Recent Loves in May

Sunday, May 30, 2021

Oil pastel artwork of nature scenery: sunflowers, a field of grass, and the bright blue sky

I could say that May was the month where I got my writing groove back. During my time offs, my mind would drift off to my creative pursuits, this blog included. More than anything, I'd like for it to remain as a place filled with creative and introspective energy. 

Every time I go back to this space, I feel refreshed, aligned, and calm. Whenever I read my writings from weeks, months, or even years back, I remember specific moments and I'd be smiling and nodding my head, thinking: "that's right."

Nowadays I feel like my mind can get overly stimulated and it gets a bit too noisy, but getting to write down my thoughts, whether it be on this humble little blog or in my journal, definitely helps. The more I reflect on both the good and bad, the things to be grateful for and things to become better at, the more I gain perspective and I simply.. stress less. : - ) 

And so here I am, thinking about the small but certain happiness, the recent loves I've cherished in the month of May:

Took time off during Golden Week

Golden Week is a holiday week for Japan, and since the colleagues I work with are based from there, I've had the chance to take some time off as well. Prior to this week, my colleagues asked me: what are your plans? To be honest, I did not have plans. I had no idea what I was going to do, nor was I able to go out freely as I wished due to the pandemic situation. I just let the week unfold naturally, and I let myself engage in activities that I felt like doing in the moment, and it felt liberating. 

No calls, no emails, no meetings, it was just me either doing a deep clean of my room, or doing something creative. I realized these two things help me recharge so well. I think it's important to know what it is exactly that fuels us, so we can do more of it, set boundaries when needed, and overall just have an awareness so we can manage ourselves better. 

Got back into watching anime

I previously shared in my anime recommendations blog entry that I've gotten back into my habit of watching anime. It's a long lost love, and I thought I outgrew it, but here I am and I am keeping it real. This blog is all about my interests, creative pursuits, and life learnings, so I intend to stay true to that. I will definitely continue sharing my recommendations on here, and I'm also very delighted whenever I meet kindred souls who love anime as well. : - ) I don't think I would have known if I didn't start writing more about it. 

Slice of life, art, and romance are right up my alley, so you could expect more of those from me. It's been years, so allow me to catch up!

Thrifted clothes online

Picnicmood online thrift store mini haul

One thing I really miss so much is being able to physically go to a thrift store and just spend time going through clothing racks. Although I'm not able to drop by thrift stores any time soon, at least I'm able to thrift online. 

Since I bought 3 dresses, I will then take out 3 pieces of clothing from my closet that I no longer would like to wear. This is my way of refreshing my closet; I add and remove each time. 

Finally ate the K-Burger from McDonalds

McDonald's K-burger with honey butter french fries

I was curious, and wanted to try it out, and it was good! I loved it : - ) would recommend it, while it's still on the menu! Thank you to Sher for being my enabler.

Finally received my clay pottery from Kibo Studio 

Hand building pottery with Kibo Studio

Hand building pottery with Kibo Studio

I say finally, because the whole process took 4 months, from molding to receiving the fired works. I remember mentioning it on my Recent Loves in January! This hobby has definitely made me reflect on many things, and I will write more about it soon, on a separate blog entry. Please look forward to it!

Got into playing with air dry clay

Jovi air dry clay

Air dry clay - egg coaster

There have been lots of videos online on youtube and photos on instagram where people share their clay creations. I was inspired and wanted to give it a try, so I bought air dry clay from Shopee. I'll also be writing a separate blog entry for this one. For inspiration though, here are the youtube videos I watched: one, two, three, four, and five. I also first heard of jovi clay from @sstudio.305 on instagram!

Had a bike and draw Sunday afternoon

Bike and draw

Bike and draw

My friend and I went biking and drawing (she painted while I drew with oil pastels) one Sunday afternoon. We went to my favorite park, the one with many, many trees, much like a forest. It was just a simple afternoon doing the things we loved to do. 

Our conversation went on about how these activities were the same things we were doing even back when we were younger, and how we're grateful they've followed us until now into young adulthood. 

I guess the main takeaway from this afternoon would be.. love what you do. And not just your job or school work, but with every activity you engage in, big or small, do it with intention, no matter how old you are. 


How was May for you, dear reader? Aside from all these things, I have to mention that it has been scorching hot. I think this was the real dry/summer time. So many were the times where I was working out, yet I was unsure whether I was sweating because of the weather, or because my workout is effective. I also felt like taking a batch twice a day; I've lost count with how many times this thought passed through my mind! It will most likely still be hot for the coming weeks.. but let me enjoy seeing the bright blue sky as much as I can before the rainy days come..

I hope you've been well, and staying safe. : - )


  1. I am glad you had a great May! I love your artwork. It's been really hot in Mumbai as well, but monsoon's here so hopefully there will be some respite.

    1. Thank you, Epsita! I hope you had a great month of May as well :) it's lovely to see rain after months of scorching heat, so I hope you will have pleasant rainy days soon too. :)

  2. I love your artwork and clay pottery! It's been a good summer despite not having any travels for me due to the pandemic.

    1. Thank you so much, Liz! Yup, it really is a bummer that we're not able to go anywhere, but I'd like to think we all did our best to make the most out of it in our own creative ways :)