Favorite Podcast Episodes Lately #6

Sunday, May 23, 2021


It's been a while since I last shared the podcast episodes I've listened to! Here are a few that I've listened to and thoroughly enjoyed, whether it was during one of my cleaning sessions, while working from home, or even just laying in bed, these episodes have kept me company.

Podcasts also inspire creativity, and makes me reflect on my own lifestyle. Allow me to share some of my own insights as well--

If you have 1 hour

It Takes Time - TED Radio Hour

I remember how this episode opened with the topic on sloths (the animal). Whenever we think of sloths, phrases such as 'slow', 'idle', 'lazy' would probably come to mind. But they still get to achieve all the things they need to do, such as eat, sleep, find a mate, escape death, etc etc. They just do everything at slow pace, and they remain unbothered by it. Surely, their actions take time, but they still survive and get things done. 

In relation to human beings, I'd like to think that we are now more open to having a much slower pace in living life. Some things do take its time, such as a career, launching a project or graduating from school. I think it's through a slow yet deliberate timeline that we may be able to yield more satisfaction, because along the way there would be more reflection, self-awareness, and appreciation for each and every milestone achieved. 

I'd like to apply this personally with how I tackle every day tasks. To not multi task, to get in the zone of the activity I'm engaging in at present, because in reality, we really only have now

If you have 20-30 minutes

Quit Overthinking Things - HBR Ideacast

I don't think anyone could be spared from overthinking; it happens and it may happen more frequently with others. I'm also a chronic overthinker, although I'm very much aware and I do my best not to succumb to my mind's chatter. It took self-awareness and the desire to change habits and ways of thinking that has helped me manage this tendency better. 

Some of the tips I took away from this podcast which I remember would be to speak to ourselves in third person as if we're giving advice. We tend to be good at sharing advice with others, yet not accepting it for ourselves. But the words we tell ourselves can be powerful and can spur us to action so if we leverage language and speak kindness and reason to our minds, it may receive the message better.

Another would be distancing ourselves from the thought, not escaping it entirely, but thinking about how everything is temporary. It's only for now, but what can I learn in this situation? is one question I often ask myself. 

You Need A Hobby. Here's How To Find One - NPR Lifekit

This episode offers ideas on how to find and enjoy a hobby. The speaker invited three guests: a knitter, a rock climber, and a cocktail enthusiast. I enjoyed listening to their experiences on how engaging in a hobby allowed them to find a community, made them live a more active lifestyle, and gave them the space to be just themselves. 

What I would remember from this talk would be the advice from the cocktail enthusiast, who shared about her tip in sustaining her interest with her hobby. She has been sharing all about her cocktail recipes on social media, yet at times she would feel burned out. She would then just remind herself:

"I'm not doing this for the sake of content creation. I'm doing this because it makes me happy and contented with life." 

I resonate with this a lot, and it couldn't have been phrased better. I love sharing about my art, or whatever personal creative project I'm doing, but I shouldn't feel the need to share on social all the time, just so I can prove to myself that I am productive. 

After all, hobbies should be fun; it is an avenue for expressing creativity, it helps us cope and unwind, and reminds us that life is not all work-- there is also play! Since then, I've cut down my social media activity, and have been pouring out my energy into writing more meaningful blog entries.

How to deal with burnout - NPR Lifekit

Don't we all just crash and burn sometimes? But it can be prevented and managed. There will be times when work can be overbearing, but we still have to take care of ourselves. We still have to sleep well, eat well, and exercise well. Take breaks, and even take a long time off after finishing the busy work (like, one week!!), and remember to celebrate, because you know your work best. ; - ) 

If you have less than 10 minutes

All the time in the world - Before Breakfast

Pre-pandemic, this would be a difficult sentence to believe. But then now, perhaps we can see that it is possible. We just have to do a check-in with what consumes most of our time. 

People ask me how I can have so much time and energy with running this blog. My answer to that is.. I just evaluate the activities that I engage in everyday. Is there something I can do less of, so I can write more? Maybe that's scrolling through social media or binge watching a show. Both of these activities are OK to do because our brain needs down time. But then too much of it could be harmful, too. It's all about our intentions, self-awareness, and holding ourselves accountable with the time we have.


Do you enjoy listening to podcasts? I'd love to hear your recommendations : - ) I also hope you get to find something here that would be interesting/helpful.  

Happy Sunday, dear reader. 

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  1. Just in time that am looking for something that will help me be productive! Haven't been productively except I have to drag my ass off for the finals week. I will surely listen to these :>


    1. I'm glad this blog entry was timely for you :) I hope these would help motivate and inspire you to be productive! Have a lovely weekend, Kai.

  2. So many interesting podcasts! I will check these out!

    1. Yes, please do check them out! I realize I just share from the same podcasts each time I write this kind of blog entry, but the episodes really have an impact in me in some way, so I figured I'd share them :) hope you find them helpful!