Birthday wishes for my older sister

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Years have passed since you left home to bravely pursue your dreams, yet the memories of our time together, whether in our childhood or in our family travels, are still well and alive. There are moments which play out in my head from time to time; they are like folded pieces of paper resting inside my pocket. I occasionally take one out, especially whenever something reminds me of you.

As we celebrate your day back here at home, I unfold a few pieces of those papers, and remember my favorite moments of our time together back in my childhood. These are moments that I'm grateful for; moments wherein I thought, how grateful I am to have you as my Ate (older sister).


I'm grateful for when you stood up for me when I was being teased because of my short hair, when my classmates thought I was a boy because of it. "Is there anyone bullying you? Point them out to me and I'll talk to them." you asked. Small me admired you for the offer, and for your effort to know who my classmates were, and... how you spoke to them lol. At the same time, you taught me how to speak for myself. 

I'm grateful for when you spent time to fill coloring books with me, and for when you signed me up for art contests. Since we spent a lot of time indoors (because you were too lazy to walk with me to the park hmph), we made lots of art. You taught me how to use crayons properly, to stay within the drawing lines, and to use all the colors I wanted. We would join art contests, and you would come visit me at my table because I would always finish last (but got first prize ; - ))

I'm grateful for when you would sneak me inside the high school library, even though I wasn't really allowed, since you didn't want to leave me alone during dismissal time while we waited to be fetched. You were always reading novels, and I followed suit. I remember my first classic novel, To Kill A Mockingbird. Many more followed after that, and it led to my life-long interest and passion with writing.

I'm grateful for when you would babysit me whenever our parents would be out. I was a clingy child, and hated the thought of not having them around in the house, but you were there to hold my hand and let me follow you wherever anyway (I always thought our house was big. I guess it was just because I was small) .  

As we grew older, and life got busier, I became grateful for our coffee dates on the weekends. We saw each other less at home because of your work shifts; you would be asleep when I'm home from school, or I would be asleep when you've arrived home from work. You'd always ask me what I wanted to be, what I wanted to work towards, always always making high school me reflect. Looking back at my younger self, I realize it's hard to make decisions while young; I've had ideas but I was never really sure, but you've always been there to listen openly. 

And now, I'm grateful for your life advices, for when you share your adulting experiences and perspectives whether through chat or call. We've grown and matured a lot in many ways during this time of being physically apart, and it made me cherish time with family even more. It made me value our family travels, it made me pay more attention to our parents, and it made me more understanding and perceptive of my actions toward others. 

We clearly need to take lots of photos when we see each other again!!

We are grateful to the Lord for you. May He continue to bless you, keep you safe always, and protect you. May you draw your strength, courage, and wisdom in His Mighty power. May you find rest in His comforting presence and peace. 

May you enjoy your day in the Lone Star state, may you eat well, sleep well, and celebrate well. May all that you do today bring you much joy.

To my dearest Ate, Happy Birthday. ♡♡♡ 


  1. for some reason this really tugs my heartstring (or maybe it's the pms making me feel this way. whatever it is, this is such a warm and fuzzy post to read!) since I'm an only child, I never knew what it's like to have siblings :')

    √Člise |

    1. hello Elise, thank you so much for your time in reading this! I've contemplated long and hard about how to send my birthday wishes to my sister for this year. Last year, I I sent her an e-card filled with lots of sparkles lol. This year, I decided to write my wishes in the form of a blog entry. :") she was very happy, and I am grateful. I haven't seen her in 3 years, so I truly miss her. I'd say it's fun to have a sibling; they're someone to share and exchange life stories with, especially if they are older. And I think I've only appreciated having a sibling now as I'm older. Looking back, we'd have our petty fights.. but since we're now both adults and living miles apart, we realize the importance of family even more. Thank you so much once again, and hope you're having a lovely week so far! ♡