Recent Loves in March

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

March was a very busy month at work for me, so when I took time to think about the things I loved, I sensed there wouldn't be many. I also didn't document much of my days through photos as I hoped I would, because there really wasn't much going on. I didn't go out for walks as I used to, since the number of cases rose considerably high in my area, so it made more sense to do my exercises at home. 

This is all well and good though, because I realize it's best to keep things real. Even though I spent more time indoors and worked long hours, there were still many moments in March that I'm grateful for. 

High level top of mind moments that come to me as I write this would be...

❀ the beginning of summer, which means more reasons to eat ice cream and witnessing vibrant sunsets from my garden

❀ biking on weekends; I've decided to limit my going out to weekends only for this month just to keep safe, yet it seems I will have to continue doing this even in April..

❀ going on calls with friends because I haven't seen anyone in this month 

❀ (finally) purchasing a humidifier during the 3.3 online sale. This has been on my Christmas wishlist for two years in a row already, so it really is about time that I just buy one for myself 

❀ watching badminton tournaments with my dad via Youtube

❀ having virtual game nights and ordering takeout with work colleagues

❀ receiving something in the mail earlier this month, something I'm excited to share with you all sometime in April ♡♡♡

❀ writing this blog entry on the last day of March, and knowing that this month has finally come to a close.. although I can't really say whether my workload will be lighter or anything of that sort.. at least in April there will be more holidays, and that's something to look forward to!

Then here are some oil pastel artworks I've loved in this month:

Anime that I've watched: Wotakoi - Love is hard for otaku 

There could be no other anime I could relate to other than Wotakoi. What I enjoyed the most about this anime was how they would show scenes of going out after work, which is something I miss doing. Nowadays after work, it's pretty much just lying down on the bed, in the same room where I worked. 

I also loved how they portrayed working life; getting serious with work, but after work it's all about the things they loved doing, whether it be going to the bookstore to buy manga, cosplaying, managing a booth in conventions, or playing at an arcade, it's all about the simple pleasures in life, yet they enjoyed every second of it. 

Which reminds me to the same, to continue loving every second of down time and rest. To pursue my passions outside of work and express creativity. 

A podcast episode I enjoyed listening to:

I listen through Google Podcast!

I admit I haven't read any of Kazuo's novels, but after hearing him speak and impart his insights on personal failures, I think I would like to purchase his novel next. I hope to do so during this year, perhaps when the covid cases lessens.. 

I admired how he spoke about his doubts on getting himself into uni and becoming an author, and about writing screenplays which he shared to be very much different from writing a novel. He spoke so profoundly, as if it could resonate with anyone who would ever come across the podcast. 

One of the insights I gained and valued from the podcast episode would be that doubting one's work is completely normal. Every time we create and put our works out there, we place ourselves in a vulnerable position. We fear being misunderstood, or having our works interpreted differently from what we intended it to be.. but we still put ourselves out there anyway, as we should. 

And that's all for what I loved in this month  of March : - )!


How has your month been, and what have you been loving lately? I'd love to know!


  1. March kind of went by too fast, I wasn't able to document it much either... looking forward to April, though. I enjoyed reading another one of your Recent Loves post as per usual, and oh, a humidifier is seriously life-changing - makes your evenings a little cozier! ❤️

    Chia |

    1. My March was the exact opposite.... it felt like a year :"( but I'm glad it's over, and I was able to see the fruits of my labor in the form of fulfilling hiring targets :") I'm definitely looking forward to April, crossing my fingers and toes it will be kinder and gentler.

      Thank you so much for your time in reading, and yes indeed, I'm loving my humidifier!! Have a lovely blessed long weekend, Chia :)

  2. Omg this vlog was last year?! I vividly remember watching it for the first time and appreciating you sharing your life with us! Time really flies! Wish you could do more chill vlogs like that Anna! I've been busy for a while but am back now, I miss reading your blog! <3

    1. Yesss, last year, can you believe?! And I truly appreciate that you took time to watch, thank you so much:) I might make some more, in the near future. Really lovely to hear from you again; am catching up with your latest blog entry ;)

  3. Loved reading this post! I agree that ice-creams and sunsets are the best thing about summers. Will check out the podcast with Ishiguro too. Also I saw your vlog again and became so nostalgic about the pre-covid times. We were so carefree then!
    Also, hope you have a wonderful April!

    1. Hope you enjoy listening to the podcast! :) and thank you for watching my little vlog; it's indeed nostalgic for me as well whenever I press play to remind myself of life back then..
      Have a great April ahead, Epsita!! <3

  4. Yes to ice creams on a hot summer day! And good for you for finally purchasing the humidifier you've had on your wish list for so long!

    1. I'm very happy with having a humidifier finally, as well! And my friends are happy too, because they know I've been wanting one for the looongest time. :D hope you're having a lovely long weekend, Liz!

  5. I watched that anime, it was fun! I don't usually like to watch this kind of anime but I was having fun the whole time.
    You are so lucky your summer is on the way, right now we just got spring and maybe a bit of winter's leftover. I plan to purchase humidifier too, maybe summer time :D

    1. Hello Kandice!! It's great that you were able to watch this anime, it really was fun and relaxing to watch :) it's hard to find good anime nowadays (at least for me, because I've been out of the loop since high school), but I'm glad a friend recommended this one to me.
      It's great that you finally have spring :") and I'm excited for you to have your own humidifier, soon!

  6. I watched your video ate, you're so cute in action! I also love the art you made <3

    I can't wait for your sunflower to grow hahaha

    Kai |

    1. Hello Kai, Thank you so much! :")
      I can't wait to see yours too, so exciting, and definitely something to look forward to.

  7. I love love love looking at your art, Anna! Continue creating! xx

    1. Thank you so much, Renee!! LET'S keep making art <3 <3 love seeing yours too ;)

  8. I just love to look at your artwork, Anna! You have the power to control oil pastels and that's a freaken talent!! xx

    lenne |

  9. And can you believe that just like that is April?

    Your artwork is fantastic! I love it!