Recent Loves in April

Sunday, May 2, 2021

And here we go again, another Recent Loves entry! It feels like yesterday that I was collating my recent loves for March, and now we're in May. Here are my efforts to keep uncovering the small but certain happiness in the everyday.


Growing sunflowers is definitely on top of the list for April. I planted ten seeds back in January, and all of them bloomed in April. I'm still waiting on three more to bloom, and I can tell that it will be soon! Waiting for a flower to bloom or for a sprout to come up from the ground is always something to look forward to. It's also a sign of life, however delicate it may be, slowly growing and taking form, quietly.

I will always admire nature. I have found so much joy in growing plants, whether it be vegetables, flowers, succulents.. taking part in making them grow is such a fulfilling experience, which I also think anyone can enjoy too. It surely takes commitment and time, but there is so much to gain and learn. 

Summer Gardening

I spent much of my time in the garden, since it's finally summer time and it's the best season to plant. It's mostly during the first half of the year until probably May or June that I must involve myself in the garden while the typhoon season is not here yet. From experience, I had to somehow pause my gardening days when rainy days came. I think this time around, I know better, and I will perhaps switch to indoor gardening when the time comes.

I've been growing bok choy, okra, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, and herbs. : - )!

April holidays

Earlier in the month we had holidays, which were Holy Week and day of valor. I remember watching a lot of films, such as Cast Away on the Moon, Atlantis, and Treasure Planet. These were all films I've watched before, but decided to re-watch them now that I'm older. There was also Perfect Blue! But I watched it in dub, and I ended up not being as creeped out as I expected.. lesson learned: I should've watched the subbed version. 

I also finally got to finish the Digital Marketing course from Google Garage. I could somehow apply what I learned in some aspects of my blog, which is pretty neat. Next topic I want to learn about would be Machine Learning : - ) Learning never stops, my friends. I think if there's something we want to learn more about, or try out, let's just go for it. 

Attack on Titan

The manga finished recently, and so did the anime (almost). Attack on Titan was an anime I watched together with my high school friends back in our college condo. It was a memorable anime for us, what with its well written plot, epic soundtrack, and amazing illustration, although it took years before the rest of the seasons came out. So I kind of dropped it and somehow forgot about keeping track. 

This year though, since people in my circle have been talking about it again, I proceeded to catching up with all the anime episodes. I ended up watching ten episodes a day for five days straight. I was definitely hooked, because it got better and deeper, and I had that constant feeling of wanting my questions to be answered (thankfully, the author was gracious to give answers). 

And then just last week, I started re-watching it again, this time with my high school friends, through Netflix party. It felt much like we were back in the condo again, the three of us huddled in front of the laptop screen, eating popcorn, lights turned off, and covering ourselves with our blankets.. it's a precious memory, and we're reliving it in a way, albeit virtually. 

There is a lot to love about Attack on Titan, and I might write a separate blog entry on it. It's been a while since I last felt so passionately about a series; I don't normally watch a lot of shows, because I have this belief that I want to live irl as much as I can, and living vicariously through other worlds might take away much of my time, but in the end it's all in the intention and asking myself if it enriches my life. Being passionate about a series is good once in a while, especially if it inspires more creativity, which leads me to sharing.........

Oil Pastel Art

I spent a Sunday just listening to the Attack on Titan soundtrack while drawing my favorite scenery in oil pastel. I just felt a surge of sudden creativity and nostalgia after watching the show, that I had to pour it all out through art. 

Despite all the killings and gory scenes, these were the few peaceful moments that struck me the most. 

Our Attack on Titan Feels Playlist

My feelings clearly run deep for this anime, so I created a Spotify playlist for all my feels. This playlist contains all songs that remind me of the characters, story, scenery.. basically anything that tugs my heartstrings and sends me into a whirlwind of emotions and nostalgia. Have a listen! I made it collaborative, so if you are a fan as well, PLEASE feel free to add some songs. : - ) so far, it is just me and my friend. 


Hope you're having a restful Sunday, dear reader. Lately, I have been doing my best to be online only if I have a clear intention to be so. Offline, if I'm not working, you can find me in the garden, or just laying down on my bed, being present as much as I can.


  1. Love all your sunflower posts on Instagram! They're beautiful and radiate so much positive energy and good vibes, I think. And your art, as usual, beautiful work xx

    lenne |

    1. Thank you, Lenne! The sunflowers have given me so much joy as well; I'm glad I was able to make them grow during this summer season. And thank you, will keep making and sharing art! :")

  2. aaah that sunflower is so bright and pretty!

    you're so productive even during holidays! I can't imagine myself studying something new during holidays because I'll just 'waste' my energy on films, video games and loafing around lol

    my boyfriend is huuuuuge on SNK too! he doesn't read the manga so he doesn't know the ending yet. he thought the anime ended on a cliffhanger – that is until I told him that it's not the end yet. there were times when my twitter timeline's filled with so much SNK I kind of had to mute the word oops (no hate, just that I wanna filter my content ya know)

    anyway, I love that oil pastel art of yours it's so adorable as always!


    √Člise |

    1. It is, indeed! It's one of the big ones :)

      The Digital Marketing course took long for me to finish; I think it took around two months to finish since I would take it on weekends or after work.

      SNK is superb. I still can't get over it until now! Season 3 part 1 was such a cliffhanger, so I went ahead and read the manga. So much feels!! It was hard for me to contain myself, and I knew I could only tweet high-level thoughts on Twitter haha! I did have lengthy discussions with my friends though.

      And thank you, I will keep making art :") hope you're having a good week so far, Elise!

  3. I love how much you enjoy gardening! Your sunflower and oil pastels are so beautiful! I've been also trying to stay offline and more present in the moment.


    1. Offline is the best time :) I feel so refreshed and more creative after a day of not being on social media. I also try to limit it as much as I can on week days, and reserve my energy for writing blog entries instead.

  4. AHHHHH!!!! YOUR SUNFLOWERS <3 mine hasn't bloomed yet and I'm getting frustrated about it (though I followed the net's advise on growing sunflowers). I realized I might be doing it wrong all the time, but I'm not losing my hope!! :)))


    1. Do not lose hope, Kai! There is still time. The hottest of summer days are upon us now, and the sunflowers love this. There is time, there is hope! I am excited for you and your sunflowers, I will rejoice with you once they bloom!

  5. I will always be in awe of people who grows things. I can't even take care of a succulent so gardening is out of the question. Love your April Loves! I'm curious about this Attack on Titan, too. I'm not that much into Anime but I do watch some once in a while especially when I was younger. Maybe when I'm in the mood, I'll watch this one. ^_^ xx

    1. Go for it, Renee!! Attack on Titan is a great anime, I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did :") I'm now reading the manga from the very start. I think I'll keep raving about it for a long long time.