My November Days

Sunday, November 29, 2020

Whenever I come back to this little humble space, time just flows and so do my words.. it also reminds me of how it is to be human, because this place is filled with all the things that excite me in this life. 

I checked the last blog entry I shared on here, and I can't believe it was on the first day of November, and now the month is coming to an end. I have been very preoccupied at my work; a good kind of busy wherein I feel confident I'm able to add value and bring processes forward. With just a couple weeks of work left for the year, I foresee that it will remain busy for me until mid December, but after all this I would be able to have some few weeks of extended break to rest and to think about next steps into the new year.

But even as I think about the remaining time left in this year, I'd like to share a bit about the past couple of weeks. 


What stuck with me the most this month was when typhoon Ulysses came into the country. Typhoons pass through our country every year; it is something we expect and prepare for, but what with the global pandemic still ongoing, I was hoping we would be exempted from it this year.. but it is what it is and it's something out of our control. 

I remember that day when I woke up and the winds were still howling, and the rains still pouring from the night before. I did not sleep so well that night, as I had a whirlwind of thoughts and emotions that kept me up; but despite my worrying, all I could do was hope and pray for the nation's safety. 

There was no electricity the next morning, and I've had to wait until it came back at around lunch time. By then, I hurriedly logged into work; I expected a mountain of backlogs and surely I've had to go through a lot of emails. I also missed out on scheduled meetings, but I'm thankful my counterparts were understanding of the situation. 

When I checked my Slack list however, most of my Manila colleagues were not back online yet-- it seemed I was one of the few who was fortunate enough to still work on that day. I resumed my work as usual in the midst of the typhoon, though my mind was racing the whole time. My thoughts and heart also went out to all those affected. 

The aftermath.. a very sunny day

At the end of that day, I felt more tired than usual. It's partly on my personality of not wanting any delays with my work, and also on the fact that my environment was clearly not conducive to be thinking of anything else but safety.

After the typhoon though, the sun shone brightly the next day; it felt so bright like I was living in a new world (lol), but maybe because we've had days of so much rain that having the sun out was such a big change... I still felt tired though. But there was work to be done. I just comforted myself with the fact that it was Friday and I would have the weekend to recharge.  

That rainy week truly was a test of endurance, but with every hardship, remember to take good care of yourself along the way. Be kind to yourself not just in how you take naps (v important!!) or pamper yourself, but also with how you speak to your mind. Make your best judgment in every situation. 

Onto some lighter things from this month! Good things still abound despite the typhoon and being lost in the rhythm of busy days.. 


I finished watching some anime: The Promised Neverland, Usagi Drop, and Demon Slayer. I honestly don't go out of my way to search for anything to watch anymore; I just rely on recommendations from friends. Anime really was something big for me back in high school, and it's making a come back now this year, because it's really just a fun relaxing watch for me (and I really could use some fun). 

I enjoyed The Promised Neverland because I have a penchant for dystopian storylines, and also because I found their world to be intriguing, to the point that I finished reading the manga. : - ) 

Usagi Drop is a delightful slice of life watch. They show the slightest bit of details, such as when they brush their teeth, cook their breakfast, or walk home from work/school.. these were my favorite scenes. It is refreshing to see anime mimic real life. 

Then there's Demon Slayer. It's a fun fast-paced shounen watch where you have the hero always trying to do the good thing but obstacles keep coming his way. I think this one was raved about by many people, but for me it was just okay. Let me know your thoughts if you've watched? 

Japanese curry

We used to have curry Thursdays back in our office building's food court. It's something I really miss, because it's the day when I don't have to bring my own lunch. I decided to order curry for takeout to reward myself after a tiring work week. 

I ordered this from a nearby Japanese restaurant and decided to pick it up (so at least I could get out and have a change of scenery). Driving there and seeing the many food establishments around really made me miss eating out and trying out new food. I drew it on oil pastel because I was so pleased.. 

A new calendar for the coming year

My dear friend heydayswithhanna dropped by one afternoon. I ordered the Heydays calendar from her, and she also so kindly brought me doughnuts I have been craving soooo much for the longest time. We forgot to take a selfie, but I will remember this day, and it is written on this blog entry so this is how it will be documented. ; - )

Eating out (for the first time in forever)


My friends and I had to celebrate, as it was N's birthday, and L just finished her physician licensure exam (and she passed!). We decided to have dinner in a mall with an open space, and it was a really great time together. We're all turning twenty five this year, and we've had to talk so much about how our early twenties have been, and potential plans for the coming years. 

As we've been friends since our grade school and high school years, I realized how much we've grown yet how we've also stayed the same. I'm just grateful that even though we don't regularly catch up, we still naturally come together and understand that we're all trying to grow and be our best at our respective fields. 

Finally doing the things I've been putting off for later 

Do you ever have a list of things you've been putting off for later but you keep forgetting to do them? This is the month where I finally crossed them all off my list. To name a few, it would be: filing the reimbursements for a couple of eye exams I've done a few months ago, sending my billings to clients for articles I've written, ordering a new secure key for my online bank account, and having my personal laptop fixed. Little things, but these are actually important too. I felt the need to share this to the world because I'm proud :")

K-indie on replay

Ending this entry with a song that's been on replay for me. It's a sweet nostalgic song, and I really do have a penchant for songs that somehow tug on my heartstrings.. 


This whole entry feels much just like a chit chat of sorts. I would love to know how November was for you. : - ) I also realize I have less than a month left of being twenty four. There's surely much to reflect about in the coming days. 

Art featured here is by me! I'm currently in love with oil pastels. Check out my art here

Have a great week ahead, dear reader  ♡


  1. Hey, I heard about the typhoon, I'm glad you are okay. I pray for those who are affected.

    Its a blessing to be with long term friends, I miss mine and I can't be with them anymore. Small things are still accomplishments, it feels great to be productive, be proud haha!


    1. Hello Kandice, sorry this is a very belated reply, but thank you :) thank you very much for your kind words, and extending your thoughts towards the nation. Much like the other typhoons, we'll always get through this. Long term friends are indeed the best, and I'm grateful for every opportunity to connect, whether it be in-person or virtually. And yes to the small things! They add up and become big things, always. Again, thank you so much and Merry Christmas!

  2. I'm glad you're okay. I was worried about my family in the Philippines when Ulysses happened. I love reading small wins and updates like this. I love your illustrations as well. :)

    kristine ~

    1. Thank you, Kristine! Thank you for spending time with me on here, and we'll surely get by through every storm (literally and figuratively haha!) Merry Christmas. :")

  3. Hi Anna Jo!
    I'm relieved you're safe - I've heard Typhoon Ulysses was amongst the strongest so far. I hope you and you're family are resting easy and recovering ❤️
    And I definitely have to catch up with my anime. Tomorrow (or Monday), the newest season of Attack on Titan is coming out and I'm so pumped! I'm not sure if you've seen it or read the manga, but I highly recommend this awesome anime ��

    Always praying for y'all's safety during these uncertain times.
    Nicole |

    1. Hello Nicole! thank you for your kind words and concern, I'm just glad the storm is over. And oh wow. I can't believe Attack on Titan is still running. I think that's great, but it must be very deep now, since I started watching it in college and that was probably around 5-6 years ago! I might check it out again some time :) As I'm responding to this, it is already Christmas Eve.. so I'm wishing you a Merry Christmas <33