.

Waterlilies Afloat
Another Monet-inspired print. I wanted to express the calm and peaceful feeling I would get whenever I would chance upon any of Monet's waterlily paintings being featured online, or elsewhere.

Flower Field
Whenever I'd go out for my walks, I'd see empty lots with lots of wild grass and flowers, and perhaps that was on my mind while making this. These plants weren't purposefully planted and intentionally cared for; they were somehow just propagated into the soil and they lived and grew, and it filled the empty lot with life. 

Wheat Fields
This one is inspired by Van Gogh. I made this one time after work, and playing with colors of green, blue, and white was relaxing for my mind. Making art certainly helps me wind down and helps the mind transition from work mode to just simply.. being.


Printed with Old Mill Premium White paper in 300gsm

How to buy

If you would like to purchase, you may fill up the order form through here

I will be selling locally, for now. I may ship internationally some time in the future. I'll be sure to make an announcement when that time comes, so please look forward to it!

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If you would also like to see more art, you can follow my Art Instagram which is purely dedicated to all my colorful oil pastel drawings! : - ) I would so love to see you there.


  1. You are so talented! Congratulations on this! I love the theme and the details :)

  2. Congrats on this, Anna! This is huge. I hope everything goes well for you! You're so talented xx

    lenne |

  3. ah congrats, anna! i'm so excited for you! your art is so nice! <3

    // Dems, not a diary

  4. Congrats on opening your shop! I love how colorful your artwork is. My favorite are the food-related prints because I'm a sucker for food! haha ♥