Looking back at old artworks

Wednesday, February 24, 2021


Watercolor paintings of flowers, greenery, cacti, deer, forests, animals

One of the things I was happy to take my time with and genuinely enjoy during my holiday break was deep cleaning. I do get to clean almost every day, in small ways such as sweeping the floor or wiping crumbs off my work desk, but deep cleaning is reserved mostly for when I have more time to sit down and intentionally evaluate the things I want to keep or throw out.  

In our home, we have a cabinet which stores our important files. My space within that cabinet consists of notebooks, organization IDs from when I was actively taking on extra curricular projects, handouts, and pieces of yellow pad paper with scribbled notes and random drawings, all from college. They were, at some point, important to me. After college, I wanted to save them all up in one space in case I needed to have something to look back at, or maybe if one day I decide to pursue further studies, I could find them helpful.

But I find that as years passed, I had second thoughts on whether I really needed all these things. And so whenever I have the chance, whenever I have days off or a holiday comes by, I take some time to open the cabinet and look through everything. 

Each time felt like looking back at my former self through my notes and through the organization IDs I collected. They were like shiny trophies, some kind of proof that I was achieving a lot and I was actively taking on leadership roles within those student-led organizations.. Now, I have come to the conclusion that I had so much energy before, and I wanted to live my student life beyond just studying. That, to me, was important.

All that energy spent on organizations was a training ground of sorts, in a way because they have shaped me into who I am today, as cliche as it sounds. But now as a young professional, more than just the productivity and achievements, I hope to also enjoy and be present. Instead of focusing so much on the results, on the hiring targets, I also hope I get to enjoy the collaboration and the learnings.

Among these files though, is a folder that I know I will not be letting go of, and which I have been adding more works to lately. It is my "artwork folder", which holds all my paintings, drawings, and the like. All the things that I've made with these hands, thought with my mind, during those study breaks or weekends at home, they are all here...

Sunflower watercolor painting filled with lots of green leaves and yellow petals

This one.. I accidentally messed it up, but I still like it for some odd reason I can't point out

Bambi in the forest inspired watercolor painting

I've had this Bambi phase wherein I drew deer in forests, quite a lot of times

Fresh green succulent watercolor painting

I also had a succulent phase, from when I was entrusted my very own cactus plant to take care of.

The theme of my drawings and paintings from then till now remains the same, which is nature. Lots and lots of green... and they're actually not so bad. I think back from when I was making these, and I had no particular goal in mind; just make what I like. 

In the midst of all the hustle and bustle of the previous chapters of my life, was time for art. The same holds true today, still making art, and this time with a new found love for oil pastels.

Though it seems the one thing that's changed from before is that, my space in the cabinet now holds more artworks than it has ever held previously, and these to me are the most important. 


  1. You're so talented, Anna! I love all your artworks. Trust me, I've seen many but yours is one of favs! xx

    lenne | lennezulkiflly.com

    1. Hello Lenne, thank you for your kind words!! ♡♡ It is an honor to have my artworks be considered as one of your faves 😊 thank you, thank you so much.

  2. oh, the joy of recollecting the past moments whenever we get to stumble upon some old files. i also have my fair share of deep cleaning moments which usually ends up to reminiscence and sometimes nostalgia, but i always love getting little reminders of how and who i was in the past.

    it's awesome how your drawings can remind you of the different phases you've gone through, refreshes you of the wonderful journey you've taken and yet to take, and showing you how much you've grown over the years.

    i love how simple and soothing your artworks are, Anna! thank you for sharing them. would love to see more of them anywhere.

    take care!

    sincerely, riz

    1. Whenever I come across old files, it's like I'm meeting my younger self. I'd tell her not to worry too much. And probably it's the same thing I should also tell myself now haha! It just gives me perspective now as a young adult I guess, and it makes all the difference.

      Thank you so much for your kind words and support, Mariz! I truly appreciate the time you spend with me on here, and I'm grateful we met in this online space. Have a lovely weekend ahead.

  3. I also have folders and notebooks where I stash notes that mean a lot to me. I should probably follow you and give these old files a deep clean. haha

    Your artwork is beautiful! You're so talented! ♥


    1. I hope you have a wonderful and nostalgic time in cleaning through your files! :")

      Thank you sooo much Michelle, your kind words mean a lot to me. Hope you have a great weekend ahead!