What having multiple hobbies have taught me

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Sometimes when we're getting to know someone for the first time, the first few questions we commonly ask would be, what do you do for a living? Almost always the standard template response to that revolves around what we do full time as a job. But sometimes, I tend to add a bit more to it, like, I also have a lifestyle blog because I'm passionate about writing. Or, I make lots of art because it cheers me and others up on most days. And perhaps also, I enjoy making planting strategies with my dad in our garden. 

I may not necessarily be earning a stable income with these hobbies, but I feel much like a human being through them; in a way they are avenues for me to channel my zest for life, as they bring much joy and purpose to daily living. 

I'd like to see them as bits and pieces of myself. To be honest, if I were not to have a full time corporate job, I would definitely want to introduce myself as an illustrator and writer with a garden. : - )

Not that I don't like my day job; I am eternally grateful for it in many, many ways. I know it in my heart I am where I am divinely appointed. But hobbies allow me to live out my different dreams which I carry within me. I'd like to think we don't have to limit our identity to our day jobs, but we can expand and become more if we wish to. 

Especially if we know that we are good at something, or we have a potential to nurture our skills through a certain hobby, I'd consider it an opportunity to grow the talents that have been gifted to us while in this lifetime. 

Which is why I'd like to share some of my thoughts, insights, and learnings on having multiple hobbies, because I know for sure they have taught me...

To enjoy life more

I have my moments where I realize I take life a bit too seriously, especially with my full time work. In some ways this is good; it helps me do well and excel, yet at the same time, takes away much of my mental energy. It's when I sign off from the work day and shift to engaging with my hobbies that I find myself feeling refreshed once again. 

I like the moments wherein my mind drifts away and I completely get engrossed in whatever it is that I choose to do. It reminds me that life is more than work, and there should also be play! 

In a season where it's easy to feel numb, I find there is a certain thrill in having more time for hobbies. I'd like to see this season of our lives as a time to learn new things, to jump into creative projects, and to allow ourselves to just be whatever we want to be without having the expectations of being a master at we do. 

To explore my strengths

We're all gifted with strengths, and I think in my life stage at the moment, where I'm in my twenties, it's good to explore as much as I can in terms of what I can do and get to know myself in the process. 

One of the things I learned about myself when I started writing to a wider audience as Hello Anna Jo is that I enjoy conversing with dear readers and fellow writers, whether it be through the blog entry itself or in the comments section. I have met so many kindred souls on here, and I'm really grateful for each comment exchanged, and the random how are you's on Instagram

In a way, building meaningful relationships is a strength. It may be different when done online, but I find that this is possible through the ways we communicate and encourage one another. 

Another strength I've uncovered through my hobbies would be the ability to become more organized in how I juggle them in order to fit in my daily schedule. Yes, it's always good to make time for our hobbies in order to prevent ourselves from becoming grouchy adults. : - )! I do take time during my weekends to sit down, write out my week, and plan which activity I'd like to engage in after work. I also schedule blog entries, because it also takes effort to share them across social media and such. It's always nice to have a game plan. 

artwork from my art Instagram!

Yet at the same time, I also allow myself to fall out of my plans. I listen to my body most of the time; what do I feel like doing the most right now? And sometimes the answer is nothing. That is perfectly fine too. It's also a strength to know when not to force one's self and to let things flow naturally.

I'd also like to consider my hobbies as skills. Not to put pressure on myself that I have to be an expert, but I find that the more I engage in, for instance, writing, I improve more as a communicator and storyteller. The more I draw, the more I develop my own art style. The more I observe my plants' behavior, the more I understand how I can take better care of them. It's in doing more of these things that I can improve myself further.

To develop habits which can overflow to other aspects of life

I've developed good habits through my hobbies which has overflowed in other aspects in my life. One of which would be the habit of being consistent. I can share that I've achieved this by pacing myself and finding a rhythm that works well for me. 

It could be in the frequency of when I write, draw, or even with establishing the routine of watering my plants twice daily. It's also managing my posting schedule on the blog or on social media and perhaps also prepping my mind and intentions. 

I've also learned the value of patience and starting small. It doesn't matter if it's a simple artwork created with small dimensions; just as long as I was able to make something, and personal joy was derived from it. 

Not that I'm settling for mediocrity, but if this is what I can do for the day, that is already more than enough. It doesn't matter if my veggie patch is taking time to grow; for as long as I stay consistent with my daily schedule of watering and checking up on their condition, they will someday bear fruit. 

But what if I end up genuinely dissatisfied with what I made, what if my plants don't bear fruit? This is all part of the uncertainty sometimes, and.. it's part of life. I do get these thoughts a lot, but I just keep trying again, even if I know I might be wasting paper and art materials, or I would feel like I wasted seeds! But I just remind myself to keep trying and doing my best. We don't always have to get it right the first time.


What's your favorite hobby lately, and what kind of life lessons have you gained through them? 


  1. I loved this post! I have so many hobbies but two that I've picked up this year are digital art and guitar, two hobbies that I've wanted to do forever! I've tried teaching myself guitar many many times but could never get the hang of it. Hopefully, I can finally learn how to properly learn this time. Like you said, it takes patience and consistency in order to see your hobbies develop. I think the best part of having a hobby is the process. ♥


    1. I'm so glad you are now able to pursue the hobbies you've been wanting to try out! Definitely agree with you, the process is enjoyable; it's a personal joy that we get to have all for ourselves. :") wishing you all the best with guitar!

  2. When I was growing up, I used to have many hobbies. Now I missed it, I don't have anything anymore and it's sad. Yes, having many hobbies can teach you many things, especially skills. Hey, you are doing great with your hobbies, keep doing your best.


    1. Thank you, Kandice!! Never too late to get back in touch with pursuing both old and new hobbies :")

  3. I happen to have multiple hobbies as well! It's a great way to relieve stress and enjoy life. I agree with your points and I particularly enjoy looking at your artworks. ^_^ You actually inspired me to push myself to continue making art. I'm slowly rekindling my love for drawing and coloring <3

    1. Ahh, hobbyists, unite! :) I just want to enjoy life, and having hobbies is the way for me to do it. I'm excited to see your art soon, will keep my eyes peeled!! :")

  4. love a lot of stuff as well its sometimes hard to keep up with all the things that i love doing :) Great Blog by the way happy to connect!

    1. It keeps life more meaningful and interesting, having lots of interests :) and thank you, I've followed you on Bloglovin' !